Unusual Wall Clocks

Wondering what the time is? We’ll tell you: it’s time to ditch boring and overused designs in favor of the most creative, unusual wall clocks!

In most cases, when hung on a wall, a clock will become one of the main focal points in your home. Why settle for a standard option?!

Instead, use it to showcase your creative flair or to impress your guests. The fifteen examples we’ve included below are all exciting conversation starters.

When choosing the right one for your, however, don’t forget to take your interior style and wall color into consideration. Scout for a model that complements your decor (for example, the most ornate design would look out of place in a minimalist room!) and that creates a pleasant contrast against your wall.

Quirky wall clocks that look like a piece you’d find in a museum of modern art

Quirky wall clocks that look like a piece you’d find in a museum of modern art

Contemporary? Futuristic? Unashamedly pretentious? Some unique wall clocks look more like art pieces than purely functional items.

The trick is usually to choose a design that breaks free from the traditional round frame with numbers. Instead, consider different shapes or even asymmetrical lines. And why not lose the numbers altogether?

Awesome clocks in a mid century modern starburst shape

Awesome clocks in a mid century modern starburst shape

Starburst designs were a staple in the trends of the 50s and 60s, and especially for clocks. If you’re looking to turn yours into a noticeable focal element, this attention-grabbing shape is certainly a great idea.

It’s obviously perfect for mid-century modern rooms, but you could even choose a model that incorporates elements from a different style, like this art deco twist.

Special clocks with a frame full of pictures

Special clocks with a frame full of pictures

Perhaps your favorite time of the day is… family time? Then celebrate it by choosing an unusual wall clock design that lets you fill the frame with twelve different pictures of your loved ones.

The only side effect? You’ll probably end up being late as you’ll definitely want to look at them again whenever you check the time.


Coolest wall clocks with pictures in a bigger design

Coolest wall clocks with pictures in a bigger design

Love the idea of an unusual wall clock with picture frames but want to go even bigger? Some clocks consist of a frameless design where the hands are surrounded by individual photos.

While it’s still a lovely idea for family portraits, you could also use it to showcase portraits or travel pics.

Trick: for more flexibility, you can even get a frameless hand clock and buy the smaller frames yourself. 

Unusual clock designs for music lovers

Unusual clock designs for music lovers

Time passes, but your love for good music doesn’t. Perhaps you’re a musician yourself (or you live with one?).

Then celebrate it with an unusual wall clock from the music world. For example, this could be a special clef design, a music note, or even a clock made out of an actual vinyl record.


Interesting wall clocks with an art deco feel

Interesting wall clocks with an art deco feel

If this new decade is your excuse to party like Gatsby, travel back to the 1920s with a majestic wall clock that looks as if it were stolen from one of his celebrations.

Gold or metallic accents and geometric patterns are key to this effect. And what better than a peacock to showcase this flamboyant inspiration?

$126.99 $134.99

Elegant, odd shaped wall clocks

Elegant, odd shaped wall clocks

If what you’re looking for is an unusual wall clock that immediately steals the attention of anyone walking into your home, experiment with the craziest and most unpredictable designs.

As long as you have plenty of wall room for it, you can make your new clock the main or even the only element on a specific side.


Unusual clocks for sale: letters instead of numbers

Unusual clocks for sale: letters instead of numbers

Let us guess: you can’t resist new gadgets and flashy items. Then consider more contemporary models that incorporate technology and LED tricks to make a unique statement.

Whether you decide to hang it or place it on a wall shelf, how about a clock whose letters illuminate to tell the time?


Odd shaped wall clocks with a steampunk feel

Odd shaped wall clocks with a steampunk feel

Gears, metallic and golden finishes, and a charming anachronistic vibe: are you a fan of anything steampunk? Then find an unusual wall clock that incorporates this quirky style.

Psst. These odd-shaped wall clocks will work wonders in raw industrial interiors, too.  


Coolest wall clock for coastal or nautical interiors

Coolest wall clock for coastal or nautical interiors

Is it always beach-o’-clock in your home? Whether from a nautical or coastal point of view, was the sea at the very core of your decor choices?

