Military Wall Clocks


Perhaps not only fans of military style will find these wall clocks interesting. These shown at the photos visible below, are available in various sizes, colours and having different features. You shouldn’t have too many problems with finding the right one for yourself. Or maybe you need to take another look at the photos?

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Analog display 24 hour military wall clock

Analog display 24 hour military wall clock

This high-quality military wall clock features an injection molded plastic frame with a scratch-resistant acrylic lens. Inside is a dual-time display that shows a 12-hour and 24-hour time scale with a high-quality quartz movement.

Designer Advice:

This analog clock is not the fanciest, but it has a reliable quartz movement that's very accurate. Its aesthetic would work well in a modern home office or kitchen with industrial decor. What's more, military wall clocks like this one are used by pilots worldwide because the GMT time makes it easy to determine the time from any time zone.

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Twelve hour military wall clock

Twelve hour military wall clock

Next, we have a round analog wall clock with a dual-time display and large, easy-to-read numbers. It's made from eco-friendly natural wood with a hook at the back for easy installation. It runs quietly on one AA low-output carbon battery with a high-quality sweeping movement.

Designer Advice:

Thanks to its natural wood construction, this wall clock has a farmhouse feel that would fit right into a country-style kitchen. Think rustic wooden cabinets, handmade novelty art objects, and cottage-core window treatments. It's also great for those who find the 24-hour clock much more convenient than a 12-hour clock but still want to keep both for convenience.

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Battery powered military time wall clock

Battery powered military time wall clock

This 10-inch military wall clock is made to resemble aircraft instruments with a high-impact styrene body and a durable acrylic lens. It comes with a highly accurate quartz clock movement and it's powered by alkaline batteries.

Designer Advice:

This is a true 24-hour clock with a minute hand that goes around the dial once every hour, while the hour hand only circumnavigates the dial once a day. You can adjust the hands using the small wheel in the back, and there are four large numerals to guide you, namely midnight, noon, six o'clock in the morning, and six o'clock in the evening.

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Non ticking military clock face

Non ticking military clock face

This sleek contemporary 24-hour wall clock is constructed from durable plastic with a matte grey finish and a scratch-resistant glass lens. It features a smooth, non-ticking movement and runs silently on a single AA battery.

Designer Advice:

This timeless analog clock is designed for more than just telling the time. You can use it to decorate a sleek contemporary kitchen with minimalist cabinets and grey granite or marble countertops. It could also work in a modern home office with grey, silver, and charcoal finishes.

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Military display clock

Military display clock

Complete your army bedroom while adding a splash of color to the walls with this easy-to-read silent wall clock. It's made from a 1.7-inch thick plastic frame with an acrylic glass lens and a highly accurate quartz movement.

Designer Advice:

This one-of-a-kind clock is USB powered and comes with numbers and minute hands that glow in the dark. You can choose from seven different light modes to suit your mood and dim it or create rainbow colors using the included remote controller. All told, it's a fun clock that can run for a very long time, and it would work well in a military-themed bedroom.

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Best Ideas

Military wall clocks

Emanating with vintage design and slightly weathered appearance, this wall clock is very accurate and displays military time. Its off-white dial is embedded in an espresso-finished round case with a clear glass front, along with 2 rustic metal hands and a gray metal second hand.

Vintage Military Wall Clock

Vintage Military Wall Clock

Designed by Mastercrafters USA, this old vintage wall clock would be a great addition to a stylish office. Its military character shall appeal to many. Measures 13" diameter.

Extra Large International Times Of The World Wall Clock Antique Bronze New

Extra Large International Times Of The World Wall Clock Antique Bronze New

Do you have many friends abroad and like to know what time they are at the moment? Your large office wall bronze clocks will show you the time on the globe and will add a hallway style thanks to its solid iron construction in rough color.

24 hour brass military wall clock 14 diameter zulu time

24 Hour Brass Military Wall Clock 14" Diameter ZULU Time

Military time simplex wall clock

military time simplex wall clock

Simplex military wall clock

Simplex Military Wall Clock

Military bulkhead timing clock

Military bulkhead timing clock.

Trintec 12 & 24 Hour Military Time Swl Zulu Time 24hr Wall Clock - Black Dial DSP01

This round wall clock has got a black dial, military design and it fits to contemporary style and decor in your home. You will be impressed how cool it looks on your wall.

Trintec 12 & 24 Hour Military Time Swl Zulu Time 24hr Wall Clock - Black Dial with White Moon DSP04

This wall clock has got a contemporary design, black and white finish, round shape and military style. It is a perfect addition for your bedroom, living room, garage, family room, office space and other.

Military time clock school wall clock simplex gray metal body

military time clock - school wall clock - simplex - gray metal body ...

CafePress Military Camo Pattern Wall Clock - Standard Multi-color

It is a military wall clock that has got a standard multi-color finish, round shame and camo pattern. It is a great addition for your garage, office space, family room, bedroom and other.

Special forces military wall clock for

Special Forces Military Wall Clock for

Airship 14 1 2 h aluminum us military replica wall

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Large vintage industrial 24 hour military clock

Large Vintage Industrial 24 Hour Military Clock

Military neon wall clock 232595 at sportsmans guide 3

Military Neon Wall Clock - 232595, at Sportsman's Guide

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Mwc retro g10 pattern military wall clock military watch

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U s army 24 hour wall clock military patriotic service

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New military army camouflage bedroom wall clock quartz

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Military time 24 hours led wall clock military world time

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Seth thomas military wall clock mid century modern industrial

Seth Thomas Military Wall Clock Mid Century Modern Industrial

12 patriot us army wall clock

12" Patriot US Army Wall Clock