Artificial Flower Arrangements For Home


Whomever says there is nothing better than fresh cut flowers, doesn't clean up the mess they make when they inevitably die. We say, there is nothing better in botanical accent pieces than artificial flower arrangements. They are more economical, they are always gorgeous, they are delicate to the touch, and of course, the best part, they never die and leave debris lying about.

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Our Picks

New high quality artificial silk magnolia roses fake flower arrangement

New high quality artificial silk magnolia roses fake flower arrangement

A beautiful artificial flowers arrangement. Magnolias and roses in reds and creams and leaves in green tones are of durable silk. A plant pot has an antique gold finish. It has a wavy top edge, wavy walls and an ornate bottom with 4 low feet.

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Peony and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Peony and Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Autumn inspired artificial flowers arrangement with rich burgundy peony and hydrangea in a company of gold-sprinkled leaves. It needs no watering of course, maintaining its highly detailed beauty for years!

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Spring tulips spring wreath yellow

Spring tulips spring wreath yellow

An adorable Easter basket that can also be used as a daily decoration for your front door. It's a beautiful floral arrangement consisted of white and yellow silk tulips sitting in a stylish basket. You can hang it, using a stylish bow.

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On sale modern artificial succulent

On sale modern artificial succulent

Such an amazing way to give your living room a fresh, vibrant detail – a gorgeous artificial succulent plant with a beautiful, ceramic planter. Perfect for a modern, contemporary living room, bound to give it a colourful appearance!

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Blooming brights faux mixed grass arrangement

Blooming brights faux mixed grass arrangement

If you are looking for some climatic addition to your spaces, check out this slik grass composition. Placed in a distressed urn, it adds the surrounding a rustic, vintage vibe.

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Silk flower arrangement ideas

A great idea to decorate your home with floral accents by using this tall floor arrangement. The artificial flower composition sits tightly in a tapered base in a brown finish, ensuring stability and charming appearance.

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Artificial flower arrangements ideas

Being a great centrepiece for a dining table, this Burgundy and Moss silk floral composition will be a perfect decoration for all glorious occasions. Pheasant feathers are added for a finished touch 25"H x 24"W.

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Flower arrangements home decor

This stunning centerpiece sports the orchid and calla lilly theme and will make for just the most fitting option for when you want your interior to burst with colors and charm. It is beautifully arranged and made from the high quality silk.

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Big artificial flower arrangements

Don't just settle for any flower arrangement, when you can buy yourself a silken work of art. We're sure that's what the owners of this flower arrangement were thinking when they chose this beautiful flower arrangement!

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Artificial flower decoration for home

This set of artificial silk flower arrangements constitutes a great proposition for glorious occasions, like banquets, weddings or official dinners. Placed in a smooth, tall charcoal vase, it creates a refined appeal.

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Artificial Flower Arrangements For Home

Buying Guide

Nothing gives a property the best finishing touch like fresh flower arrangements. While live blooms are beautiful when they’re arranged, it’s inevitable for them to droop just a few days after you’ve bought them. Even sturdy houseplants can wilt or shrivel in dry temperatures.

The solution? Opt for artificial flower arrangements! Although faux flowers got a bad rap, there are arrangements that look so realistic that they are bound to convince even a discerning anthophile.

Your flower choices can seem to occupy an endless list if you “go faux.” Real flowers, on the other hand, offer limited options to what is in season.

Regardless of the type of arrangement that you choose, here are types of flowers that can work incredibly well in any interior: Alstroemeria, Gerber Daisies, Hydrangeas, Gardenia, Tulips, Spray Roses, Craspedia, and Lilies.

Choose the artificial flower arrangement that can be placed on top of your furniture, which has enough space. NEVER squeeze your beautiful arrangement in an area as that will just end up in added clutter. Your faux flowers must have enough clearance around the base.

Interior designers always advise homeowners to pair artificial flower arrangements with dark, rich colors with furniture pieces that are also deep or rich in color. Of course, the colors shouldn't be too similar or else the arrangement won’t get any attention. If you have bright flowers, you should also place them near bright-colored furniture.

To identify the artificial flower arrangements that can enhance your home interiors, take a quick step back. Then, look at a certain room’s theme. If the room has bright and bold hues, then use bright and light colors not just for the flowers but the vase as well. The faux flowers must be light with a vase that’s bright. For a room that has earthy hues, choose a neutral-colored vase and soft-colored flowers.

To make your flower arrangement look more realistic, consider the current season. If it is fall, the get the arrangement that’s rich and bright. The colors may include rust, burgundy, red, amber, and yellow. If it is summer or spring, opt for light and pastel colors like sky blue, pink, and citrus. For the winter season, it’s best if you keep it clean and simple with silver and white.

As you know, faux flower arrangements are decorative items that can make a home look even more luxurious. If you can get realistic silk arrangements, the better as you will be able to give your interior décor a more polished look that’s also low in maintenance.

However, your budget may be limited. If so, then get the similar look by getting high-quality artificial flowers. Then, combine the arrangement you bought with real greenery from your pot plants.

If you get a new wreath every season that comprises of real greenery, you will just enrich your florist and drain your bank account. The best alternative to getting real wreaths is getting one that’s fake. As it can last a long time, your wreath will pay for itself after it serves you for a few good years.

Best Ideas

Home decor flower arrangements

Filled with artificial roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and peonies, this silk floral arrangement enchants with the multiplicity of colours. It will create a warm living room appeal, as well as embellish glorious occasions, such as banquets or weddings.

Silk flower arrangements ideas

Stylish floral arrangement consisting of faux orchid. It is mounted in vase finished with sophisticated ornament. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Fruit in a simple silk flower centerpiece ideal for the

... fruit in a simple silk flower centerpiece ideal for the dinner table

Brown sage and burgundy silk flowers arrangements

Brown, Sage and Burgundy Silk Flowers Arrangements

Artificial flowers arrangements for the home

artificial arrangements for the home | Dragonfly Interiors - Silk Floral & Fruit Arrangements

Large artificial flowers in vase

These realistic handcrafted silk tulips are a beautiful addition to any home. Add them with the glass vase and enjoy the high quality and well made artifical tulip arrangement.

Home floral arrangements

Silk Rose Arrangement with Wild Weed Spray Artificial Flowers in Glass Vase for Artificial Faux Arrangement Home Decor on Etsy, $55.00

Delphinium Silk Flower Arrangement in White

Delphinium Silk Flower Arrangement in White

Silk arrangements large phalaenopsis silk flower arrangement

... > Silk Arrangements > Large Phalaenopsis Silk Flower Arrangement

Tall glass flower arrangements

A lovely floral arrangement for modern and contemporary decor, which you can place on a table for hosting your gatherings in a blooming surrounding. It's a beautiful mix of a silk bundle of blush and fuchsia blossoms in a sleek squared vase.

Beautiful artificial silk flowers arrangements for home decoration 5

Beautiful Artificial Silk Flowers Arrangements for Home Decoration

Oriental flower arrangement ideas

Available in three colours; pink, white and burgundy, this set of artificial orchids will embellish any living or dining space. The pot has a lovely rustic appearance with a mixture of black and brown shades.

Quality silk flower arrangements

Wildflower & Orchid Floral Arrangement AR337. Display this lovely tall urn filled with wildflowers and orchids in your home for height. Created with quality artificial flowrs in a beautiful detailed dark brown urn. 17" W x 29" H

Artificial flower arrangements for home 3

artificial flower arrangements for home