Digital Wall Clock

Schools no longer teach analog time telling in this digital age. So, if you have no need for minute and hour hands in your home, we have a collection of digital wall clocks that will fit in quite nicely. These are smart, come in plenty of sizes, and some even allow you to change the color or font of the numbers. There are a lot to choose from, so take your time when you go through this collection.

Best Products

Big time clocks giant 8 blue numbers digital wall clock

Big time clocks giant 8 blue numbers digital wall clock
Trying to find something special and interesting to your wall? The giant digital wall clock with blue numbers is awesome! Everyone will tell you how cool it looks on your wall.

Atomic Digital Wall Clock

Atomic Digital Wall Clock
This Atomic Digital Wall Clock in Aluminum Finish is accurate, functional and easy to mount. The clock automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time, and offers 12/24 hour time display, perpetual calendar, time zone setting, time alarm with snooze, and much more.

Modern digital wall clock 2

Very unique, modern digital wall clock will definitely be the eye-catching wall decoration in your home. Very minimal styled design will be a mystery for your guests and the main topic of the conversation.

Digital wall clock 8

This digital wall clock constitutes a magnificent example of modern design - minimalistic, elegant and cleverly crafted. It will embellish every contemporary apartment, creating a great compliment to your living room or bedroom decor.

Digital wall clock 35

D/A Clock New York City based designer Alvin Aronson has created this beautiful and unique digital wall clock. Measuring (h)500 x (w)1000 x (d)100 mm, the D/A Clock

Digital wall clock 7

Original and unique digital wall clock that shows the current time with the use of words, not numbers. Wall mounted clock of this type includes solid acrylic stands. Its classic rectangular shape and black color match any decor.

Digital wall clock 1

Digital Wall Clock

Our advice Buying Guide

A modern way to revamp your home or office, a digital wall clock offers many things all wrapped into one item. Apart from serving its useful purpose of allowing you to tell the time easily, it will attract attention, help to give the room a modern and cool design, and take up less space than a table clock or free-standing floor clock. Before investing any money into a digital wall clock, however, it's important to do some background research and consider the main factors which are involved.

Where to best place a digital wall clock?

Before you go and buy a clock, stand in the room and decide which wall will feature the clock. You should choose a wall which isn't overcrowded by things already, but avoid walls that are obviously the least popular ones. If you already have an important feature such as a TV against one wall, don't choose this same wall for the digital wall clock.

The position will also vary depending on whether you are buying the wall clock for your home or for an office or reception area. It might be the only thing on the wall and therefore in no competition with any other items. If this is the case, choose a wall which is easy to see from most angles of the room, particularly when people are sitting down on sofas or around a table.

What are the most popular designs of digital wall clocks?

This might be an entirely new area to you, so it's important to know beforehand the styles which are available. While many people think of one simple design which shows numbers lighting up as the time changes throughout the day, this certainly isn't the only style available.

A very common style is a rectangular clock, around three feet in height and one or two feet in width. It is made of mainly a screen, which has words written electronically across it. As the time changes, different words light up to show the new time.

Another popular design consists of four digital number pieces which can be affixed separately to the wall. This means that you can alter the positioning of the numbers to your taste. If you don't want them to be perfectly aligned next to each other, you can quite easily move them and have them positioned diagonally, unevenly or any other way of your choice.

How to determine the right size for a digital wall clock?

In order to determine the size of the clock you should purchase, you should first consider the size of the room. For large offices and living rooms, a large digital wall clock can look great. Smaller rooms, however, will become overpowered by a digital clock, and it can lose its charm and style. It is difficult to give exact measurements for a wall clock since there are varying shapes and styles which have their own requirements. In this case, it's best to use your own good judgment and go shopping with the size of your wall in mind.


Digital wall clock 16

Design concept for ultra-simple floating digital wall clock

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape / 10" Red LED

This LED wall clock features a fabulous seconds indicator that displays passing seconds with the help of circling LED lights. The clock is easy to read, includes a durable round frame, and should be reseted in case of power loss. Powered by AC adapter.

Oled digital wall clock

OLED Digital Wall Clock

Digital wall clock 9

digital clock

Clock d a clock

clock D/A Clock

Digital wall clock 14

Amazing digital wall clocks | Hometone

Led digital wall clock 1

LED Digital Wall Clock

Digital clocks

Digital Clocks

Digital wall clock

Digital Wall Clock

Stylish digital clock

Stylish Digital Wall Clocks

Large atomic wall clock

Citizen's Flexible and Large Digital Wall Clock

Led digital wall clock

Minimally designed, this digital clock sports a design that allows you to attach it to the wall and have everyone look in astonishment at how hip and with it you are, while it won't take you 10 minutes now to tell the time.

