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These days in the hustle and bustle of the workday, it can be pretty easy to forget what day it is. Most of us remember payday, but the other days that aren't the weekend kind of run together. For this lapse, we give you the wall clock with day and date. Never get embarrassed again saying the wrong day or date, and never miss an important appointment. Perfect for busy people.

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Our Picks

Wall clock with day and date 1

For all forgetful or happy ones, they do not count the time - the white calendar wall digital clock displays time and date. Full-crystal large display, analog elements and beautiful, subtle styling with black elements.

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14" Day Date Wall Clock

14" Day Date Wall Clock

This classic, contemporary styled wall clock will fit great into many kinds of interior. It is easy to install and has a white clock face with big black hours and small red minutes. Batteries are not included.

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27.5" Wall Clock

27.5" Wall Clock

Add a touch of vintage style to any interior with this stylish wall clock. It has a rectangular shape and rusted, distressed finish. Clock face is white with large, black numbers, and date is showing below clock face.

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Wall clock with day and date

Even though it is a small object, it is hard not to notice it. This amazing wall clock with day and date brings retro vibe to any room it appears in. It features the month, day and year, constituting a perfect solution for all forgetful ones.

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Wireless Forecast Station Wall Clock

Wireless Forecast Station Wall Clock

This modern clock shows not only time, but also actual weather and indoor and outdoor temperature. It has a clear led display, easy to read and a simple, square shape with rounded corners. Signal from detector is sending wireless.

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Acctim day date wall clock acctim contemporary wall desk clock

acctim day date wall clock acctim contemporary wall desk clock

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Gordon Wall Clock

Gordon Wall Clock

This beautiful wall clock features a black finish with rustic red and white undertones and allows you to not only keep track of the time, but the date as well. It measures 33.5"H x 14"W and weighs 7 lbs.

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Seiko QXL007ALH Wall Collection Analog-Digital Clock

If you can't decide whether you'd like to have a digital or an analog clock, you don't have to buy two - this one combines them both! The time is displayed on classical clock face with Arabic numerals, and on digital screen.

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Fartech Retro Modern 9.5" Calendar Auto Flip Desk Wall Clock (orange)

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DBTech JID0312BLU Big Oversized Digital Red LED Calendar Clock with Day Date and Temperature (Blue)

This kind of device is a high quality calendar clock that has got digits responsible for showing the current time, date and temperature. These blue digits are large and easy to read. The clock has also got a high decorative value.

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Wall Clock With Day And Date

Buying Guide

To select the right size wall clock with day and date, you must consider both your room and what kind of statement you’re trying to make.

In a small room, it’s usually safer to opt for a smaller clock, whereas the opposite is true for larger rooms.

To give you an idea, small clocks measure around 8.5 inches, medium ones range between 12 and 24, whereas larger models are around 24-32 inches.

If you need to read it from a distance (for example, in open concept homes), then stay on the larger side so that your wall clock with day and date is still readable from afar.

If you want your wall clock to be the main focal point and an actual decorative statement, then choose a model that’s bigger than the other elements on your wall.

When deciding where to place a wall clock with day and date, it is essential to note that wall clocks are helpful in every room, but practicality should come before design. So consider where you frequently tend to check the time, and this is the room that will benefit most from a functional yet decorative wall clock.

If you work from home, consider placing the clock in your home office, or if you spend most of your time in the kitchen, then that's where the clock should be. Once you've decided on a room, ensure you hang your clock at eye level so you may comfortably view it throughout the day. It should also hang higher than any other obstruction in the room, so it is visible from any angle.

As a rule of thumb, a space of between 4 to 6 inches should be left between your clock and any surrounding wall art, furniture or lighting to avoid an overcrowded look on your wall.

When choosing a wall clock with day and date, you need to consider whether you want an analog or a digital one. Both analog and digital wall clocks come with advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, your choice will depend on your personal preference.

For example, analog wall clocks are easy to read quickly, are more reliable, work on electricity, or be driven by springs and weights. However, they do require learning how to tell time and are hard to see in the dark. They often make loud ticking sounds, and the alarms don't go off when they are supposed to.

Digital wall clocks, on the other hand, are easy to read and often well lit. The alarms also go off at the required time, and they are silent. However, the disadvantage of digital clocks is that they are easy to misread, and an eight can often be mistaken for a zero. They also have a very limited viewing angle and only run on electricity.

So as you can see, both analog and digital wall clocks with day and date have their advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to decide what works best for you before making a purchase.

Best Ideas

Diastar Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date - Shelf or Wall Mount (16 Inch, Green)

Large AC adapter-powered clock with an easy to read bright green LED digital display so it's good for elderly persons. It displays a date, too. A rectangular casing is of black and clear plastic. It can stand upright or be mounted on walls.

Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock / with Non-Abbreviated Day & Month.

Calendar day clock for each place as needed. It is mounted in plastic frame. Handy gadget for each home and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Wall clock with day and date 2

Give any room a retro feel with this sleek wall clock.  The Retro auto flip clock features the month, day, and year; perfect for those who are constantly asking, "What's the date?" when filling out checks or other important paperwork.  No more space

Atomic Clock with Day & Date

A simple, but attractive and very functional piece of equipment. This alarm clock has got a special display that shows the current hour and day. It has got a very useful alarm function, so it is ideal for use in a bedroom.

Household ltd t a watching clocks

Household Ltd t/a Watching Clocks

Atomic Radio Controlled Wall or Desktop Clock 7.5" x 8.6" x 1"

Ambient Weather 12112BS Executive Radio Controlled Analog Wall Clock with Date and Day of Week, 12-Inch

This is an analog clock that features a round shape. It shows current time, date and day of week. The frame has got a round shape and it is made of brushed aluminum, so it is resistant to damage and wear.

13.25" Day Wall Clock

13.25" Day Wall Clock

Acctim supervisor date day wall clock

Acctim Supervisor Date Day Wall Clock

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Red day date wall clock 25 cm 1

Red Day Date Wall Clock 25 cm

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