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There is something very interesting about a big wall Clock when it's the first thing you see walking into someone's home. Do they just love punctuality? Are they a fan of the Clock King from the Batman series? Or are they having trouble with eyesight? It's an eclectic choice as a decorative option. And if it's in a collecting choice that you want to make for your own decorative scheme, we have plenty in this collection

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Our Picks

Recycled wood wall clock french barn

Recycled wood wall clock french barn

Now you can easily decorate your vintage home or office with this large wall clock, designed of reclaimed wood and covered in a distressed finish. The round dial holds blacak metal Arabic numbers and two matching hands.

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11" Lucite Big No Wall Clock

11" Lucite Big No Wall Clock

This Large Face 11-Inch Wall Clock in Black & White Finish is characterized by an ABS frame and acrylic lens. The clock includes a round face with a second hand and Arabic numerals, and spray painted metal hands.

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Big Numbers Wall Clock

Big Numbers Wall Clock

Uber moder wall clock consisting of crazy big numbers. Need a clock that would be a bold style statement? You don't have to look anymore. The clock face is placed in a center; it has no numerals. It is just a fuchsia square with rounded edges.

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24" Sunburst Wall Clock

24" Sunburst Wall Clock

An analog wall clock, made of metal in silver finish and sun-like design. One AA battery powered. Very quite quartz mechanism. Looks great in any interior, either in your house or in the office. Clock and decoration in one.

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Max3 Large Size Luxury Modern 3d Frameless Large Wall Clock Style Watches Hours DIY Room Home Decoration Mirror Surface (Black)

This type of product is a high quality, large and frameless wall clock. It features a functional and decorative character in the house. Its numbers are very large, so they are easy to read. The maximum possible size of this clock is 63cm x 63cm / 24.8" x 24.8".

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Big wall clocks 4

Round shape and large size are the main features of this wall clock. Its large white face includes black Roman numbers and black hands. Round wooden frame of this clock provides attractive appearance in classic indoors.

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Big wall clocks 6

Extra-large antique wall clock to complement your vintage interior décor. Featuring a rounded shape, large numbers, and three arms, all sitting on a stunning white background. The clock has a unique aura of elegance that will transform your living room or any other space.

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I actually need this clock wish i knew where to

I actually need this clock. Wish I knew where to find, any help??

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Big wall clocks 3

Made of a large cobalt-colored design, the wall clock is a perfect solution for the places we want to make magical. The beautiful circular clock face with metal Roman numerals looks phenomenal and captivates with details.

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Create an impression big time

Create an impression — big time.

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Best Ideas

Ashton Sutton Large Wall Clock

Large open face wall clack, crafted by hand to showcase beautiful classic style. It has big Arabic numerals in black, exquisitely easy to read. Metal fittings embellishing the frame are applied by hand.

Big clock for wall 12

Opt for a piece that not only serves its functional purpose but can also beautifully elevate your home decor with this amazing wall clock that sports a huge structure and will ensure a vintage appeal with its distressed face.

LOOYUAN DIY Large Wall Clock 3d Mirror Sticker Metal Big Watches Home Decor Unique Gift 12s0015-s

Very large do it yourself wall clock which is suitable for living room, kids bedroom, kitchen, office and other interiors. The clock requires one AA battery for operation. It's a perfect idea for a gift.

Large wall clocks 1

Unique wall clock mounted on metal frame and fitted with photo frames. It has quartz movement. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Big wall clocks 2

A lovely addition for contemporary living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. This large wall clock boasts of exquisite white appearance and hollow design. It features a round face with Roman numerals and white hands.

Wall clock just hands

Picture Wall Clock ~ Big statement for a Big entry/stairwell! Gorgeous! ♥

Large decorative wall clocks

The big, massive and phenomenal wall clock is an excellent way to create a uniquely original interior. Beautiful details and Roman numerals on the dial make it look perfect. The solid form of the clock and shield blend perfectly with any interior.

Hobby lobby clocks

Suppose you do not want to decorate the whole house with many images. You can replace them with one large element, such as this huge, stylized wall clock.It can have a provencal, industrial, romantic and raw dimension - it depends on what interior will hang.

Westclox 36014 Color Panel Round Quartz Wall Clock, 18.5-Inch

Round wall clock sporting vintage inspired, weathered design, but with a modern funky vibe. Each of the black Arabic numerals is displayed on a geometric panel (assorted colours). Big black hands are decently visible.

Walnut Hollow Clock Movement w/Hands 3/8"

The quartz clock movement that offers the watchmaker's accurate and dependability, suitable for repair or restoration of all kinds of clocks. You don't have to worry about the functionality of any wall clock in your household.

Huge wall clocks

Lovely wall clock. Pendants and even the chair would look great in a library study room

I want this clock

I want this clock

Big wall clocks for sale

If you want a big and traditional clock for your interior then this is surely the best choice - with the stunning wooden structure and the sublime looks with detailed carvings it will elevate the look of any living room instantly.

Very big wall clocks

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