Glow In The Dark Wall Clock


See what time it is, day or darkness, with this fantastic array of glow in the dark wall clocks. They recharge with the daylight, or ambient light form the room. And they glow just enough to read, without being overpowering to the viewer. So don't strain your eyes with a bright cell phone clock or tying to read your watch in the dark. Get a glow-in-the-dark wall clock. Your eyes will thank you.

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Our Picks

Modern glow in the dark clock

Modern glow in the dark clock

Latitude Run®

This 12-inch clock is made from a durable plastic frame and runs on AA batteries. It comes with large glow in the dark hands that are easy to see from across the room, and it features an atomic operating mechanism.

Designer Advice:

This large glow in the dark wall clock is the perfect size for a living room or the room of a child who is learning to tell time because the numbers are easily visible when it's dark in the room. It's nice and sleek enough to match any decor. However, it would work particularly well in a room with modern furniture and natural tones such as grey and beige.

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Oversized wall clock with glowing background 

Oversized wall clock with glowing background 

Ebern Designs

Spruce up your home or office with this acrylic atomic wall clock. It has an automatic backlight that can tell the time, date, and temperature. It can also switch between six time zones and runs on three AA batteries.


Wall clock glow in the dark

Wall clock glow in the dark

Red Barrel Studio®

This rounded non-ticking wall clock features a rustic design with large Roman numbers and hands. The dial is protected by sturdy HD glass and a plastic frame; you'll need one AA battery to get it going.

$138.99 $149.99

Designer Advice:

This is the perfect glow in the dark clock for a farm-style kitchen or country-style home. It's got a vintage feel to it, with a white and brown finish that goes beautifully with brick stucco walls and earthy colors. It'll fit right in with wooden furniture and antique decor accessories.

Luminous wall clock

Luminous wall clock


Take it to the beach with this metal-framed and glass-protected analog clock. It's equipped with an intelligent sensor that only glows when the lights are off and can be battery-operated or charged via USB. It's a silent clock.


Designer Advice:

Whether in a home office, kitchen, or dining room, this watch is the best way to decorate a home with a nautical theme. Since you can operate it via battery or USB charger, it's the best luminous wall clock for a child's study or bedroom as they won't have to worry about replacing the batteries every time.

Galaxy glow in the dark wall clock 

Galaxy glow in the dark wall clock 


Keep track of the time and temperature with this polyresin wall clock. It features luminescent green numbers that glow in the dark and a thermometer, with speckled stars in the background as part of its galaxy design. It runs on AA batteries.


Glow in dark wall clock

Glow in dark wall clock

Latitude Run®

This silent wall clock is made from good quality wooden material with a bright green world map design and numbers that glow in the dark. It's an analog clock, and it comes with a battery.


Night glow wall clock 

Night glow wall clock 

Orren Ellis

Step into the future with this glow-in-the-dark digital wall clock with a thermometer and remote control. It's made from a round plastic frame with a black background and an LED display. It's electrically powered, and it comes with a USB power cord.

$89.99 $97.99

Waterproof glow in the dark wall clock

Waterproof glow in the dark wall clock


Here we have a colorful, battery-operated kids' clock with numbers that glow in the dark. It's a non-ticking clock that runs on one AA battery, and it's coated with a phosphor that absorbs sunlight so it can glow at night.

Designer Advice:

This is one of those glow in the dark clocks that are perfect for a child's bedroom, a daycare, or any playful environment designed for children. One feature that'll be a hit with the kids is a sound sensor that allows you to activate the clock's night light by simply clapping your hands.

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LED smart light wall clock

LED smart light wall clock


Thanks to a 12-inch round display with large numbers, this is the best glow in the dark wall clock for a modern home. It comes with a smart night light and a quiet, non-ticking mechanism. It runs on one AA battery.

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Luminous night light wall clock

Luminous night light wall clock


This is another glow in the dark wall clock that can be activated via sound sensor. It comes with large dials that are easy to read, with a fluorescent galaxy background. This non-ticking clock runs on four AA batteries.

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Glow In The Dark Wall Clock

Buying Guide

What's so good about a clock that glows in the dark? Well now you can put your phone away at night and still see the time without even moving to switch a light on. If you're considering buying a glow in the dark wall clock for your home, here are some of the most popular designs to help you decide which one could be the most suitable for you.

Just numbers and hands

This popular design of clock enables you to see just the information you need in the dark, and nothing more. With very few pieces on the clock and no frame around it, the hands of the clock and the numbers are the only pieces which glow when the lights are off, so you don't have to be disturbed by other glowing pieces around or inside the clock. This minimalist design is perfect for those who like a modern look and already have their bedrooms designed in a minimalist or contemporary style.

