Funky Wall Clocks

Something different in the wonderful world of wall clocks, we have funky wall clocks for you to choose through that will definitely start a conversation. They work with quartz movement and will always keep proper time and are very well made. Take a look at this collection for details.

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Funky Wall Clock

Funky Wall Clock
Bring urban edge and funky feel to indoor area with a colorful wall clock like this one. Its asymmetrical case is cut of wooden board, with 'pendulum' painted on it, and vividly colored frame draws glances.

Cool clock 2

Cool clock

Funky wall clocks 3

If you are looking for an original and functional wall clock this model is an excellent choice. Funky styling, black and white colors and expressive large Arabic numerals create a beautiful accessory.

Funky clock

Wow, what a lovely geometrical proposal of the wall clock presentation. Even if it colorful it is really universal in stylizations, because you can put it to the kids room, but also in the living room - if you like the futuristic art.

JustNile Modern Creative Square 12-inch Wall Clock - 3D Black Number Cut-Out

Adorable and cute design for an avant-garde wall-clock, made in a square shape. The clock has asymmetrically arranged numerals, with some of them being cut-out and some created with colorful 3D shapes.

Funky wall clock

This beautiful, multi-colored cup-shaped wall clock is a delightful detail for your kitchen or dining room decor. A small shield, pendulum and beautiful decorative motifs delight and catch the eye. Amazing style and optimistic colour delights.

Funky wall clock 5

Reliable, useful and durable wall clock with an original shape. This element of design is based on a very solid wooden frame. It includes a round face with black Arabic numbers on universal white background.

Our advice Buying Guide

One of the main goals of home decorating is for the property to stand out. What better way for you to do so than by adding funky wall clocks to the space? They have detailing and silhouettes that never fail in standing out and distinguishing rooms from all others. As there are different types of funky wall clocks and you’d have to consider a number of things when making a selection, check out our buying guide below!

What are the most popular forms of funky wall clocks?

Among the oldest forms of funky wall clocks are cuckoo clocks. Their timelessness has never gone out of style. If one mentions about a wall clock, we guarantee that a cuckoo clock will cross your mind. This type of funky wall clock can either be a chalet or a birdhouse. Regardless of the shape or theme, a cuckoo clock comes with a mechanical bird that pops out of the clock's door to accompany the chirping noise which activates on the hour. Most cuckoo clocks come with leather, cherry, oak, and mahogany finishes.

For a funky yet stylish wall clock, go for antique units. They are mostly pendulum operated.

As of late, funky wall clocks come with new age designs and motifs of the moon, stars, and the sun. Other popular forms of funky wall clocks have designs of roosters and fresh fruits, which make for great kitchen additions.

If you'll be adding a funky wall clock to a kid's room, consider getting a neon wall clock. It isn't just an incredible way of adding extra light, but it is also both fun and funky.

Bonus Tip: As you’ll be getting a funky wall clock, you need to ensure your space can accommodate décor that’s quite unique. Also, consider the room’s color scheme to determine the right color for your clock.

What are the pros and cons of mechanical vs quartz movement?

Choosing between mechanical and quartz is similar to choosing between automatic and manual transmission for cars. Both options have distinct advantages and certain disadvantages. The best one for you will depend on your personal preferences.

A mechanical movement is the type that requires periodic winding. For some people, winding a clock can be pleasurable and a source of joy. They take delight in being able to engage with the clock’s inner workings and feeling a historic connection to a clock.

However, for the battery-operated clocks, they are great options for people who want clocks that run on their own. The quartz movement allows you to be free of responsibility. Unlike mechanical key-wound wall clocks which require routine maintenance like oiling and cleaning, battery-powered clocks aren’t a pain to maintain as they’re close to maintenance-free. All they need are battery replacements.

Bonus Tip: Never forget to pick the right size. Dealing with a wall clock’s size is as crucial as choosing a clock’s style as it will affect the clock’s readability. If you have a room that has a considerable size, it’s better to pick the funky clock that’s bigger so it doesn’t drown out in the space.


Wall clock 48

wall clock

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Wall clocks retro modern_f1jks_58


Funky multi coloured wall clocks

Funky Multi Coloured Wall Clocks

Allen Designs Wine Time Pendulum Wall Clock

Wall clock with wine glass pendulum, hand painted hands, resin construction and very original design. Additionally, the clock has very colorful finish, which makes it a perfect addition to all casual interiors.

