Neon Wall Clocks

A neon wall clock allows you tell the time, day or night, and offers a unique style for your area as well. Our collections below showcases a lot of differing options to fit in with your current decor, many feature different themes or logos as well.

Retro Vintage Neon Wall Clock

Retro Vintage Neon Wall Clock

$128.99 $119.99

Retro Vintage Neon Wall Clock

Latitude Run®

$128.99 $119.99

This old-school neon wall clock is a bright addition to an ultra-modern or retro-style decor. Using its pull chain, you can switch its neon ring lights to a solid-state or blinking option. This battery operated neon wall clock is available in seven colors.

Designer Advice:

Indulge your love for the retro era with this cool neon clock. It has a compact round frame and a three-inch depth, ideal for any wall space. The bright neon band wonderfully complements the chrome accent. This battery-operated, non-ticking clock is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use on patios or decks. 

Trendy Neon Wall Clock

Trendy Neon Wall Clock

Trendy Neon Wall Clock

Make any night a party night with this funky neon wall clock. It features sound-sensitive RGB lights that sync to music via Bluetooth. The lighting feature comes in 180 different light effect options and 48 sound effects.

Designer Advice:

This neon wall clock is perfect for those who like to have friends over every other weekend. It features a wooden body with dots on the dial. The neon clock looks simple and modern during the day and transforms into a great nighttime mood/dance light. You can control light effects, brightness, and speed using your mobile phone or remote control.

Classy Minimalist Neon Wall Clock

Classy Minimalist Neon Wall Clock

Classy Minimalist Neon Wall Clock

This large neon wall clock looks good any time of the day or night and also works as an accent light. The markings and the rounded-square frame light up in neon light. It is available in five sizes and 11 colors.

Designer Advice:

We love this stylish large neon clock. The dial features simple line markings and has a square shape with rounded edges that creates harmony between other design elements. It features a clear acrylic body that allows your wall’s color to come through. The neon lines and frame outline sit atop the clear acrylic giving the clock a three-dimensional effect.

Contemporary Neon Wall Clock

Contemporary Neon Wall Clock

Contemporary Neon Wall Clock

Perfect for modern spaces, this neon wall clock adds a sophisticated charm to living spaces. The clock surface features a white granite stone finish, which makes the bright neon hands pop out. You can also get the hands in neon pink.

Designer Advice:

We love the design of this battery operated neon wall clock. The round frame and stoneware finish give the clock a sleek look, while the fluorescent hands impart a pop of color. The stoneware’s textured finish features specks of light-reflecting granite that add a subtle sparkle to the surface. Its no-number dial also gives the clock a clutter-free appearance.

Decorative Neon Wall Clock

Decorative Neon Wall Clock

Decorative Neon Wall Clock


Decorate your wall in a quirky neon glow with this neon wall clock. The design features a glowing round frame with similar glowing numbers inside that are easily visible from across a room. The clock is available in five colors.

Designer Advice:

This battery operated neon wall clock has an understated look. It gives off a cool glow that’s gentle on the eyes and acts as a great accent light. The clock has a hanging mount type and is perfect for a cafe, bar, game store, or drawing room. The only drawback is that the hands of this clock do not glow.

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Neon Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Add nostalgia or brand recognition to a bar area or rec room with neon wall clocks. Bright and bold does not work in all decors, but can add fun when placed accordingly.

Neon wall clocks are made as retro focal points. Some manufacturers use materials that resemble the era presented. Others mimic the original with less expensive supplies.

  • Glass - Rounded glass fronts protect the artwork that has been carefully designed. Sealed to prevent dust build up, it is industry approved for quality.
  • Metal - Chrome was a favorite of past days and is used on many neon wall clocks. Painted metal is also used in brown or black with a shiny or matte finish.
  • Plastic - Lightweight and durable, plastic trim and face are popular for using in clocks. Both glass and metal can be mimicked while bright colors are still attractive.
  • Lighting - Neon inserts are powered by plug-in cords. The time mechanism is usually battery operated. Luminous tubes deliver the neon effect and can last for many years. Some manufacturers have switched to LED lighting that provides a similar look.

Neon lights on clocks became popular in the 1950s and are still hot items today. Selecting a theme that fits your agenda can be difficult with so many to choose from. Some favorites are car models, beverages and sports teams. The electrifying color that represented these themes remains in place to catch the beauty of the era. Personal themes are also used, like anniversaries, golf, billiards, or hunting.

Casual spaces are a favorite for placing neon wall clocks. Some of these include:

  • Man Caves
  • Garages
  • Game Room
  • Teen Bedroom
  • Enclosed Patio or Porch

(Read manufacturer's manual before exposing to the outdoors or extreme temperatures. It may state for indoor use only)

Today's interesting decors that concentrate on leisure are also great in hanging your favorite clock.

