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Not all clocks have to be purely functional, and this collection of fun wall clocks will prove you just that. From witty sayings to adorable clock faces, these timepieces will infuse your space with personality while coming in handy at all times. Not to mention a smile on your face every time you check the hour. Put them anywhere in your home, and their charming presence will transform the surrounding area from meh to wow!

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Updated 05/10/2022
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Funny wall clock for the tardy

Funny wall clock for the tardy

Ebern Designs

This wall clock is sure to attract attention with its relatability. It features a chucklesome message accompanied by disordered numbers in black. Crafted from wood with metal hands, it has a white background surrounding the square frame for easy coordination with other decors.

$20.99 $38.99

Designer Advice:

In addition to enlivening the setting, funny wall clocks make a brilliant gift for goofy family members, friends, and even colleagues. This one, particularly, has a simple but eye-catching design that fits well with most spaces. The only downside is that it’s a little noisy, which might be inconvenient for noise-sensitive people. Apart from that, it brings just the right amount of light-heartedness to any room.

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Steampunk wall clock

Steampunk wall clock

Williston Forge

This one is for the fans of mechanics and industrial decor. It is marked by 3D gears, pipes, a globe compass, and an antique-style Roman numeral dial at the top. Well made and heavy, all pieces are hand-casted in resin for a realistic appearance.

$52.99 $92.9

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Owl wall clock

Owl wall clock

Redwood Rover

Charming and sweet, this wall clock showcases an owl-shaped silhouette in real bamboo. Large googly eyes, easy-to-read numbers, and metal hands in black adorn the natural wood tone body for a versatile look that pairs with any color scheme.

Designer Advice:

Who says adults can’t have cute accent pieces too? Ideal for both the young and young-at-heart, this clock is right at home in casual living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices. Besides, the owl is silent, making it a lovely addition to nurseries, especially those with a woodland theme.

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Nautical novelty wall clock

Nautical novelty wall clock

FirsTime & Co.

This fun wall clock is the perfect companion to lake cabins, beach houses, and chic coastal rooms. At 8” wide, it flaunts a round wooden plank frame and oar-shaped pendulum, painted in white, navy, and teal stripes. A little rope accent and distressed details complete the nautical feel.

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Uplifting wall sticker clock

Uplifting wall sticker clock

Ebern Designs

Unlike most clocks, this timepiece comprises a handful of wall stickers and an aluminum clock mechanism. Instead of numerals, music notes encircle the hands. The best part, it comes with an encouraging life quote that applies to everyone.

Designer Advice:

So much more than functional, this wall clock will brighten up your space and cheer you up at the same time. We all need positive reminders, which is why this clock is a must-have for whenever you need a pick-me-up or a boost of motivation. Just keep in mind that it’s a little tricky to put up on the wall by yourself, so make sure you have some help at hand.

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Family time wall clock

Family time wall clock


When it comes to preserving precious family moments, there’s nothing quite like this unique wall clock. While a distressed dial tells the time, picture frames in various sizes adorn the square profile. A lightweight, plastic construction makes it a breeze to hang.

$48.99 $56.99

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Novelty kitchen clock for coffee lovers

Novelty kitchen clock for coffee lovers

Winston Porter

This gorgeous wall clock serves as an instant focal point in the kitchen thanks to its welcoming design. The colorful frame is made up of all things coffee-related: cups, beans, sugar pot, creamer, and a bonus cup of coffee for the pendulum!

Designer Advice:

Kitchens tend to be the least decorated part of the home, but not when you have novelty kitchen clocks like this coffee-inspired product. It beautifully complements cozy kitchen interior styles, such as traditional, country, vintage, and cottage. Not only do the red, blue, green, and brown add fun pops of color, but they also provide multiple color scheme choices!

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Chalet home wall clock

Chalet home wall clock

August Grove®

Drawing inspiration from Swiss chalets, this miniature wooden home is intricately detailed with traditional windows, pine cones, and rotating figurines for a truly whimsical home accessory. A small, antique clock sits in the middle while musical chimes dangle below. 