All but the frame

If a minimalist look is just too minimal for your bedroom, consider a full clock which only glows in certain areas when it's dark. For example, you can buy a glow in the dark clock which has a dark frame around it. During the day, this clock appears to be a regular clock with nothing special about it, but when the lights are out, everything except the frame will glow, allowing you to fully read the time whenever you need to. Only the internal parts of the clock will glow, and children's designs are available if you want to brighten up your child's room slightly at night while also helping them to learn the time.

Picture designs

Rather than having a plain clock, you can buy one which has a beautiful design behind the clock face. As well as the hands and numbers of the clock, the design will also glow in the dark. This could be a photograph of some beautiful scenery or your favorite animal, or you can even ask to have the clock customized with one of your favorite family photographs. Some of the most popular and relaxing designs are praying hands, globes, stars or ocean and beach scenes.

Moon clock

The moon clock is a beautiful addition to any bedroom when the lights are out. While the real moon can be seen from behind your curtains, inside the bedroom you can feature an artificial moon which doubles up as a useful clock for when you wonder what time it is in the middle of the night. This white realistic moon clock also adds a night time atmosphere to the room, enabling you to relax and fall asleep faster. The glass cover protects the clocks and adds a splash of elegance when the lights are on, and the lack of numbers means minimum distraction during the night and a modern touch for your bedroom.

Best Ideas

Glow In The Dark Wall Clock

Glow In The Dark Wall Clock

Oval wall clock with an original face that glows in the dark in green color. It also features standard hands and Arabic numbers in black color. It works in a very reliable way and looks very good in any indoors.

Glowing wall clock

Minimalistic radium clock. Due to ultraviolet light on hands of the clock and numbers it lights in darkness - this clock can be very useful during night. You can check the time and you don't put on the light.

Inch round glow in the dark wall clock luminous digital

... -Inch Round Glow-In-the-Dark Wall Clock - Luminous Digital Wall Clock

Lego wall clock

The beautiful round dial of the wall clock makes the whole look perfect in any decor. A bright dial with Arabic numerals and a black frame form a unique whole for any interior design. The hints and numbers glow in the dark.

Timekeeper 515BB 11-Inch Round Glow-In-the-Dark Wall Clock

Ultra-modern wall clock which glows in the dark, as its numerals and hands are luminous. The clock features updated, almost futuristic design, with black inner dial and silver outer ring. It is closed in a silver case.

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Radium wind up bronze alarm clock glow in the dark

... Radium Wind-Up Bronze Alarm Clock Glow-In-The-Dark Blacklight Reactive

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Seiko glow in the dark qxa435slh 10 25 in wall

Seiko Glow in the Dark QXA435SLH 10.25-in. Wall Clock

Glow in the dark clock 1

Glow in the dark clock

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Ying Yang

Ancient Asian Yin and Yang symbol brings a zen aura through your door! This round wall clock has Yin Yang symbol in its centre, and white dials are exposed on a dark background. The Roman numerals and hands glow in the dark.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Praying Hands

The rhythm of the day is set by various timers today. Such a glow in the dark wall clock with a round dial can also remind you of important prayer, thanks to the sacral pattern on the shield in the form of hands folded to prayers.

Glow in the dark wall clock sorry sold out due


Glow in the dark wall clock jumbo glow in the

Glow In The Dark Wall Clock Jumbo glow in the dark numbers

Brandani 34 glow in the dark 34 wall clock

Brandani "Glow In The Dark" Wall Clock

1010w glow in the dark day and date wall clock

1010w Glow in the Dark, Day and Date Wall Clock

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Purple Butterfly

It is a beautiful wall clock that has for a purple butterfly finish and round shape. It is a fantastic addition for any room in your home. Your friends will be impressed how great it looks on your wall.

Qoolol glow in the dark wall clock free shipping silent

QooLoL-Glow-in-the-dark-Wall-Clock-Free-Shipping-silent-modern-round ...

Gold glow in the dark numbers wall clock

Gold Glow in the Dark Numbers Wall Clock

This is one of my later clocks i made it

This is one of my later clocks. I made it as my first glow in the dark project. I wanted to have a giant glow dial on the wall in the dark, but have it look reasonably mid century during the daylight hours.

Glow in the dark wall clocks 2

glow in the dark wall clocks

Night light wall clock 1

The luminescent moon clock this is the wall clock that

The Luminescent Moon Clock - This is the wall clock that glows in the night with the face of the full moon. Using the latest glow-in-the-dark technology, the clock absorbs enough energy during daylight hours to give off a soft, ethereal light in a darkene

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - The Avengers

A splendid piece for kids, who love superheroes. This colorful clock is battery operated, easily mounted on a wall, and it also glows in the dark! The dial features white Arabic numerals, a white second hand, and is tightly embedded in a black frame.