Funky bird wall clocks 1

Funky Bird Wall Clocks

Fun time wall clock contemporary clocks

Fun Time Wall Clock contemporary-clocks

Fun clocks

Cuckoo wall clock mounted on plastic frame and finished with pastel colors. It has quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Totally funky wall clock kitchen utensils

Totally Funky - Wall Clock - Kitchen Utensils

Funky dog wall clocks 4

Funky Dog Wall Clocks

Ashton Sutton Musical Clef Wall Clock, Wooden and Glass

A wall clock that has got a musical clef stylization. This product has got a solid construction based on wood and glass. Its Arabic numbers are easy to read, so it plays a decorative and functional role.

Funky clock 1

Would not it be nice to your child if instead of a boring wall clock, which counts down the time to his nap - on the wall would hang a funky clock in the form of a metal dog? Painted high-gloss black dog barks at the full hour.

This funky wall clock made from glass is very colourful

This funky wall clock made from glass is very colourful with stripes of every colour in the rainbow. Hang it in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, this clock will fit everywhere! 8129 - Rainbow.

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Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de

Ashton Sutton Cat Clock with Pendulum

Pendulum wall clock featuring cat theme, large and easy to read Arabic numbers. Additionally, the clock is made of high quality materials and provides originality. It's a perfect idea for a gift for cats lover.

Maple's 12-Inch Wall Clock, White Face with Colored Numerals

This 12-inch diameter wall clock can be a cheerful addition for dining rooms and kitchens. The round white face features colorful Arabic numerals, black hands, a red second hand, and provides superior quality movement.

Funky dog wall clocks 1

Funky Dog Wall Clocks

Karlsson mixed numbers clock silver funky wall clocks stylehive

Karlsson Mixed Numbers Clock silver funky wall clocks - Stylehive

LexMod Science Quiz Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring simple design and mathematic equations instead of Arabic or Roman numbers. Additionally, its made of durable and high quality powder coated metal and has quartz movement. The clock requires one AA battery for operation.

George Nelson Piccolo Million Dollar Clock

Funky fun wall clock

funky fun wall clock

Ladybug wall clock 28 10

LADYBUG Wall Clock $28.10

Funky kitty cat wall clocks

Funky Kitty Cat Wall Clocks

10 coolest affordable retro modern wall clocks under 300 1

10 Coolest Affordable Retro Modern Wall Clocks Under $300

Ball Clock II 42" Modern Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got a contemporary design, large size and silver with black finish. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

Funky palm frond clocks can be found at

Funky Palm Frond Clocks can be found at

Funky flower wall clock personalized by polkadottedsunflower 15 00

Funky Flower Wall Clock Personalized by PolkaDottedSunflower, $15.00

Funky wall clock 3

Funky Wall Clock 3

Another pic of my funky retro jetsons wall clock

Another pic of my funky retro Jetsons wall clock.

Funky kitty cat wall clocks 2

Funky Kitty Cat Wall Clocks

Ashton Sutton Large Wall Clock

Large open face wall clack, crafted by hand to showcase beautiful classic style. It has big Arabic numerals in black, exquisitely easy to read. Metal fittings embellishing the frame are applied by hand.

Funky twirl wall clock 1


LexMod Fork and Spoon Dining Wall Clock

With contemporary eye-catching design, this wall clock will look great in modern kitchen or dining space. It comes with interspersed silver-toned shimmering forks and spoons and high quality quartz analog mechanism.

Funky time

Funky time......................

Archbutt & Claresn 16 in. Wall Clock

A piece of equipment that plays a functional and decorative role in the house. This is a round wall clock that has got a white face and large, black roman numbers that are easy to read. Its diameter is 16 inches.

Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk Collection Wall Clock

This wall clock belongs to a steampunk collection, which explains the presence of all these ratchets, cogged wheels and other extraordinary but totally supercool elements. It is a truly unique accessory in any setting.

Maple's Aluminum Bicycle Wheel with Rubber Tire Wall Clock, Black

This clock is hard to miss, as its frame has been made of bicycle rubber tire (it's black of course). The centre of the dial is embellished with wire spokes and yellow elements, such as cogged wheel. Cool!

Funky wall clock 12

Funky Wall Clock

Funky dog wall clocks 5

Funky Dog Wall Clocks

Funky wall clock 1

Clock in modern style. Shield is made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Sophisticated wall decoration in every interior according to taste.

Funky wall clocks that are off the wall unique designs

Funky Wall Clocks that are Off the Wall - Unique Designs

26 funky clock ideas you want on your wall

26 Funky Clock Ideas You Want On Your Wall

Funky round metal wall clock

Funky Round Metal Wall Clock