Shaker Wall Clocks


Shaker wall clocks are fun and clever way to not only tell the time, but also to have artistic and decorative feature on your wall. These days it is all about efficiency and multipurpose items for the home. Adding a shaker wall clock, will accomplish both of these goals in style. These are very well made and tell time very accurately. They come in plenty of styles to choose from and we guarantee we have at least one for your home.

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Wooden wall clock plans

Go back in time with a classic Shaker wall clock that nails the essence of Old World style. Gilded pendulum, heavy duty case, large square face - all these components of this time-teller make me think of past times...

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Shaker wall clock 1

A large vintage wall clock with a pendulum having a rectilinear wooden frame with a warm brown finish outside nad a yellowish one inside. It has a moulding top, 2 glazed hinged doors, a square off-white dial with black Roman numerals and handles.

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Shaker clock

Classic wall clock in shaker style. Simple yet effective. Light wood makes it cheerful and somewhat warm – an excellent addition for rustic and traditional interiors.

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Shaker clocks

This Shaker wall clock has got the case from clear Pennsylvania cherry and pine wooden construction. The round white glass face has the classic Roman numerals with a pendulum movement.

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Shaker wall clocks 13

Shaker wall clock that I constructed out of walnut and finished with ...

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Shaker wall clock 8

This Shaker wall clock will be a great way to add some classic character to your living spaces. Its small-sized surface features a wooden construction, which conceals pendulum and a set of Arabic numerals.

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Hermle Chatham Regulator Clock # 70802-N92214

A chic stylish 2AA battery powered wall clock featuring a decorative wooden casing in warm browns. It has a round glazed face in cream and off-white with a golden rim, black Arabic numerals and hands, a golden pendulum, regulated volume.

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Shaker style wall clock 4

Shaker Style Wall Clock

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Shaker wall clocks 18

Shaker Style Wall Clock

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Shaker wall clocks 6

Shaker wall clocks

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Shaker wall clock 9

Shaker Wall Clock

Custom made shaker wall clock 2

Custom Made Shaker Wall Clock

Shaker wall clocks 2

Dignified and elegant, this grandfather's wall clock comes with fine solid wood craftsmanship and oak finish. The clock features a white dial with Roman numerals and two black metal hands, and a door cabinet with a pendulum hidden inside.

Shaker wall clocks 21

Shaker Wall Clock in Cherry

Shaker wall clocks 16

Shaker wall clocks 6


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