Digital wall clock 34

D/A Clock New York City based designer Alvin Aronson has created this beautiful and unique digital wall clock. Measuring (h)500 x (w)1000 x (d)100 mm, the D/A Clock

Digital wall clocks

Digital Wall Clocks

Large digital wall clock 20

If you need something to boost your modern-styled decor a bit, then this digital wall clock is the right way to go, since it offers both convenience thanks to the precise time telling option and is at the same time truly charming in its simplicity.

Digital wall clock 15

Awesome Father's Day Gift! Digital Wall Clock in Shivani Cotter's store on Consignd - $135.00

Digital wall clock 6

digital wall clock!

Large digital wall clock 19

large digital wall clock

Digital wall clock 36

Cool Digital Wall Clock .... Hahaha ... The Easy One !

Digital wall clock 21

digital wall clock... shifts colors so it's readable by day or night

White digital wall clock

Digital Look, Analog Feel: Wall Clock is Best of Both Worlds | Gadgets, Science & Technology

Large digital wall clock 17

Add something extra ordinary to your drawing room and choose the large digital wall clock with blue numerals. The rectangular shape looks modern under the TV or arm chair.

Digital wall clock 5

digital wall Clock

Digital wall clock 17

Black & White Digital Wall Clock

Childrens wall clocks 3

With the colorful numbers and hands this wall clock is a nice addition to your child's room. It sports the round shape of the design and offers the vibrant, red frame to make it stand out a bit more.

Digital wall clock 1

... digital clock. With a simple but effective design, this project is to

Childrens wall clocks 2

Who knows - maybe your child spirit animal is owl!The symbol of widsom.Hand-carved wooden wall clock in the shape of this wise bird-decorates the walls of kindergarten or kid's bedroom.Hand painted to beige and pink.Time counts down the swinging tail pendulum.

Bai design children wall clock with butterflies 24

An attractive, high quality wall clock created for use in children's rooms. This is a very interesting decoration that features a butterfly theme. It is a round clock that has got a diameter on the level of 8".

Childrens wall clocks 1

Attractive wall clock in a round shape. It includes multi-color animals and yellow Arabic numbers that show hours. All of these practical and decorative elements look very attractive on green background.

Monkey 39 s wall clock

A very attractive and functional wall clock designed for use in a child's room. This is a clock that features an attractive monkey theme. It has got spray painted metal hands and a body made of molded ABS.

WAYCOM Silent Digital 6" Alarm Clock with Date and Temperature Display, Repeating Snooze, Light-activated Sensor Light and Touch-activated Nightlight- Batteries(Orange)

Silent desk wall clock with big black digits. Other information displayed is: temperature, date and alarm clock time. Easy to operate, sporting a vibrant orange plastic case, this piece is good-looking and functional.

Butterfly wall clock 1

A beautiful, multi-colour wall clock created for use in a girl's room. It features a diameter of 8" and it has got glass lens. Its Arabic numbers are easy to read and the whole clock mechanism is durable.

Digital wall clock 28

White & White Minimal Digital Wall Clock

EasyRead Time Teacher Children's Wall Clock (Blue) with simple 3-step time teaching system, 12" dia, learning to tell the time, ages 5-12, Mini Classroom Clock

Educational clock - helps kids learn what time it is and how to read time. The piece is recommended for kids aged 5-12. It works great in a classroom and at home. It is colored white, blue and red, it's design is visually appealing and purposeful.

Crystal Allies TM Materials: Rough Banded Amethyst Quartz Crystal Specimens from Mozambique - Large 1"+ Raw Natural Purple Stones for Cabbing, Cutting, Lapidary, Tumbling & Polishing and Reiki Crystal Healing *Wholesale Lot* (01 Pound)

This beautiful structure in high-quality ore is a beautiful statement amethyst crystals that give a unique atmosphere. If you appreciate the beauty of nature, this beautiful composition is excellent.

Digital wall clock 11

A very convenient and stylish piece of equipment. This is a wall clock that features a digital display. It not only shows current time, but it also provides information about a day or current temperature. It is created of rust resistant materials.

Bai What-Time-Is-It Learning Clock

A great piece for nurseries and kid's rooms. This learning clock is characterized by a Chartreuse dial covered with a glass lens. The clock features a yellow plastic frame, and a round face with Arabic numerals and a yellow second hand.

Sinceda 12.5 Inch Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Wall Clock

Annoyed by ticking of your wall clock? Choose a piece with silent quartz mechanism like this casual one. When it comes to style, the clock sports thick brown rim with gold colored inner cirvle, it has big black Roman numerals and thick tapering hands.

Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Square Wall Clock

Square wall clock in silvery frame, with black hands and big & bold black numerals. The non-ticking clock is already equipped with back nail slot, so it is particularly easy to be installed on a wall.

Bq 170 w classic digital wall clock white

BQ 170-W Classic Digital Wall Clock White

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape / 10" Red LED

George Nelson Melted Metal Clock

This innovative and very modern wall clock "melts" by which creates the effect of a work like "The Scream". Lovingly livens up the interior and give it a remarkable character that will appeal to every amateur interesting items.

New england patriots digital wall clock used