Unique Modern Wall Clocks

If you are on the lookout for a wall clock that would be both good looking and practical, we encourage you to take some time so as to make the best possible choice. As a matter of fact, you are not the first person who has come to this site.

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If you are looking for a unique wall clock, this Super Rad one shall appeal to you. Original, industrial design, exposing all the mechanisms to the user, will add a unique character to the interior.

Modern wall clock midday and midnight

Modern Wall Clock Midday And Midnight
Wall clock in modern form. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Stylish decoration for each place. Received many positive ratings from satisfied clients.

Welby wall clock mid century modern

Welby Wall Clock Mid Century Modern
Unique mid century (crafted in 1960s) wall clock sporting a starburst diamond design: warm cognac brown wood inserts on brass frame. Original modern clocks like this one are a special treat for the style afficionados.

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unique modern wall clock

Gallery of best contemporary wall clocks 1

Gallery of Best Contemporary Wall Clocks

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QLOCKTWO Wall Clock Black Ice Tea- Not very accurate (uses 5 minute increments) & ridiculously expensive, but SOOO attractive.

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Azure Ceramic 'Meridian' Clock for Raymor | From a unique collection of antique and modern wall clocks at

Modern funky black white wall clock

Modern Funky Black & White Wall Clock

Unique modern wall clocks

An eye-catching modern wall clock with a white casing looking like a cut crystal. It also has a crystal-like pendulum with a bunch of beads attached to it. A face has no numbers and any other marks. Decorative openwork hands are of black metal.

Unique modern wall clocks adding time appreciation designs to

Unique Modern Wall Clocks Adding Time Appreciation Designs to ...

Modern table clocks

Wall clock in modern style. Includes calendar and days of the week. Frame is made of plastic. It is powered by batteries. Great addition to the living room, dining room, kitchen and more.

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25 OFF Modern Wall Clock 'Blackout Red

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Very Rare George Nelson String Wall Clock | From a unique collection of antique and modern wall clocks at

Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock
Exceptional beauty of this unique wall clock goes together with sophisticated and futuristic design, offering solid clock mechanism, moving clock face, and quality material frame that will last for years to come.

Starburst wall clock mid century modern

Starburst Wall Clock Mid Century Modern
Boasting of its lovely atomic sunburst design, this mid-century modern wall clock is made of durable Teak and premium brass. Includes an accurate mechanism, a round dial, Arabic numerals and a pair of brass hands.

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Interior design, decoration, loft, furniture, Atomic wall clock | Furniture

Owl Wall Clock

Just an owl clock. Or rather three-owls-clock. This funny wall clock has round face with big black Roman numerals which is a classic option, but it's the frame design that makes it so special. Three owls on a tree branch! Oh my owl.

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Modern Wall Clock // Bloom

Unique modern wall clocks

Unique Minimalist Modern Wall Clock Modern clean mid-century style. 5 1/2" diameter. on Etsy, $48.00

15" Tile Wall Clock

15" Tile Wall Clock
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – this 15-Inch Tile Wall Clock measures not only time but also humidity and temperature. The clock has a large round face with Roman numerals surrounded by small tiles for more beautiful appearance.

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Modern Clocks and Creative Clock Designs

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Posted by Jhem at 5:25 PM

Very Unique Modern Decorative Wall Clock

Tonsee(TM) 1PC Fashion DIY Luxury 3D Wall Clock Large Size Home Decoration Art Clock Silver

It is a luxury large art clock that has got a silver finish and 3D design. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful it looks on your wall. It is a fantastic choice.

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Unique Modern Wall Clock Hand Painted Textured Metallic Moss Green Finish

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Polygon WALL CLOCK - Wood or White - Modern Abstract Housewares Unique Geometric Art

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Wall clock in Salvador Dali style. It is mounted on metal frame. Includes quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Decorative clocks modern style unique design wall clock

Decorative Clocks - Modern Style Unique Design Wall Clock

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These clocks challenge the way users read and perceive changes in time

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Decorative Clocks - Creative Wall Clock - Guitar Theme Modern Style Wall Clock

The original wall clock ideas 12

The original wall clock ideas 12

Gallery of unique and interesting modern wall clocks

Gallery of Unique and interesting modern wall clocks

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Decorative Unique Modern Wall Clock Vinyl Record KISS Band Collection

Modern wall clocks

Wall clock in modern form. Shield is made of wood and finished with New York theme. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Stylish accent for any interior.

Original wall clocks by dario serio 1

Original Wall Clocks By Dario Serio

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20 Truly Unique Clocks You Want On Your Wall

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Wavy Copper Unique Modern Wall Clock

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modern-wall-clocks-color-sensor (1)

Night Owl Pendulum Wall Clock

This serious owl is a nice decoration to have on your wall, and it's a clock, so decorativeness has been mixed with functionality here! The clock has a unique pendulum with moth motif. All details are very colorful.

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Unique Wooden Clocks | Unique Modern Wall Clock Abstract P ainting Original Contemporary Wall ...

Large unique metal wall clock modern contemporary chic clocks fleur

Large Unique Metal Wall Clock Modern Contemporary Chic Clocks Fleur De ...

Featured on apartment therapy 5 handpicked handmade home goods its

Featured on Apartment Therapy: 5 Handpicked Handmade Home Goods: It's a gem finding handmade artisans that fit your style. The pieces featured here are unique, beautifully crafted and made mostly of eco-friendly or natural materials. They're also very mo

Large wall clocks modern decor oversized vintage decorative contemporary unique

Large Wall Clocks Modern Decor Oversized Vintage Decorative Contemporary Unique
The colorful modern wall clock with the very elegant frill on the edges. All the colors are in the warm shades, so it will fit perfect to the fair living rooms' stylizations. I would like to buy it to my living room.

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Unique Modern Wall Clock Abstract Painting by MAContemporaryArt

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PINK Lavender WALL CLOCK unique modern wall clock by PilipArt, $52.00

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Unique Office Clocks | PINK Lavender WALL CLOCK, unique modern wall clock wall decor

Metal Art Studio 'Orange Stripe Clock' Contemporary Metal Clock

Beautiful and very outstanding modern wall clock made of metal with intriguing textured surface, with orange interposing on the centre and silvery sides. It features no numerals for a minimalistic, contemporary approach.

A rare aluminium and brass wall sculpture by curtis jere

A Rare Aluminium and Brass Wall Sculpture by Curtis Jere | From a unique collection of antique and modern sculptures at

Handmade The Beatles Band Vinyl Wall Clock

This handmade vinyl wall clock will be attractive not only to The Beatles fans. Each element of the clock has been precisely designed and handcrafted. Red hands make a nice contrast with a black background. It's silent, not emitting any ticking sound.