Giant Wall Clocks


For lovers of time, and people that want clocks as their primary decoration, then you are going to want to add one of these giant wall clocks to your home. In analog and digital, see what time it is from across the house, as long as there is a clear line of sight. The craftsmanship and aesthetic will give your home a new aesthetic, and give you a great conversation piece.

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Our Picks

The steampunk giant wall clock you’ve been waiting for

The steampunk giant wall clock you’ve been waiting for

Interested in the aesthetic of gigantic gears ticking down the minutes in your home? With constant visual interest, these chrome-plated gears offer a relatively simple way to invest in an eclectic-yet-classy vibe.

The Roman numerals circling this clock remind us of famous timekeepers such as the Big Ben; this version is just scaled (slightly) down so it can fit comfortably in your home. Don’t blame us if you find yourself enjoying watching time pass by with this oversized beauty! 

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Surreal cosmic art 72 inch wall clock

Surreal cosmic art 72 inch wall clock

Want a clock that reminds you of the vastness of the universe? This colorful-yet-neutral-feeling wall clock is large enough to feel like space in and of itself. With gorgeous brown and grey tones flecked with rainbow stars and dominant blues and yellows, this numberless clock will keep you on time but pleasantly relaxed at the same time.

We’d use this circular clock to add a softness to a modern, industrial loft! 

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A farmhouse chic windmill inspired giant clock

A farmhouse chic windmill inspired giant clock

Greyscale shutters; quaint numbers; an open-frame construction. If you’re looking for a clock that will make a statement on your wall without feeling incredibly imposing, this is the one you want - trust us!

As farmhouse aesthetics tend to prioritize pastel colors and found objects, this neutrally-toned clock with a windmill design will fit in perfectly. We’d pair this specific clock with cool-toned colors for ultimate cohesion, or natural wood tones, instead of reds and yellows and pinks. 

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Huge clock that reminds us of a classic watch

Huge clock that reminds us of a classic watch

Maybe minimalism isn’t your thing. Perhaps you’d rather have more information and visual interest—not less.

If so, take a look at this large wall clock. With numbers circling the edge in a classic retro font, gears in the middle, gilded hands, and even the numbers 13-24 encircling the middle, there’s a lot going on. However, this clock manages to make it all look good. (If you find yourself in need of a clock that immediately translates the 12-hour clock to a 24-hour one, this is a stylish way to get the job done!) 

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A mixed metals giant clock wall

A mixed metals giant clock wall

There are clocks that would work with industrial aesthetics, and then there are just straight-up industrial clocks. Forged of brass and iron, this Roman numerals clock is here to look stylish and industrial in your home.

Because it’s very metallic, we’ve found success styling this type of clock against materials with different textures, such as a brick wall, or with rattan furniture. Or, if you want to go all-in on the all-metal trend, place other cast iron, aluminum, or bronze fixtures in the room to establish a cohesive look. 

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Square art deco huge wall clock

Square art deco huge wall clock

Perhaps farmhouse decor isn’t your thing. Maybe, instead, what you want is something totally gilded and glam from the ‘20s or ‘30s.

If you’re looking for a large wall clock that will pair well with maximalist vibes, a huge clock with a gilded frame, transparent back, and sleek roman numerals will be just the thing. We love the parallel lines of this type of clock—so reminiscent of the iconic geometric style that defined the Art Deco era. 

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Huge wall clocks inspired by historic antique maps

Huge wall clocks inspired by historic antique maps

If you want a reminder that you want to use your time to travel the world, a gigantic wall clock that features a blue-and-grey world map as its base is the perfect thing. While this type of clock may be a little busy for a minimalist aesthetic, it would be right at home in a maximalist setting—or even as a sole statement piece in an industrial home.

With its rustic feel, its easy readability, and its huge size, this type of clock is likely best to stand alone on a wall so it doesn’t start to feel cluttered. Pair it with other white accent pieces to bring out the stark numbers in style! 

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Abstract silhouette 2 foot wall clock

Abstract silhouette 2 foot wall clock

Most clocks have numbers on them, right? At least a few—or one!

If you’re looking for a fully minimalist clock that doesn’t have any distracting details at all, this clock—merely a frame and the revolving hands—would be a beautiful addition to your home. With a shapely frame, subtle black matte feel, and very classic clock hand styling, this clock is upscale without being too ostentatious at all. We’d pair this with a modern industrial style of decor. 

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Starburst Art Deco huge clock for wall

Starburst Art Deco huge clock for wall

Ready for another early century trend?

The starburst or sputnik clock immediately draws your eye to it, but the many parallel lines easily makes your eye relax without overwhelming. The calm silver hue makes it feel upscaled but not ostentatious—and the clock face itself is relatively small.

In other words, if you’re looking for a glam statement clock without having huge numbers scrawled all over your room, you may find that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

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Giant wall clocks made of stickers

Giant wall clocks made of stickers

Stickers? What? What is this?

While this may not sound like an upscale option, hear us out. The high-quality wall decals contained in these types of giant clock packs allow you to build your own clock on your wall, surrounding your art—allowing for a truly one-of-a-kind installation.