The coolest wall clocks can help you add to it even more. We especially recommend a unique design involving rope and knots. 

Interesting clock for a big statement

Interesting clock for a big statement

One thing’s for sure: you’ll always be on time with such a huge wall clock!

For a strong decorative choice, consider a frameless design with individual numbers and hang them so that they take up almost your entire wall.

Best choice for large rooms with bare walls (just refrain from adding more decorations!).


Strange wall clocks for math lovers

Strange wall clocks for math lovers

Are you good with numbers? So good that the usual twelve digits have become too boring for your taste?

Then turn them into equations to solve by choosing a strange wall clock that looks like a chunk of your math teacher’s blackboard.

Unique wall clocks with pendulum and surrealist vibes

Unique wall clocks with pendulum and surrealist vibes

When it comes to unique designs, there’s nothing more eccentric than unusual pendulum wall clocks… especially when they include a surrealist twist.

For example, this design turned the apple from the most iconic René Magritte painting into an actual pendulum. 


Strange clocks or   skcolc egnarts?

Strange clocks or skcolc egnarts?

Wanna surprise your guests? An unusual wall clock with a backward effect can look as if it had come out of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks. Pleasantly unsettling and unique!

Still, it’ll always look right when you’re using your phone’s front camera.


Unique pendulum wall clocks for outdoorsy souls

Unique pendulum wall clocks for outdoorsy souls

If you prefer unique pendulum wall clocks, we have great news: many designs have incorporated other items or elements into the pendulum part.

From animal tails to oars and anchors, all these creative ideas are surely more memorable than traditional models. 


Our advice Buying Guide

Unusual wall clocks make watching time go by less boring! If you've stared at regular clocks for more than a few seconds, then you know all too well that they make you dread how slow time passes. Fortunately, that's no longer the case as creative minds have developed unusual wall clocks! Before you commit your money, check out our buying guide first as it'll help you choose the one product that suits your needs and personal style best!

What are the basic considerations when shopping for unusual wall clocks?

  • Available Space. Regardless of how interesting and cool the clock that you've bought is, you won't have a use for it if you don't have space to hang or display it in your home. If you'll be buying a clock for a wall that already has lots of objects hung in it, then your best option would be a smaller wall clock. For sparsely ornamented walls, the most suitable are larger wall clocks.
  • Placement. Make sure that the clock's placement will be visible as you need to locate and reach for it by the time you change the batteries.
  • Functionality. There are clocks that just remain silent, while others ring once every hour. If you'll be needing silence in the room where the clock will be placed in, then you will love a version that's silent or muted. If you are in the market for a clock that's capable of waking you up, then a version that has an alarm would be the ideal option for you.

What shape of a wall clock should you choose?

Unusual wall clocks can take any shape under the sun, but the shape of the one that you'll purchase will have an impact on a room's aesthetics. The most common shapes of unusual wall clocks are hexagonal, rectangular, square, and circular. Clocks with round faces best suit rooms that have leather furnishings. Rectangular models, on the other hand, fit areas that have lots of straight lines and right angles.

What type of clock display should you choose?

If you opt for a digital display, you will have a clock that's easy to read. With digital displays, however, you are required to check the backlight as it needs to be bright enough for the time to be visible. If the digital clock will be in a dark room, the best option would be a bright LED instead of a gray one. On the other hand, dial or analog wall clocks are the best for elegant rooms as they require special décor.


Vinyl record clock star wars vinyl

Vinyl record clock star wars vinyl
A fantastic wall clock for vinyl lovers and Star Wars enthusiasts. The clock is easy to mount and made of a genuine vinyl record, featuring Arabic numerals, black hands, and a red second hand.

Vinyl Wall Clock The Beatles

Vinyl Wall Clock The Beatles
Make a grand impression with this the Beatles van Anantalo vinyl wall clock. Trust me, everyone will tell you how cool this product is. Get it for yourself, or buy it as a gift.

Vinyl Wall Clock Piano

Vinyl Wall Clock Piano
This revolutionary wall clock in a vinyl-shaped retro style is an original and very glamorous piece of decor. Beautiful finishes, large Arabic numerals, and interesting watch tips make the room perfectly highlight the unique design of the playroom.

