Silver Wall Clocks

in the world of digital sometimes it's nice to have a little old school item here and there in your home to remind you of the good old days. And nothing says nostalgia like a wall clock. We have an impressive collection of silver wall clocks that will not only maintain the perfect time but also give your wall an accent piece that will draw attention. See this collection for more

Best Products

Clayton 30" Wall Clock

Clayton 30" Wall Clock
Suitable for modern homes and offices, this 30-Inch Wall Clock in Silver Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round face, Arabic numerals and accurate movement.

George nelson starburst atomic mid century modern silver wall clock

George nelson starburst atomic mid century modern silver wall clock
A wonderful wall clock in the shape of a starburst. It comes in a glossy, metal color, which makes it a perfect option for modern interiors. The numerals and the hands are deep black so they are well visible.

Unique big mirror silver wall clock

Unique big mirror silver wall clock
An eye-catching huge modern wall clock composed of elements of lightweight dense foam with adhesive back sides and mirrored front surfaces. It has lines instead numbers but a '12' in Arabic and spindle hands with a silvery finish.

Cupecoy Diy Roman Numeral Wall Clock Silver Metal Look Modern Contemporary Decor

Cupecoy Diy Roman Numeral Wall Clock Silver Metal Look Modern Contemporary Decor
A cool large modern battery powered wall clock consisting of a dozen or so elements with adhesive back sides to easy sticking on walls. They're made of lightweight dense foam finished in silvery metallic (Roman numerals), black (hands) and white.

12" Quartz Analog Wall Clock

12" Quartz Analog Wall Clock
Lovers of transitional design will take a shine to this analog wall clock. It features elegant galvanized finish case and dial that is easy to read. It is subtle and quiet, with no ticking sound. Unassuming, yet bold in style.

Vintage starburst wall clock sunburst

Vintage starburst wall clock sunburst
Brass wall clock that is solid and looks very attractive. Its star stylization is able to decorate any room. This clock features a round face with Arabic numbers. Its mechanism works in a reliable way.

Numbra 32" Wall Clock

Numbra 32" Wall Clock
Numbra 32" Wall Clock
It is a decorative wall clock. It is the practical equipment and decoration at the same time. Each number is different from the others, which means that the clock is interesting and very decorative. The whole looks great in a modern interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

What color furniture will a silver clock match?

When sourcing silver wall clocks, you need to determine what color furniture that clock will match. Silver is a true neutral, but there are some colors that go better with a cool metal as opposed to a warm metal such as gold or bronze.

Colors of furniture that go well with silver include dark woods (not golden, light, or yellow ones; stick with purple heart, mahogany, or oak), as well as darker, richer colors, such as navy, purple, black, dark green, or even maroon. Light colors that could go well with silver include grey, pale blue, sage, and lilac. In general, you’ll want to stay away from colors that have yellow or red undertones, such as pink or cream.

What to hang next to a silver wall clock?

You can hang various items next to a silver wall clock including artwork, pictures, plants and mirrors. These serve as accents that emphasize the clock while making it look cohesive with the rest of your décor.

Pictures and artwork could be of family, friends, landscapes or events. Have these in different shapes from that of the silver clock. If you are hanging different pictures, have the frames in different sizes. Leave a space of about six inches around the clock to avoid a cluttered feel.

Decorating around a silver wall clock comes down to finding the right balance between your style preferences and what the clock already offers style-wise. Since the hangings can easily be removed and replaced, experiment with different ideas and see the one that stands out.


Vintage large brass wall clock pocket

Vintage large brass wall clock pocket
Why not combined the pure beauty of a pocket watch with the functionality that a regular wall clock offers and choose this amazing piece? It offers the vintage styled design and the large face with the brass finish for more durability.

Templeton Regulator Wall Clock

Templeton Regulator Wall Clock
A high quality wall clock that has got an original and unique construction. It includes a pendulum and a stylish, durable face that has got a round shape. It includes Roman numbers and it has got an accurate mechanism.

Silver wall clocks 6

Silver Finish Glass Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock

Silver clocks

Wall clock in contemporary style. Round shield is finished with silver theme. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Classic form and modern design.

Wall clock silver

This 12" classical wall clock with roman numerics is a traditional example of elegance. Its universality enables to hang it on almost every surface. Quartz battery ensures endurance and high quality.

Infinity instruments mercury wall clock black silver

Infinity Instruments Mercury Wall Clock - Black/Silver

Pendulum Wall Clock Colour: Gold

This pendulum wall clock is very elegant and classic. It has got a gold finish and it adds beauty to your home. This product fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Black silver pendulum wall clock image

Black/Silver pendulum wall clock image

Seiko model qxa415srh show more seiko clocks seiko wall clocks

... seiko model qxa415srh show more seiko clocks seiko wall clocks

Silver wall clocks 3

... diamante beaded jewelled crystal effect sunburst silver wall clock 3

Silver wall clocks 1

Meduim Silver Iron Skeleton Wall Clock

Silver wall clocks 4

home metal wall clocks waves silver metal wall clock

Starburst_wall_clock_ _the_starburst_wall_clock_ _silver jpg


Silver wall clocks 10

Home / Karlsson Medium Silver Diamond Wall Clock - 23.5cm

Large black silver iron skeleton clock

Large Black Silver Iron Skeleton Clock -

Pendulum Wall Clock Colour: Silver

Elegant modern wall clock with elongated, slender pendulum and silver frame. The face is black, with silver hands and silver hourmarks on it. The clock mechanism requires two AA batteries to work. The design fits in with contemporary decor.

