Large Retro Wall Clock

Retro is all the rage and for your home if you are looking for something really eclectic to add to your retro collection but why not a large retro wall Clock. These retro wall clocks are fully functional and have the unique styling of the past. They come in many colors and options for their look and we think we have the perfect large retro wall Clock for you in our collection.

Best Ideas

Cupecoy Design Sophisticated Large Retro Wall Clock

Cupecoy Design Sophisticated Large Retro Wall Clock
Creative and sophisticated – this large, retro wall clock is a great addition to any contemporary room which needs a bit of vintage, avant-garde look. Made out of iron frame with shiny, chrome hands, gives off a nice, mid-century vibe.

Vintage starburst wall clock sunburst

Vintage starburst wall clock sunburst
Brass wall clock that is solid and looks very attractive. Its star stylization is able to decorate any room. This clock features a round face with Arabic numbers. Its mechanism works in a reliable way.

Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

Retro Kitchen Wall Clock
Rough, minimalist design and black and white color scheme of this wall clock brings a dash of retro charm to a decor. The upper face shows time, while the smaller one below has a timer function. It is operated with a single AA battery.

9.5" Retro Wall Clock

9.5" Retro Wall Clock
This is a small, retro styled wall clock with a unique, foxy color round frame and clock arms. Clean, round clock face has a strong white color and numbers are large and clear, black. It can be easy mounted.

The retro diner cubist wall clock in turquoise

The retro diner cubist wall clock in turquoise
I love this retro-style wall clock. Very 1950s. I especially like the bold numerals and the protective crystal lens. Great for a stylized, old-school kitchen, but also bound to look perfectly well in a bedroom or a living room.

Very Large Giant Wall Clock Super Sized Retro Splendid Vintage Style Shabby Chic

Very Large Giant Wall Clock Super Sized Retro Splendid Vintage Style Shabby Chic
Round wall clock with a large size. This retro stylization features a face with 12 multi-color parts that represent hours. This clock includes black hands and black Arabic numbers that are easy to read.

Cubist Retro Modern Wall Clock

Cubist Retro Modern Wall Clock
Nice wall clock designed with a clear retro vibe - lovable! It has big black numerals and bold hands on white background, and the face is closed in a plastic case in orange. The face is protected with a glass lens.

Large retro wall clock 2

Large retro wall clock 59.99 at The Vermont Country Store

Large retro wall clock

This simple modern clock in wooden frame is inspired of old fashioned clocks, but it is slim-line. Probably it was made on occasion of Coca Cola jubilee, because it is red and has Coke trade mark. It will be good to decorate pub.

Large retro wall clocks

This oversized metal wall clock draws glances thanks to at least two hallmarks: it is large, so it draws attention naturally, and it's truly retro, so it distinguishes itself in comparison to most modern office clocks.

Large retro wall clock 11

Vintage Clock

Roger Lascelles Retro Chrome Wall Clock, with Sweep Seconds Hand, 11.8-Inch

1950's retro wall clock with timeless design that can work in casual or formal setting, depending on how it's styled. It features solid chrome construction and operates using a quartz movement. Requires one AA battery.

Large retro wall clock 1

Large Retro Wall Clock

Cupecoy clock

Large Vintage Style Wooden Wall Clock Distressed Romantic French Antique

Retro wall clock 21

Simple wall clock in a traditional round shape. This retro-styled clock features a white face with black hands and black Arabic numbers that are large and readable. This fashionable, classic element matches any home design.

Vintage large red oval clock description a vintage style large

vintage large red oval clock description a vintage style large red ...

Large retro wall clock 12

Route 66 Large Retro Wall Clock

Great large clock

Great large clock

Large metal contemporary wall clock mgs

Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock MGS

Large retro glass wall clock

Large Retro Glass Wall Clock

Large retro wall clock 24

Large Iron Wall Clock Blue

Nautical wall clocks 3

Wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Sophisticated decoration for any interior.

Infinity Instruments Aura Retro 9-1/2-Inch Metal Wall Clock

Wall clock having 9.5 inch in diameter, metal and shiny frame, yellow hands and black Arabic numbers. It's bright color adds a lot of freshness to interior, and high quality materials make it a long lasting construction.

