Oversized Metal Wall Clock

An oversized metal wall clock not only makes it much easier to see the time from across the room, but is also a handsome statement piece. Depending on the statement that you want to make, you go choose something around the size of a large poster, or as big as most of the wall.

Best Products

Extra large red wall clock

Usually, the shape of a circle is associated with clocks - every hour and every day are successive circles swayed by tips. In this case, it has a large, oversized metal clock wall decor with raw style combined that refers to the clocks at railway stations.

Large diameter wall clocks

Large wall clock with a very durable construction based on metal. This round clock includes two large hands and Roman numbers. Attractive gray finish is neutral, so it looks great on different walls in different indoors.

Classice oversized and large wall clock

Classice Oversized and Large Wall Clock

Ashton sutton oversize metal wall clock

Ashton Sutton Oversize Metal Wall Clock
If you are looking for a large and efficient wall clock, this model made on a metal base with Roman numerals of hours and excellent clock tips is a perfect choice. Massive, yet lightweight design captivates.

Large iron clock roman numerals

This oversized wall clock features a rustic stylization. Its metal construction with hand-rubbed Burnished Silver Leaf Patina Finish is solid and aesthetic. Reliable mechanism of this clock works very good for a long time.

Oversized metal wall clock

This oversized metal wall clock will be a solid proposition for one's decor, adding a great industrial touch to the space. Its retro design evokes associations with the era of industrial revolution.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wall clocks deliver more than the time. Used as an element of design, they can create a focal point of intrigue. A reclaimed oversized metal wall clock will stand at attention in an urban industrial dining area or shabby chic living space. 

Size and uniqueness spare no lack of character when metal is allowed to present the hour.

What types of metal are used in making oversized wall clocks?

Bold and beautiful, metal overtakes plastic in presence when used as a proud natural wall statement.

  • Stainless Steel - Corrosion proof and durable, stainless steel blends easily with many interior styles. Its classic presence announces excellence with a modernized flair.  
  • Galvanized Metal - Galvanized metal has been coated with zinc oxide to prevent rust. It is a favorite for using in rustic decors. Reminiscent of outdoor buildings and tools, it often has a weathered appearance to distinguish as antique.
  • Iron -  This sturdy material will outline a decor with strength and finesse. Hand welded to shape and size, iron is the boldest of metals for industrial spaces.
  • Aluminum - Aluminum casing shines on any wall and highlights letters of black or bronze that are held within. Numbers may also be made of aluminum for catching attention.
  • Wood - Reclaimed wood used in conjunction with weathered metal lends a rustic look to any wall.  

What are the average sizes of oversized metal wall clocks?

The size of a wall clock depends on the wall space available. Popular sizes range from 21 inches to 45 inches in diameter. An oversized metal wall clock can stand alone without accent. Good locations include a dining room wall or over a console in an entryway. The length of the wall should not be over 3 times the width of the clock.  

What styles of metal wall clocks are there?

Large metal wall clocks are normally square, rectangular or round. They can be crafted in any style that is desired.

  • Traditional - Traditional decors may benefit from a rectangular or square shape of stainless steel casing. Black mirrored background with polished chrome Roman numerals add distinction.
  • Contemporary/Modern - Contemporary and modern decors make a decorating statement with large round black metal wall clocks. With an open backdrop and Roman numerals circling the clock, this style suits open walls.
  • Rustic/Country - Distressed metal and antique venues make a pleasing appearance in warm and comforting rustic or country decors. Lovely when used in coordination with weathered wood.
  • Industrial - Welded iron or distressed galvanized metal that outlines an oversized metal wall clock gives artistic presence among exposed pipes and naked walls.

How to mount an oversized metal wall clock?

An oversized metal wall clock is heavy. Mounting into a stud is always the best option but one that is not always convenient. A zip wall anchor is recommended when hanging a wall clock into dry wall. Check the weight capacity of a nylon or metal anchor and purchase one that is twice the weight of the clock. After careful measurement, screw the anchor into the wall until it is flush. Add the metal screw, leaving 3/4 inch open to accept the clock in mounting.



Metal wall clocks large

Add a large wall clock to your interior to always be able to precisely tell the time. It sports a huge face and is entirely made out of metal, ensuring that vintage appeal to any space it ends up in.

Large metal wrought iron wall clock french provincial roman numerals

LARGE-Metal-Wrought-Iron-WALL-CLOCK-French-Provincial-Roman-Numerals ...

River city clocks indoor metal skeleton tower wall clock

River City Clocks Indoor Metal Skeleton Tower Wall Clock
Wall clock mounted on skeleton shield. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Designed for indoor use. Elegant accent for each place according to taste and need.

Cooper classics balencia wall clock

Cooper Classics Balencia Wall Clock
Why not go for a piece that both looks fun and fashionable with this amazing wall clock that sports the oversized numbers, dark finish and a slightly distressed look to it. It is easy to read by anyone.

Large industrial wall clock

Coffee table with rectangular top made of wood. Base is made of cast iron and reinforced with solid supports. Industrial design for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Elderflower court caledonia wall clock

Elderflower Court Caledonia Wall Clock
Big openwork round wall clock with Roman numerals, decorous black hands and bronze resembling finish applied on a metal construction. It's oversized, so it requires rather a large blank wall surface to be hanged on.

Cbk oversized 37 75 wall clock

Cbk Oversized 37.75 Wall Clock
Giant wall clock with antique finish. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant accent for each place according to taste.

Black metal wall clocks

If you have a lot of space on the wall of your vintage living room, then with this giant wall clock, you can upgrade it even more. Its round dial boasts of the industrial style, with Roman and Arabic numerals, and long black hands.