Uttermost Rusty Gears Metal Wall Clock In Red Brown And Sage Green Rust

Uttermost Rusty Gears Metal Wall Clock In Red Brown And Sage Green Rust
Cogged wheels and rusty gears always bring steampunk style to mind. But it's your choice which style you'll incorporate this metal wall clocks set into. Nevertheless, there are three clocks, one with Roman numerals among them.

Best wall clock design

If you are original design lover and you want have unique decoration in your interior, this clock is dedicated special for you. It is made of metal and has shape of spiral. In a place of clock's hands, there are little balls.

Unusual wall clocks

If you are a fan of extra ordinary wall clocks, this one will be perfect for you. The unusual design, industrial style, steel construction and numerals on long chain. Sounds awesome!

Wall clock 52

Wall Clock

Unusual wall clock 1

Add this unusual piece to your interior decor and enjoy the convenient way of telling time, while the face of the clock resembles a snail to offer a nice upgrade of class and visual appeal for your home.

Unusual clocks 5

Unusual and stylish wall clock with a square shape. It features a durable black surface with white frame. It shows different words that inform about the current time. It doesn't include any Roman or Arabic numbers.

Roman Numeral Wall Clock Made with Gears and Sprockets. This Hand Painted Art Is Functional and Decorative. Novelty Wall Clocks Make Great Housewarming Gifts.

Stylish wall clock featuring unique design composed of metal gears and sprockets. This clock is functional and highly decorous, it looks great in vintage or steampunk-inspired decor. It grabs the eye effortlessly!

Choose cool wall clocks that suit your decor

Choose Cool Wall Clocks that Suit Your Decor

Unique clocks

Original and funny at the same time clock with the motif of a fishing cat in an aquarium, it is an interesting way to revitalize the interior. Robust construction, Arabic numerals on the dial and strong hints are clearly legible.

Unusual wall clock design

Unusual wall clock design

Cool wall clock designs

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks Image Source

20 stunning unique handmade wall clocks 18

20 Stunning & Unique Handmade Wall Clocks (18)

Gear wall clocks

This unusual wall clock was designed by Darien Lee. It totally changes the perception of clocks from the traditional, flat to a new, spherical one. Finished in an eye-catching lime-green colour.

Unusual wall clocks 1

Underline your unique, original character with an unusual clock. This wall clock is not something you can find just anywhere. Its modern, interesting design will spark new life in your interior. Not to mention the look on the faces of your guests!

Birdcage wall clock ill be on the lookout for just

Birdcage + wall clock...I'll be on the lookout for just the right pieces to make this.

Unique clocks2 jpg


Weird clocks

The world is divided into those who prefer Star Trek and those who prefer Star Wars. In this case, we have a clock for the first ones.If you need to travel in space, look at this metal unusual wall clock with the characteristic crystal determinants of hours.

Unusual clocks 2

Unusual Clocks

Unusual wall clocks 2

If you've got a penchant for cats, this extravagant and delightfully colorful wall clock can fit your taste. This friendly little tiger shows time; the pendulum is shaped as a bird attached under the cat's belly.


Stylish and unusual wall clocks 3

Stylish and Unusual Wall Clocks

Unusual modern mocap wall clock blurring time

Unusual Modern MOCAP Wall Clock: Blurring Time

Maple's 6-Inch Dual Use Table/Wall Moving Gear Clock Glass Cover

A functional and decorative product created for people who love original and unique solutions. It is a round wall clock that has got a moving gear stylization. The moving gears are independent from time showing mechanism.

Copper clocks

Round wall clock for each place according to taste and need. Shield is made of copper. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Classic form and elegant design.

Chaney 13179 Fleur de Lef Clock

Charming, 19th century inspired wall clock in round cast iron black bezel, with Fleur-de-lis motif. Highly decorative, it is a nice addition to any decor, not excluding modern ones. For indoor use only.

Tick tock clocks that are anything but ordinary clocks decor

Tick Tock: Clocks that are anything but ordinary #clocks #decor #ddgd

Equity by La Crosse 28283 8 Inch Brushed Titanium Wall Clock

Sleek and simple wall clock with brushed titanium frame, hands made of metal and clear glass lens that protects the face from dust and debris. Analog quartz movement is precise and dependable. The clock requires AA battery to function.