Silver wall clocks 5

Large Silver French Style Wall Clock

Clocks skeleton wall clocks large roman silver and black skeleton

CLOCKS-SKELETON-WALL-CLOCKS-Large-Roman-Silver-and-Black-Skeleton-Wall ...

Tide Clock in Solid Brass Ships Wheel

This tide clock is an accessory one definitely wants to possess in a nautical themed room. This is a quality item with its ships wheel frame crafted of solid brass that has a nice natural sheen to it.

3-9/16" Prestigious World Time Clock Insert

Wall clock for a globetrotter. Its face features world map, and each hour has a tick marking world time. The clock is very elegant with blue map and gold frame. It stands out among others in any decor.

Silver wall clocks

Large Silver Nautical Compass Skeleton Wall Clock

Silver wall clocks

A splendid decoration for interiors that crave for industrial improvements and vintage states of art. This durable wall clock has a hollowed frame made of 2 metal circles, with Roman numerals, a pair of off-white metal hands, and an accurate mechanism.

9" Solid Brass Porthole Time and Tide Clock

Porthole clock with round brass case, weighing overall approx. 9 lbs. It shows time and tide data, and setting of the latter is easy thanks to instruction that comes in the set. Thick beveled crystal protects the clock face.

Silver wall clocks

A truly beautiful timepiece for indoor use. The 30'' wall clock is very durable, crafted of premium metal in a distressed silver finish, featuring an umbrella-like case with a round dial that holds black Roman numerals and a pair of black metal hands.

Large silver wall clock

Large silver wall clock

New Modern DIY 3D Mirror Silver Wall Quartz Movement Clock Home Room Decor Gift

Do-it-yourself clocks are irreplaceable when you want to unleash your creativity. Place those mirrored round elements in any way you like, and have a large, updated-looking clock on your wall, together with a fashionable decoration!

Silver mid century wall clock perfect for an office classic

Silver mid-century wall clock. Perfect for an office. Classic and ...

Silver wall clocks

gothic home decor | ... Wall Clock Cuckoo Punk Rockabilly Goth Decor Kitsch Home Vintage Emo

Futuristic galaxy wall clock

Futuristic Galaxy Wall Clock

Silver wall clocks 12

Silver Wall Clocks for Ornamental Decoration

Brass wall clocks

With this couture clock your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. I am a big fan of this simplicity and clean lines, gold frame and classic white face.

Silver pendulum wall clock

If you have no idea what to do with the old cutlery, the silverware starburst mirror is a good choice. Using the silverware for decoration looks great in a modern kitchen, where such an eclectic addition is more visible and stand out the simplicity.

This oversized pocket watch clock brings a fun vintage feel

This oversized pocket watch clock brings a fun vintage feel to your walls.

Brass and Wood Nautical Wall Clock 7" - Nautical Decor - Nautical Home Decoration

If you mix brass and wood, you get a whole that is superior in style to the two elements used discretely. This nautical wall clock has a stunning case with brass centre and wood outer rim - the latter being characterized by unique grain.

Brass 5 1/2 Inch Captain's Time and Tide Clock

This well-made brass time and time clock blends characteristic style and functionality - it definitely adapts to a homogenous nautical-themed decor, but it can also give a touch of sea-faring lifestyle on its own.

Brass Time & Tide Clock

The Large brass wall clock is a stylish and exceptionally efficient clock perfect for your office or living room. The beautiful details of the frame, bright dial with Arabic numerals and tide clock additionally located on the dial of the clock create a unique whole.

18" Porthole Ship Wheel Clock

Ahoy! This clock has one-of-a-kind ship wheel frame, and please note that it's made of solid wood! The quality of this piece is outstanding, and therefore it brings a huge load of style and decorativeness to a decor!

Maxie wall clock silver

Maxie Wall Clock - Silver

Verdigris Finish Terracotta Sun Face Clock / Thermometer

The close-to-nature design of this round wall clock makes it stand out individually - it is a nice decor accessory that blends function with handsome look. The clock face has a thermometer above (Fahrenheit degrees).

Antique Copper Deluxe Class Porthole Clock 8" - Nautical Clock - Nautical Theme

Fully functional unique nautical wall clock with antiquated copper finish of best quality. It is highly decorative and purposeful, it beautifies the decor but does not lose sight of the functionality.

Clocks large silver nautical compass skeleton wall clock

... > CLOCKS > Large Silver Nautical Compass Skeleton Wall Clock

Howard Miller 625-317 O'Brien Wall Clock

VIntage train station style hanging wall clock in solid bronze hue, classic Roman numerals dial (black on cream/ivory backdrop), closed in a case with protective clear lens. Style and functionality in one!

12" Ship Wheel Clock Nautical Tropical Home Decor

A fantabulous 12'' wall clock that will drown your room in nautical themes and oceanic breeze. The frame is shaped like steering wheel and made of well-polished brass with a clear glass front. The round white dial features Arabic numerals, 2 navy blue metal hands and a red metal second hand.