$317 $513

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Wall Clock Clocks Cat Unique Decorative Novelty Kitchen WatchesTime Fisher Fish

Lingua wall clock novelty conceptnovelty concept

Lingua Wall Clock | Novelty ConceptNovelty Concept

Hot coffee cup decorative metal wall art kitchen clock novelty

Hot Coffee Cup Decorative Metal Wall Art Kitchen Clock Novelty Clocks Home #Novelty

ECOOPRO® 3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This type of product plays a very functional and decorative role. It is a wall clock that is made of durable hard plastic. It has got big 3D digits that are easy to read. Its mechanism is problem free and effective.

3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This kind of wall clock is a product that represents a very attractive, modern and contemporary design. It is ideal for a home or office use. This kind of clock has got a very original hand stylization.

Novelty wall clocks

This modern and unique original wall clock is a stylish addition to the interior. Unusual combinations of materials and colors, dots instead of numbers on the dial, and some interesting watches make a unique piece of art.

Novelty wall clocks 1

This multicolored wall clock with expressive Arabic numerals is an excellent way to decorate the interior. A Large shield is readable and pleasant to the eye. The whole is perfect in a stylish kitchen, child's room or kindergarten.

Novelty clocks store

Each new day, someone decides on a Simpson element in their home - for example in the form of a crazy Homar on the dial of a round wall novelty clock with a black frame. In an interesting way, black and red clock hands come out of Homar's nose.

Mid century wall clock mastercrafters 34 perky 34

This mid-century piece sports a funny and original look and looks like a kettle, while making for a perfect choice to hang on your wall and complement the overall look and functional appeal of your kitchen.

Sunny Safari Wall Clock

Sunny Safari Wall Clock

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock

This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Unusual outdoor clocks

Sunflower themed kitchen wall clock - colored vividly red, orange and yellow, it sports yellow Roman numerals, round dial and broad sunflower petals frame. Quartz mechanism provides time display accuracy.

Novelty kitchen clocks

This novelty bath wall clock will be a perfect, charming accent in your bathroom. Two-toned, turquoise finish will be a vibrant element in any classic or traditional decor.

Mark Feldstein CKPNX Peanuts Christmas Cuckoo Clock

This type of functional mechanism is a wall clock designed for use in children's rooms. It features a Snoopy dog that announces each hour by coming through the attic doors. The size of this original clock is 8.8 x 4.8 x 17 inches.

Novelty wall clocks 2

Wall clock designed for the kitchen. It has shield in the shape of pan with fried egg. Clock tips are finished with cutlery theme. Positive design for each home.

Wall clock clocks decorative novelty modern colors watchestime kitchen antique

Wall Clock Clocks Decorative Novelty Modern Colors WatchesTime Kitchen Antique

34 local time 34 clock from modcloth 49 99 could

"Local Time" clock from ModCloth - $49.99. Could be a DIY?

Wacky wall clocks

This blue teddy bear wall clock constitutes a lovely decoration for children's bedroom. Its soft, plush finish will be a charming accent wherever appearing. Features Roman numerals.

Design Toscano NG33981 Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

This beautiful wall clock is hand-casted using real stone bonded with high quality resin. The whole clock is hand-painted, and covered in a multi-toned metallic finish. Requires 1 AA battery.

Unique wall clocks novelty wall clocks decorative wall clocks

Unique Wall Clocks,Novelty Wall Clocks,Decorative Wall Clocks,

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Wooden Wall Clock Carved Cuckoo Telling Time Vintage ...

Novelty wall clocks carved wood cuckoo telling time wood

Novelty Wall Clocks Carved Wood Cuckoo Telling Time Wood ...

17 large rustic wall clock unique big wall clock

17'' large rustic wall clock unique big wall clock

Antique map 23 wall clock novelty unique

Antique Map 23" Wall Clock - Novelty & Unique