Station Wall Clock


A clock that is a little different, but a little different in a good way, these station wall clocks are an eclectic way to display time in your home. They extend out from the wall, and are often double sided, just like a clock at the train station, They come in many styles, but the common thread is that you will be able to read this large station wall clock from down the hall.

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Our Picks

Station wall clock 2

Vintage station wall clock that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The clock comes neatly attached to a sturdy metal frame, which is in turn mounted on the wall to provide extra support for the clock. The piece also features a large rounded design and a superb vintage appeal.

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Side mounted station clock

Side-mounted clock with a beautiful rounded design, a neat white background, and large numbers for all to see. The clock also comes in a dark brown exterior, evenly glossed to bring out that charming and stylish elegance.

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22" Train Station Wall Clock

22" Train Station Wall Clock

It is an amazing train station wall clock that adds style and elegance to any home. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall. It is perfect for commercial use too.

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Wall clock station

Minimalist European-inspired train station clock with an elegant black exterior and a stunning rounded design. The clock also features a side mount, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s the perfect form of vintage wall accent you will find out there.

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London Station Wall Clock

London Station Wall Clock

This impressive clock made in the style of London clock station is tasteful interior decoration of each type.It is styled on ancient by what he's doing an incredible impression. Roman numerals on the dial add to the whole effect.

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Large handcrafted hanging double face clock

Large handcrafted hanging double face clock

An interesting decoration and a functional element. This round hanging clock has got a double face construction. It looks stylish and brings a touch of an old style into the living room or dining room. It is also good for an outdoor use.

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Station style wall clocks

Vintage station wall clock labeled with J.D. Bassett as the maker, apparently hailing from Virginia. The face is faded and has some surface damage but this only adds to its authentic appearance of age. An excellent accent piece for hall or office.

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Victoria station wall hanging railway clock london double sided


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Side mounted station clock 1

Give your home some incredible vintage appeal with this train station side clock. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the clock is constructed from metal and finished in a dark brown shade for long-lasting service. It also comes in a beautiful rounded design that should transform any wall for the better.

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Station Wall Clock

Buying Guide

Yes, you can certainly hang a station wall clock inside your house: as well as being practical and functional, it’ll make an unmissable decorative statement!

Because these models extend out from the wall and are usually double-sided, they make it a breeze to read the time even from a distance. We especially recommend them in long rooms or open-plan designs like a living room with a kitchen area.

Station wall clocks are a stylish choice if you want to add a retro or rustic touch, but you can now find them in more contemporary and minimalist designs, too.

Station wall clocks are typically bigger than an average house clock, allowing you to view the time from a further distance than other models. They are also often double-sided, making them convenient to read from almost any angle.

An averaged size station wall clock ranges between 8”-12” in diameter. Oversized stations wall clocks, which typically don’t extend from the wall, can measure up to 20” across.

The larger sizing of a station wall clock also makes for a perfect statement and decorative piece. They often protrude from the wall and add a classic, retro, and rustic touch. Working perfectly in old-style kitchens or open plan living and dining rooms, these unique and antique-looking clocks will add a quirky element to your home.

Best Ideas

Rail station dual hanging wall clock

Rail Station Dual Hanging Wall Clock

Pottery barn large wall clock

Train station garden clock. We had something similar to this in our garden, surrounded by a prolific Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose. Sadly this style of clock tends to fade & lose its beauty when in direct summer sun

Union station clock

Union station clock

Add an union station clock to your home, and enjoy the look of train station. The mahogany stain frame and roman numerals are elegant and classic.

Andover Media Console Weathered Walnut

Andover Media Console Weathered Walnut

It is a decorative and functional piece of furniture used in living rooms or play rooms. This media stand provides support to most types of TVs and it also features shelves and drawers that provide plenty of space for other decives, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Uttermost train station clock

Uttermost Train Station Clock

Large train station clock

Invoke visions of history, both ancient and modern with this functional industrial clock from Newgate, London. An outer rim of black metal surrounds an off-white face adorned with Roman numerals to mark the hours. Spare and elegant, is a beautiful clock.

Antique brass finish winston 2 sided train clock could have

Antique brass finish Winston 2-sided train clock could have kept time at Charing Cross. Unique 2-sided design allows train clock to be installed on either side of a traditional living room, den or game room. Roman numerals on crown dial.

Station wall clock 1

Superb station wall clock that comes with immense vintage appeal and a beautiful rounded design. Built from metal, the clock is fitted with a nice white background too and a sturdy wall mount that makes it a great choice for a wall accent either outdoors or indoors.

Victorian wall clocks 11

Paddington outdoor clock

Modern kitchen wall clocks 8

Come and take a look in our home. This is our pt, kitchen with a new double sided Karlsson clock.

Station wall clock

clock in the kitchen (nice hardware, too). You'd have to have tall ceilings so that you could hang it high enough that no one would hit their head.

Station wall clock

Clock for kitchen/back hallway - waiting for a sale - Black Dual Face Paddington Station Clock

Gardman paddington station outside wall clock 1

Gardman Paddington Station Outside Wall Clock

Station wall clock

Hobby Lobby, double-sided vintage station clock. Dad likes the idea of it between the kitchen and living room.