Large Modern Wall Clocks


Modern oversized wall clocks are the perfect way to make a statement in a contemporary interior. As well as telling the time, large wall clocks can also serve as a much more affordable alternative to contemporary art (which can be very costly), adding color and personality to your space. We’ve selected the very best large modern wall clocks around to help you add some color and unique style to your space.

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Our Picks

Large Diy Home Decoration Big Mirrorred Wall Clock Modern Design Unique Gift

Large Diy Home Decoration Big Mirrorred Wall Clock Modern Design Unique Gift

Such wall clocks - are a synonym of modernity. It resigns from the standard clock dial, to your own wall, which can be a dial from now on. Modern large wall clock in art deco style, is made in silver high-glossy tone. Numbers are also playing a mirror role.

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Mr White Wall Clock

Mr White Wall Clock

A functional and sophisticated addition to any type of indoors. This white clock features a round shape and black hands that show large Arabic numbers. It is an item created for lovers of minimalistic style.

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14 inch large modern wall clock

14 inch large modern wall clock

The 14 inch modern wall clock, which could be used in many rooms at your home. The impressive chartrause shade makes it unique and build its image as an interesting accessory, even if it is just a simple wooden clock.

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Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Exceptional beauty of this unique wall clock goes together with sophisticated and futuristic design, offering solid clock mechanism, moving clock face, and quality material frame that will last for years to come.

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Modern oversized wall clock

This attractive clock has a black background, raised Arabic numerals, and a hand for the hour, the minutes, and finally for seconds. Easy to see from across the room, it could also be used by someone to read the time.

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Oversized wall clocks

Ideas to Decorate Wall with Modern Wall Clocks

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Garden wall clocks

An extraordinary arrangement of a living room, which features an extra large clock on the wall. It's a dominant element of the room that ideally matches old-fashioned, shabby armchairs and two table lamps in an industrial design.

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Artus 11.75" Wall Clock

Artus 11.75" Wall Clock

This large wall clock is a useful addition to any interior. It has a contemporary style and simple design and is available in white, grey and black clock face. It has a glass lens and can be easy mounted.

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Oversized decorative wall clocks

Tell Time Easily with Large Wall Clocks

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Decorative shatterproof mirror wall

Decorative shatterproof mirror wall

Add this amazing mirror wall clock to your interior and enjoy a boost of contemporary visual appeal that it has to offer with its huge hour numbers, making for a unique and charming addition to any space, especially with the gold tone of the glass finish.

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Large Modern Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

When you’re considering purchasing one or more modern large wall clocks, you’ll need to figure out how to size them appropriately. A small clock will tend to be around 9 inches in diameter, a medium clock up to two feet in diameter, and a larger clock will tend to measure 2-3 feet across. However, with some larger modern clocks, a clock could take up the entire space of the wall!

Consider the furniture in your room, the size of the wall itself, and whether or not you want the modern clock to be the dominating focal point in your room. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want approximately four times as much blank space on a wall as you have objects. Therefore, if your wall is twenty feet wide, you’ll want a clock that is no more than 4-5 feet wide.

You should hang a large modern wall clock in your living room in a place where it becomes the dominant piece on a blank wall. For example, you could hang the clock above your couch. Whereas this position may mean you have your back to it when sitting on the couch, it heightens its visual appeal. The clock is readily visible from a doorway or elsewhere in the living room.

In case hanging the clock above the couch does not work for you, consider placing it above a console table or shelf. Alternatively, if you have a living room fireplace, you can place the large modern wall clock above the mantel.

Irrespective of where you hang the clock, pay attention to the height you position it. The ideal is at eye height or slightly higher. If it is too low or too high, you will strain your neck looking down or up.

Best Ideas

Large Metal Wrought Iron Wall Clock Ornate Vintage French Provincial Hampton New

Large Metal Wrought Iron Wall Clock Ornate Vintage French Provincial Hampton New

This large wall clock in a round shape features a very functional mechanism. Its iron construction is resistant to wear and also decorates indoors. The clock includes large, readable Roman numbers and some decorative elements in the center.

Modern wall clocks

Ultra-modern wall clock with a unique out of the box design. The watch looks like a large palm tree and is finished in a graphite-like black that should bring incredible accent to plain white walls. The clock hands also feature a beautiful chrome-plated design that mesh into the black background amazingly.

Large ornate wall clocks 1

Stunning wall clock that features vintage appeal, neatly combined with several modern elements. The clock is quite large as well and should offer incredible accent value for any wall. Its rounded design, unique white background, and narrow black arms combine well to offer incredible appeal.

Large contemporary clocks for walls

Lovely quiet, minimal styling complements the main material used in this shop (white Maine birch) perfectly.

Large wall clock with rotating number 6 an attractive large

... large wall clock with rotating number 6 an attractive large wall clock

Modern wall clock large

Orologio da parete grande Orologio moderno di di Sognoametista, €65.00

Large wall clocks contemporary

Large wall clock Coral Horizontal, €149.00

Large modern wall clock

Real Family Clock Wall Decals _ Clock Stickers for Walls _ Trendy Wall Designs

Black modern wall clock

Large Colourful Fan Style Metal Wall Clock With Interesting Typography

Modern designer wall clocks

Large Wall Clock, Rustic. Reclaimed Pallet Wood CUSTOM. Early American Stain. Repurposed Wood.

Red plaid couch

French country

Contemporary wall clocks 4

Contemporary Wall Clocks

Big wall clocks contemporary

Wall clock Large wall clock Clocks Modern wall by ModernWallClock, $78.88