Art Deco Wall Clocks


A throwback to the 50s, art deco styling has made a resurgence. And we have some art deco wall clocks that properly exemplify the spirit of this particular artistic movement. They are a very interesting piece that will create a conversation every time someone sees them in your home. Take a look and see if we have the art deco wall clock you've been looking for.

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Our Picks

Vintage art deco jade green color

Vintage art deco jade green color

Wall clock in retro style. It has Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Frame is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and neutral design for each room.

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Tiger oak walnut copper art deco machine age fan wall

tiger oak walnut copper art deco machine age fan wall clock usa made

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Art deco wall clocks

Choosing this art deco wall clock, you can be sure, you will have an accurate timepiece that boasts of its gorgeous, geometric design. Crafted of durable green material, the clock looks like a lady's fan with 2 black metal hands and 1 brass metal second hand.

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Enfield english antique art deco wall clock

Enfield english antique art deco wall clock

Antique English wall clock, a classic example of Art Deco design. Solid dark wood case houses a brass pendulum and a round white face with black numbers and intricate lacework design black hands. Classy!

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Art deco wall clocks 7

The wall clock is made from fire-glazed ceramic with a plain white color for both the interior of the clock mechanism and the frame. The edges of the frame are tapered with a green color giving the clock this minimalistic and stunning design.

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Art deco wall clocks 8

The wall clock has a very colorful design with the numbers written boldly on the edges of the octagon shape drawn on the pale background of the ground. The hands of the clock have a wide shape with pointed ends. The red frame of the clock complements the red patterns drawn inside.

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Glass wall clocks

A modern masterpiece amongst wall clocks that is going to enhance your working place or your contemporary home. Designed by Russell Ackerman, the clock features a sophisticated frame with 2 black hands and 1 brass second hand.

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Art deco wall clocks 2

c. 1930's antique machine age art deco style round chrome wall clock

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Manhattan wall clock length 24cm

Manhattan Wall Clock. Length 24cm

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Wall clock retro

Charming green plastic art deco analog clock is perfect for a 1950s, early 1960s décor. The clock face has a green center with a white outer ring and black Arabic numerals. The hour and minute hands are black, the second hand is red.

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Art Deco Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Art deco wall clocks are a style statement, wherever you decide to hang them. Their bright colors and unique designs can either blend with your home decor or stand out in the best way possible. Besides, they are a cost-effective way to add a vintage twist to your space.

Since art deco wall clocks have remarkable frames, they can easily substitute artwork, picture frames, and other wall decors. On top of that, these types of wall clocks can be found in a myriad of designs, so you’ll be sure to discover one that perfectly suits your home decor. There are metal timepieces in retro-style, wooden frames in geometric shapes, octagonal forms, and many more. You can either hang your striking timepiece in the entryway, living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, or in other areas of the home.

Art Deco wall clocks, like other Art Deco pieces, feature jewel tones, sharp angles, and retro fonts for the numbers around the edge. You may also see shiny wood pieces chosen for their decorative grains.

However, perhaps the defining feature of Art Deco pieces like clocks will be gold work and interesting geometric art. A piece like this will be the focal point of any room it’s in!

Best Ideas

Art deco wall clock 5

Art deco approach to a retro wall clack made in a vintage fashion. The wall clock is crafted out of metal with a red coat of paint with silver elements, and the numerals are placed on a leather piece of distressed material.

Art deco wall clocks 2

Handmade ceramic wall clock in an Art Deco style. Designed and made by Malcolm and Russell Akerman of Echo of Deco

Art deco wall clocks 1

A fantastic blend of old-fashioned appearance and timeless elegance. This wall clock comes with a cherry-finished wood case, covered with a clear glass front panel and embellished with geometric patterns. The mechanism is accurate and equipped with 3 silver-finished metal hands.

Art deco wall clock

This Art Deco wall clock will be a beautiful gift for your friends and family. It features the creamy frame with the square shape and silver accent pieces. It's perfect as a clock to living zone or bedroom.

3dRose dpp_109818_1 Art Deco Big 'n Bold Gray 'n Yellow Design Wall Clock, 10 by 10-Inch

Square wall clock with yellow face, oversized when compared to white numerals, and accented with geometric curved lines in gray. The clock is a modern creation with strong Art Deco feel. The hands are gold toned.

Art deco wall clock 11

With such a magnificent Art Deco Wall Clock you won't have any trouble, whatsoever, to enhance your living room, den, or vintage-looking office. A highly accurate mechanism sits in a marvelous case with stunning design, with a round dial with black Arabic numbers and matching hands.

Art deco wall clocks 1

The attractive design of this eye-catching wall clock in the style of art deco delights. Beautifully illustrated details create a unique composition with a bright clock face with Roman numerals. The whole is presented exquisitely.

1930 40s french art deco octagon wall clock

1930-40's French "Art Déco" Octagon Wall Clock

Tuscan European Fruits Wall Clock Grape Pear Apple

Kitchen wall clock in thick frame with retro fruit motif, pictured with care in warm colors. White face has black Arabic numerals and black ornamental hands, which design was inspired by Victorian era accessories.

Click Clock Antiques Finished Metal Wall Decor 34x17 "

Enhance your home with antique accents using this lovely wall clock. With its five synchronized gears and rust-free metal construction, the clock provides vintage appearance, all covered in an antique brown finish.

Adeco Black Iron Vintage-Inspired Round Chandelier Double-Sided Wall Hanging Clock with Scroll Wall Mount Home Decor

Hall hanging clock with beautiful design, iron case and frame, which makes them rust resistant, double sided construction and featuring antiquated parchment finish. The clock requires two AA batteries for operation.

Art deco siemens factory or workshop wall clock for sale

Art Deco Siemens Factory or Workshop Wall Clock For Sale ...

20 best art deco wall clock

20 Best Art Deco Wall Clock

Art deco wall clock olde time antique clocks and barometers

Art Deco Wall Clock | Olde Time Antique Clocks and Barometers