With a matte black finish and durable, wall-protecting adhesion system, this wall clock will last you for years—and, we promise you, your friends will have nothing like it! 

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Giant Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Giant wall clocks can play a number of roles. Although their basic function is to tell time, they can also be used to add some decorative value to your living room. Wall clocks do come in many designs and colors. From contemporary modern options to antique and vintage designs, your options are indeed wide. However, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind as you search for the perfect watch.

Wall clocks come in two broad categories: analog and digital. The analog clocks feature hands. There will be an hour hand and a minute hand and sometimes a seconds hand but not always. Digital clocks, on the other hand, will have a digital numeral display. In case you want to buy something that really revamps your interior, an analog watch is good. But for people who are simply looking for a giant solution to tell time, a digital option is recommended.

Giant wall clocks will either be battery-powered or mechanical. Mechanical clocks are often antique vintage designs. They require winding often in order to keep the time accurate. Battery-powered clocks are easy to operate. You can also find vintage designs that have been modified a bit to accommodate a battery. If you don’t want the hassle of winding the clocks all the time, the battery-powered option is perfect for you.

The giant wall clock will probably be the centerpiece of the room you place it on. It will attract the attention of everyone. Clocks with shades of brown tend to be very good in this. Silver or golden designs are also popular but they can be too shouting. As for the shape, rounded clocks are perfect. This is more traditional but you can still find custom-made shapes that are very beautiful and elegant.

In case you’re looking for a playful and quirky wall clock for the kid’s room, for example, a luminous style that glows in the dark could come handy. There are giant wall clocks that also offer an optical illusion on the background. This will be ideal for a commercial space.

However, if you’re buying a clock for your dining area or living room you need something simple but classier. Elegant vintage designs are very popular. This is because they bring a much bigger design value compared to any type of giant wall clocks out there. Make sure you’ve also considered the material. Traditional giant wall clock designs will come in metal, wood, or glass material. Glass is perfect for a classier more elegant look but custom metal and wood design may also work.

Buying a giant wall clock is simple as long as you know what you are looking for. The simple guide above should help you narrow down your options before finally making a purchase.

Best Ideas

Giant wall clock 16

This wall clock features a durable metal construction and attractive large shape, so it is readable from large distances. It includes Roman numbers and large hands with some decorative elements. The clock includes a reliable mechanism.

Restoration hardware 1

Restoration Hardware

Based on the giant clock at the musee dorsay in

Based on the giant clock at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, our interpretation doesn't require a passport. This design ranges from a demure 36 x 36 to a wall mural sized 96 x 96 and it will definitely make a statement in your decor! c'est magnifique!

With this clock on the wall it doesnt matter if

with this clock on the wall, it doesn`t matter if/how the time passes

Giant wrist watch wall clock

Must have a clock like this!!!!!

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Creative Co-op Turn of The Century Style Round Wooden Wall Clock

If you like decorative motifs looking like taken straight from 19th century, this nostalgic open frame wall clock with distressed finish (it's painted wood) can occur appealing to you. It looks like an antique.

Retro digital wall clock

Massive and enormous wall clock is an attractive combination of functionality and beautiful decoration. The whole has unique Roman numerals on the dial, and the design on the London rail makes it amazing.

Giant wall clock 11

Giant Wall Clock

Giant wall clock from butlers

giant wall clock from Butlers

Large wall clocks ideas vintage

Large Wall Clocks Ideas Vintage

Office i love but the clock behind the desk would

Office. I love but the clock behind the desk would drive me nuts.

Wrist watch wall clock

A large piece of clock like this one can easily transform your room into an industrial masterpiece. The clock has a heavy metal dial with Roman numerals and decorative hands, bursting with rustic charm and stylishly weathered appearance.

I soooo want a giant wall clock like this

i soooo want a giant wall clock like this!!

Heart shabby chic shabby chic apartment ideas monique you can

Heart Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic Apartment Ideas- Monique, you can find a big interesting piece for the wall for the sofa

Giant wall clock 17

A decorative and practical element of equipment and home decor. This round wall clock features a huge shape, so it is readable from large distances. It includes black hands and black Roman numbers on its decorative background.

Homemade giant wall clock cheap and easy to put together

homemade giant wall clock! cheap and easy to put together :)

Big wall clocks for sale

Bright shield big decorative wall clocks, whose center decorate the French inscriptions with the name of the Parisian hotel. Black Roman numerals, combined with scratches and other surface effects create an unforgettable visual effect that draws the eye.

Giant watch wall clock

clock the large black and gold skeleton wall clock has roman numerals ...

Oversized 29" Wall Clock

Oversized 29" Wall Clock

6 foot wall clock

Embankment Giant Wall Clock

Large 36" Lanier Rustic Wood Wall Clock

Big, round wall clock without frame, crafted with care of high quality fir wood and completed with heavy duty metal hardware - it will for sure last for long in perfect condition. Its design is dedicated for rustic-themed interiors.

Large 29" Vintage Style Paris Wall Clock

Large wall clock having 29 inch in diameter and featuring very colorful dial, big Arabic numbers, which are easy to read, and black painted hands. It's original finish adds a lot of originality to interior.