Making a design statement with large wall clocks

Making a Design Statement with Large Wall Clocks

25 ideas for modern interior decorating with large wall clocks

25 Ideas for Modern Interior Decorating with Large Wall Clocks

Uttermost delevan clock in antiqued silver leaf

Uttermost Delevan Clock In Antiqued Silver Leaf
This antique-style metal wall clock is a beautiful combination of circular frame and bright, large Arabic numerals on the dial. The whole looks very original and stylish, introducing a unique character into the interior.

Rustic large wall clock

With this weathered wall clock, you can spice up your kitchen with vintage flavor. The clock is oversized, with a wooden dial, two metal hands, Arabic numerals, and a battery-operated mechanism.

Large iron wall clock

Large iron wall clock

Oversized wall clocks cheap

Fischer & Aniston — Oversized Metal Blue Wall Clock

Kensington station wall clock

Howard Miller Crosby Oversized 30" Wall Clock & Reviews | Wayfair

Oversized wall clock rustic metal western decor vintage colorful art

Oversized Wall Clock Rustic Metal Western Decor Vintage Colorful Art Hanging
Play it rustic in a different way: shabby look appears less serious when it utilizes many colors. This multicolor wall clock is definitely hard to pass up. Made of MDF and metal, it displays time with spade hans that point big Roman numerals.

Large metal wrought iron hampton wall clock french provincial rustic

LARGE Metal Wrought Iron Hampton WALL CLOCK French Provincial Rustic ...

Large metal wall clock

Take a journey to the past with this exquisite, antique clock with weathered face and white case. Designed in shape of a traditional pocket watch, this metal wall clock is not only unique in its appearance, but also very accurate in telling the right time.

Oversized metal wall clock 5

Oversize metal wall clock, which can be used both outdoor or indoor, but it will be play its role the bost in the terrace. It has cicle frame made of metal net and brass net. Numbers are hand-maded of dark marble.

Woodland Imports Romanian Styled Antique Wall Clock

Woodland Imports Romanian Styled Antique Wall Clock
This device is a very functional and attractive wall clock that has got a round shape. It introduces a retro style into the house. Its black hands and black Roman numbers (for hours) with black Arabic numbers (for minutes) are readable.

Industrial style wall clock

This oversized metal wall clock shall enchant all fans of vintage or industrial design. Its intriguing appeal will bring a bit of a mysterious spirit into your decor. Great for a climatic living room.

Sterling industries metal roman numeral wall clock 1

Sterling Industries Metal Roman Numeral Wall Clock
This piece of equipment is a wall clock that has got a round shape and a very solid metal construction. It features Roman numerals that are large and readable. This functional and decorative clock has got the following size: 31" H x 31" W x 2" D.

Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock

Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock

Big metal clock

The oversized wall clock along with a farmhouse table and tufted bench mix with industrial chairs constitutes an ideal way to add your interiors a bit of the cool, industrial chic.

New Creative Large DIY Mirror Digital Wall Clock Acrylic EVA Stickers Silent Clocks Watches Home Decor

Industrial style clock

Over the centuries, timing machines have changed, from hourglasses to atomic clocks. In every home even one should be found - and the most beautiful one will be if we decide on this blue, stylized on an old oversized metal wall clock with a round, huge shield.

Oversized 24" Indoor / Outdoor Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Indoor / Outdoor Wall Clock
Bringing ancient treasures to mind, this stylish wall clock will lend a touch of magic to your decor. Its face is placed in the centre of a bronze sun. Apart from whowing time, it has also a thermometer.

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Large metal wrought iron hampton wall clock french provincial rustic

Large Metal Wrought Iron Hampton Wall Clock French Provincial Rustic Bronze New
With the truly huge and lavish face this wall clock will become a nice choice for either your household decor or even as an additional decorative piece for the outdoor setting, since it sports the durable, metal structure resistant to weather.

Howard miller oversize georgian wall clock wood frame rustic wall

Howard Miller Oversize Georgian Wall Clock Wood Frame Rustic Wall Clocks
An impressive wall clock that can turn your home into an industrial state of art. With its rustic dial and a large wood frame, this oversized clock is the thing to aim for, if you want to achieve vintage interior design.

Methuen Oversized 39" XXL Wall Clock

Methuen Oversized 39" XXL Wall Clock

Large metal wall clocks

A unique large wall clock with a round frame made of black-finished metal. It features four-sided colourful overlay on every hour with silvery Arabic numerals. It has thin black metal hands. It's 1 AA-battery powered.

Large industrial wall clocks

Have to have it. Centurion Oversized Black 30-in. Wall Clock $79.99

Metal wall clocks large

Antique Silver Decorative Oversized Wall Clock - 33W in. Image

Industrial wall clocks

Tick, tock, the clock strikes twelve and the mouse goes on a run. Keep track of time with this large Red Metal Oval Wall Clock with Handle. Designed to resemble an antique cafe clock, this oversized clock is perfect for displaying in your office, livi

Huge metal wall clock

Keep track of appointments in the office or time your roast in the kitchen with this classic wall clock, featuring oversized numerals for an artful touch.

Extra large metal wall clocks

Howard Miller 34" Oversize metallic Wall Clock | Bozeman rustic-clocks

Oversized pierre wall clock by howard miller

Oversized Pierre Wall Clock by Howard Miller

Oversized outdoor wall clocks

Oversize metal wall clock

Large round open frame clock metal antiqued silver hanging wall

... Large Round Open Frame Clock metal antiqued silver hanging wall

Ashton Sutton Large Wall Clock

Large open face wall clack, crafted by hand to showcase beautiful classic style. It has big Arabic numerals in black, exquisitely easy to read. Metal fittings embellishing the frame are applied by hand.