Home clocks indoor wall clocks retro industrial large industrie iron

Home :: Clocks :: Indoor Wall Clocks :: Retro & Industrial :: Large Industrie Iron & Timber Wall Clock $239 80cm

Geneva 9-1/2-Inch Plastic Diner Wall Clock, Red

Large dining room clock with circular taupe face and ruby red frame. The bezel has chrome finish. The face is protected with shatter resistance lens. The hands are made of metal with black finish. Very simple, yet attractive design.

Usmile 12" Vintage France Paris Rusted Metal Look Paris Wooden Wall Clocks Decorative wall clocks Retro wall clocks

40cm large wood london wall clock vintage retro antique shabby

40cm Large Wood LONDON WALL CLOCK Vintage Retro Antique Shabby Chic Distressed | eBay

Infinity Instruments Retro Redux Wall Clock

This classic yet very effective wall clock is a beautiful detail that will revive your whole interior.It fits beautifully with contemporary and more traditional interiors. Beautiful red metal frame and matching details harmonize perfectly.

Wall clock without ticking sound

Wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish and fitted with Arabic numeral. Includes quartz movement. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors.

How to make a large clock 1

European Stairs Deign with Big Retro Wall Clock as Decorations

Large retro wall clock 20

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Retro wall clocks

Sporting a truly beautiful and unique face this wall clock is a nice option for the antiqued style interiors, allowing you to feel the boost of visual appeal and create a really vintage-looking decor.

Horizontal wall clock

This large retro clock delights with its unique diamond-shaped clock face. It constitutes a good transition between the contemporary and the past, undoubtedly catching the attention of everyone entering the room.

Large retro wall clock 9

Frederic Weinberg Mid Century Atomic Ball Wall Clock

Large retro wall clock 14

CUPECOY DESIGN Sophisticated Large Retro Wall Clock

Large retro wall clock 17

34cm Large Retro Wall Clock Vintage Style Antique Shabby Chic Distressed Colours

Large retro wall clock 6

Extra Large Wall Clocks I just broke mine cleaning it. The bigger the better! I'm soo upset. :(

Infinity Instruments Purity-9" Resin Wall Clock

Retro Resin Wall Clock is characterized by quite simple design but without the lack of elegance. With convex glass lens, quartz movement, and Arabic numbering, this clock will never let you down, when it comes to displaying precise time.

LightInTheBox 32" Retro Style Vintage Pastoral Wall Clock with Pendulum

It is a vintage pastoral wall clock that has got a pendulum, retro design and high quality. It is perfect for romantic style and decor in your living room, bedroom, family room and other.

Retro wall clocks large

A pop of color with this Wall Clock!

Geneva Clock Teal Plastic Diner Wall Clock, 9.5-Inch

Vintage wall clock mead of plastic in chrome finish, offers a accurate quartz movement with metal hands, quality glass cover and solid frame designed for durability and functionality. Requires one AA battery.

Large retro wall clock 4

Cupecoy Design Sophisticated Large Retro Wall Clock

Large retro wall clock 15

Modern Wall Clocks with Mesmerizing Design: Sophisticated Large Retro Wall Clock ~ Interior Inspiration

Copper wall clocks 5

It's time to go back in time with this elegant timepiece. The hand-welded clock has flipping numbers, and a rectangle case made of copper-plated stainless steel, providing a 5'' projection. Measurements: 6''H, 14.25''W.

Overstock this retro beach house wall clock is handcrafted with

A multi-colour wall clock that decorates indoors and shows current hours without any problems. It represents a retro style that looks attractive in any decor. It measures 12.5 inches in diameter and it is a long lasting product.

Large retro wall clock 19

Sisters Warehouse: Orologi... orologi e ancora orologi... Clocks!!!

LexMod Silver Starburst Wall Clock (Retro Modern)

If you like symmetric patterns and elegant modern decoratives that also have a drop of retro influences, this starburst wall clock may effortlessly meet your taste. It is characterized by timeless design that will enhance your interior for long.

JustNile Retro Country-Style Round Quiet Wall Clock - 10-inch Pale Wood Brown

This affordable round wall clock features silent mechanism, face-protecting glass lens and country-style design. Take advantage of the thick straight hands and bold black Arabic numerals that are easy to read.

Large Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock

Classic Kit-Cat Clock Size: Large

This large wall clock features a lovely kit-cat design, with a wagging tail and revolving eyes. Available in two sizes (large and small), the clock features a durable case, and an oval dial with white hands and Arabic numerals. Requires 2 C batteries (large), or 1 AA battery (small).