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These clocks are huge. Stylish and analog, so they have a sense of tipping the hat to the past, but still, huge. And for your home decor, if you want a useful and eclectic new decorative item, you could put one of these in and always know what time it is, even if far away. They are made of quality materials, and will last for a very long time. No pun intended.

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Gallerie De Gaston Vintage Metal Pocket Watch Large Wall Clock Tuscan Old World

Gallerie De Gaston Vintage Metal Pocket Watch Large Wall Clock Tuscan Old World

Oval wall clock with antique finish. Shield is finished with pocket clock theme. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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Huge metal iron wall clock distressed shabby chic wall decor

Huge metal iron wall clock distressed shabby chic wall decor

This wall clock is very huge and it features a durable metal construction. Its white hands and Roman numbers are readable. The mechanism of this wall clock works in a very reliable manner and shows an accurate current time.

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Large rustic pallet wood wall clock

Large rustic pallet wood wall clock

Go rustic while choosing a wall clock. This timepiece blends well with nautical decor too, as its dial is composed of raw wooden boards with black Arabic numerals stencilled with black paint on it. The clock may be either hanged or set on a table.

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Large vintage wall clock

This large delighting construction is an oversized retro wall clock. A real bargain for all vintage lovers, which for sure gives the interior a new character. A perfect addition to eclectic, intriguing houses.

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Large antique wall clocks for sale

Extra large vintage clock. Could do well on a train station, literally, with its enormous size - so large! Inspired by vintage French clocks, it tells time with style. Black Roman numerals are visible from a huuuuge distance.

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Large vintage wall clock 1

If you want to both be able to tell time and create a one of a kind and original look in your interior then this wall clock is the way to go with its extremely large face and a vintage, distressed look.

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Paris wall clocks

Giant wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish and decorated with sophisticated pattern. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Elegant design for each room.

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Antique large wall clocks

Love that clock

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Big Vintage Fleur De Lis French Country Tuscan Style 29" Large Paris Wall Clock

Vintage wall clock with multicolour face - each number has a different colour of the background it is printed on. The clock attracts the attention with outstanding design, mixing new and old, and distressed finish.

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Fleur de Lis French Vintage Art Burlap Black Color Wall Clock Decorative 10 Inch , Personalized Wall Clocks ,Large Numbers

Strongly inspired by vintage findings, this wall clock provides a beautiful accent in a traditional themed setting. What's interesting about its design is the burlap background of its face, printed in black details.

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Large Vintage Wall Clock

Buying Guide

Many of us now use our smartphones and wristwatches to keep track of time. But that does not mean that there’s no place for wall clocks in your home. In fact, a large vintage wall clock can be a powerful and catchy decoration to bring attention to one or more spaces in your home.

Think about putting a large vintage wall clock where you would normally place a mirror or a piece of framed art. With this approach in mind, try hanging one in these places:

  • On a cabinet door or near the corner of a side wall in the kitchen
  • Above a fireplace
  • Over the headboard of a bed
  • On a wall by a staircase

Some serious collectors define a vintage clock as being one that’s more than 50 years old but which has not reached the century mark. Other collectors may have a more fluid definition when it comes to labeling these clocks. Nevertheless, it should come as no surprise that vintage wall clocks and their reproductions come in a large variety of selections.

A vintage wall clock is generally an analog one with Arabic or Roman numerals. Roman numerals are stately, arty and convey an Old World feeling. Arabic ones are easy to read and suggest familiarity. The square and the rectangle are common shapes for clocks in this category, although whimsical shapes are also available. Frames are frequently wood or metal, although sellers also offer ones made with glass and other materials.

Designs and colors are many. Some have faces or frames in pastel colors. Others carry the logo of the company that promotes itself or one of its products. On the face of other clocks is a photo of an iconic image. Some clocks have sports themes.

A large vintage wall clock goes well in a dining room, home office, and many more spaces because It commonly has a traditional look. The fact that it’s big means that it can draw attention to where you hang it. In selecting a clock of this type, choose one to fit the decor of the space. One with a walnut frame goes well in a room of furniture that’s framed in dark wood.

An alternative method of picking a large vintage wall clock is to choose one whose features make it the center of attention or fits them. A clock with a large picture of a motorcycle might be your choice for the room of your college-age offspring who just got one or who dreams of getting one.

A large vintage wall clock helps people with poor eyesight see the time. But since you may be in the category of people who don’t rely on clocks to tell time anymore, you are free to think about using a large vintage wall clock to decorate your home. Go find one to add spark and zest to the spaces in which you live and work.

Best Ideas

How to make a large clock 1

European Stairs Deign with Big Retro Wall Clock as Decorations

French wall clocks

Add a vintage, lovely and romantic touch to your home with the giant round wall clock. The wooden structure looks incredible in beige interior. It features Roman numerals and solid finish.

Large wall clock decorating ideas

Crafted of wood and hand finished in antiqued ivory, it has distressed edges and dark chestnut undertones. Features a solid, quartz movement and uses 1 AA battery (not included).

Nautical wall clocks 3

Wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Sophisticated decoration for any interior.

Big wall clocks 6

Extra-large antique wall clock to complement your vintage interior décor. Featuring a rounded shape, large numbers, and three arms, all sitting on a stunning white background. The clock has a unique aura of elegance that will transform your living room or any other space.

London antique wall clock 36cm

London Antique Wall Clock - 36cm

Vintage large wall clocks

Love vintage! What a fabulous clock! Love the peeling paint on the old doors/shutters....

Black vintage wall clock

Large Wall Clock 24in Antique Style Big Round Clocks WHITING DISTRESSED

Large iron wall clock

Made in an old industrial-style clock made of brown metal, this is the perfect way to decorate the interior. Large shields with Arabic numerals and attractive color schemes captivate the details.

Modway vintage wall clock

This kind of wall clock is a product that introduces a touch of classic style into the house. It features Roman numerals and classic black hands. Its primary material is metal, so the clock is solid and reliable.

13" Vintage UK British Flag Keep Calm and Carry on Cafe Dela Tour Wooden Quartz Wall Clock

This charming wall clock is the true beauty when it comes to design. Not only will it prove a stylish addition to the decor, it will also look amazing with the British flag on the face of the clock with the slightly distressed finish and the "Keep calm and carry on" text.

Large antique wall clocks

Wall clock in rustic style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish. It has quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Sophisticated addition for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Usmile 12" Vintage Sweet Rose Wooden Wall Clocks Decorative wall clocks Retro wall clocks large wall clocks

Lovely vintage wall clock with retro, country-style floral motif. It is made from solid wood and features pretty worn-out look as well as quiet and smooth sweeping movement of clock hands. Measures 12-inch diameter.

Antique wall clocks ebay

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