Thumbs Up! Melting Clock

If you are keen on high-end accessories, this unique mantel clock is sure to grab you. It looks like it was melting, just like taken straight from a surrealist Salvador Dali's work of art, yet it is so well-balanced that it sits securely on a mantel or shelf top!

Awesome wall clocks

Vintage-themed wall clock with a unique and unusual appearance made with Roman numerals and black hands. The back of the wall clock is made with a vibrant variety of different colors, giving it an unusual vibe.

Black metal wall clock 2

A touch of retro style in different indoors. This kind of product is a wall clock that features an extra solid metal frame. Its face and surface cover is made of durable plastic. This green clock looks very stylish.

15 unusual clocks and cool clock designs part 5

15 Unusual Clocks and Cool Clock Designs - Part 5.

Princess International BC-330 Vintage Bicycle Clock

Delightfully vintage clock with wrought iron bicycle frame that comes with meticulously crafted details and black, antiqued finish. The clock features a 19th-century face and filigree hands. It uses 1 AA battery, not included.

Different shapes of wall clocks

Original wall clock with gears theme. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for the living room, dining room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Infinity Instruments Precedent Wall Clock

This amazing clock will make you want to have it, the instant you see it - it brings a retro, vintage vibe, while still offering a traditional and classy look, so that it works well in any room. The numerals are easy to read as well.

Cool digital wall clocks

Keep track of nap and feeding times with a fun, unusual wall clock that complements your nursery decor

GENEVA/ADVANCE CLOCK 4654G Metal Wall Clock, 13.8-Inch, Black

Vintage wall clock in thick black case, with black Roman numerals printed on burlap-like background. Pretty eye-catchy! It has big and bold tapering hands. The case is made of metal and it has glass lens.

PINK FLOYD Vinyl Record Clock (The Dark Side Of The Moon)

Vinyl record clock made of Pink Floyd vinyl The Dark Side of the Moon, absolute classic in progressive rock music. The vinyl has been equipped with: glossy gold-colored hands (second hand is red), golden hourmarks and quartz mechanism.

THE BEATLES Vinyl Record Clock (Love Songs)

Here is a decent gift if the recipient is THE BEATLES fan! This clock is made from an original vinyl disc, with The Beatles album "Love songs"! The numbers and hour-marking dots are painted in festive gold.

AC/DC Vinyl Record Clock (Highway To Hell)

Highway to Hell is an evergreen rock tune. You probably already have it in your discography, but why not show everyone how you love AC/DC and hang this ultra-special vinyl record wall clock on your wall? (Yes, it's a real record)

Retro metal wall clock silvertone from target 29 99 9

Attractive silver tones and a touch of retro style in any interior design. This kind of wall clock has got a white face and silver hands. Its Arabic numerals are easy to read. The overall size of this clock is 9.500H x 9.500W x 1.500D.

The allure metal wall clock

A very interesting, stylish and reliable piece of equipment. It is a wall clock that fits with any decor style. It has got a frame that features an attractive, rich brown colour. It is a clock that measures 24.5 inches in diameter x 3 inches thick.

THE BEATLES Vinyl Record Picture Disc Clock (Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

A decent wall clock for true music fans: original Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl by legendary The Beatles group was used to make this battery-operated wall clock. Fun and stylish, and it brings memories back!

Infinity Instruments Wall Clock - The Craftsman

This beautifully made clock in a stylish shield in the shade of old gold is a nice detail design all kinds of interiors. It also has other features that is perfect for any home.

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

Wall clock with non-ticking, silent mechanism, classic black and white design, large and easy to read Roman numerals, gold second hand and flat lens. The clock is a long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality materials.

137 unique astronomical wall clock personalized

137 UNIQUE Astronomical Wall Clock PERSONALIZED

Unusual oval vineyard wall clock 270948

Unusual Oval Vineyard Wall Clock | 270948 ...

Oak clock unique wall clocks wall clock wood big clock

Oak clock unique wall clocks wall clock wood big clock