  • Art Deco - Art Deco uses flashy and unique designs. This is just the place for neon and chrome. Situated in a kitchen or bar area, chosen bright colors will look stunning.
  • Shabby Chic - Shabby Chic puts you in the mind of anything that makes you smile. Homemade items, antique glass ware and a sporty retro neon clock spells happy.
  • Relaxed - Relaxed is the new casual in making your house a home. Show your favorite objects and skirt around the rules of stuffy designs. If you love animals, sport a big neon clock with your favorite furry friend.

All clocks have a sealed compartment for protecting the Quartz timing mechanism. The neon tubing will also be encased. If breakage should occur, these items should be checked for damage. Clean the exterior glass and base regularly with a dust collecting cloth. If your clock is in an area where it is exposed to an unusual amount of dirt, wipe down with a damp cloth and shine with vinegar.

Best Ideas

Sterling And Noble 11 Neon Wall Clock Neon Blue

Sterling And Noble 11 Neon Wall Clock Neon Blue

The twenty-first century obliges - a modern clock sweeping the traditional shield, is illuminated with blue, cobalt neon. The neon round wall clock also has a glass lens and attracts the attention of lovers of futurism.

26 custom neon clock your choice of colors words design

26" custom Neon Clock Your Choice of!

John Deere 15 Inch Double Neon Wall Clock - Genuine Parts Theme

This 15-inch diameter shiny neon clock is equipped with AC adapter, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a round face with Arabic numerals, and two neon rings - a green outer ring and white inner ring.

Coca Cola Keg Label 15" Neon Wall Clock Lighted Sign Yellow

This beautiful Coca Cola Keg wall clock provides an accurate quartz movement, and sweep technology. The clock includes a hand blown real glass neon ring, and a molded resin frame covered in a polished chrome finish. Arabic numerals, no second hand.

Red neon wall clock

This neon wall clock will help you distinguish your space. Coming from about 1940, it will help you create a unique retro or vintage appeal. Lovingly restored to beautiful condition, the switch for the neon works fine and the clock keeps perfect time.

12" Neon Wall Clock

12" Neon Wall Clock

This Round 12-Inch Neon Wall Clock in Silver Finish features a chrome frame with a round face. Also includes: Arabic numerals and a black second hand. Requires 1 AA battery. An excellent choice for pubs, bars and game rooms.


This is a wall clock that has got a very interesting gasoline pump sign stylization. It also features a neon stylization. Its case is made of plastic and metal with a chrome finish. The size of this clock is 17 x 17 x 5.5 inches.

Coca Cola 15" Neon Wall Clock Lighted Distressed Sign Soda Pop Shop Coke Bottle Logo Vintage Retro Style Green

This kind of clock is a high quality, wall-mounted mechanism that has got an attractive neon light. The central area of its face features a Coca-Cola logo. It is a clock created for people who love retro style.

Ohio State University 14 In. Neon Wall Clock

Ohio State University 14 In. Neon Wall Clock

Modern wall clock with round shield. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. It is mounted on metal frame. Received positive recommendations from customers.

John deere logo neon wall clock

John Deere Logo Neon Wall Clock


A wall clock created for people who love Porshe cars. It has got a round shape and a Porshe logo in its central area. The product has got arabic numbers that are large and easy to read from the distance.

Porsche wall clock

Green Translucent Neon Wall Clock

Large neon wall clocks

It measures time for important events, or naps - the clock on the wall also has a decorative value. In this case, the neon wall clock emphasizes the modernity of the owners' thanks to the slightly shining neon light in blue. Connecting with chromed metal.

Vintage neon clocks

Being a nice example of the contemporary design, this round wall clock distinguishes itself with neons, creating a magical impression in the evening. Blue clockface features minimalistic design, with only four main hours distinguished.

Neonetics Home Indoor Restaurant Kitchen Decorative Island Time Neon Wall Clock

Neon colors, attractive design, and functionality are the hallmarks of this fantastic wall clock. The circular dial of the watch in a metallic frame captivates the details and introduces a strikingly distinctive ambiance to the interior.


High quality neon clock with eye-catching Truck Service logo. Features a chrome rim with a single ring of blue neon, that is powered by AC adapter (included) and easily plugs into regular outlets. For indoor use only.

Last Chance Garage Neon Clock

Eye-catchy neon clock, looking like an accessory froma vintage style night club or pub. The center of the dial is accented with red circle and white Last Chance Garage sign. The piece matches many decor styles and functions.

Fender stacked blue neon wall clock reverb

Fender Stacked Blue Neon Wall Clock | Reverb

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15 neonetics neon wall clock 8trans

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