Silk Flower Arrangements In Vases


Silk flowers are lovely, and they never die. And many homes have begun replacing the expensive habit of replacing live flowers in their home on a regular basis, to adding silk flower arrangements in vases. They are just as attractive, but don't invite bugs in the home, they don't wilt or become unsightly, and they are quite affordable so having plenty of these is financially sound.

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Our Picks

Flowers for large vases

If you don't like real flowers, or you don't know nothing about a caring of them, you need to choose the silk flower arrangements in vases. They are a sophisticated and lovely accent piece in any home.

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Nearly Natural Artichoke And Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Nearly Natural Artichoke And Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement made of artificial flowers. Flowers in this bouquet are dark and made of delicate silk. This arrangement is perched in marble flower pot. It will play its role perfectly on very big luxury terrace or as a decoration of gravemarker.

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Silk peonies arrangement with casablanca

Silk peonies arrangement with casablanca

Arrange your living zone and add the silk peonies arrangement in vase on your coffee table or side table. I love silk flowers, they are easy to care for and beautiful for many years!

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Flower arrangements for vases

Now you can beautifully decorate your dining table using this blooming floral centerpiece. The whole bouquet is assembled of faux flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, orchids and fern fronds - all placed in a resin container with gold accents.

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Calla lily in tall mirror cube rtfact artificial silk flowers

Calla Lily in Tall Mirror Cube | RTfact | Artificial Silk Flowers

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Glass vase with artificial flowers

Go for a touch of spring in your household by choosing this sublime flower arrangement made from high quality silk and opt for a nice way of finally adding a splash of color to your home. It consists of lovely cherry blossoms, tulips and daisies.

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Faux magnolia wreath

Silk Flower Arrangment - Red Oncidium Orchids AR310. Orchids and grasses! This is a stunning presentation, very natural looking in a lovely dark resin vase. 27"H X 22"W

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How to make a silk flower arrangement in a vase

A beautiful and showy standing floral decoration. Large bell-shaped white flowers among shape and size-varied green leaves are of durable silk. A cylindrical vase of clear glass has a narrower base and can be filled with e.g. genuine or faux stones.

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Artificial rose arrangements 4

Silk Flower Arrangement in a White Ceramic Owl Vase with Dark Purple Peonies and Lavender Rose

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Use any of our pre made silk floral bouquets and

Use any of our pre-made silk floral bouquets and drop in a mason jar for a quick and easy centerpiece!

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Silk Flower Arrangements In Vases

Buying Guide

Delicate silk flower arrangements in vases are sometimes so beautiful, so delicate that it is difficult to tell them from the real thing. In fact, unless you really understand what you are looking at, you almost have to smell the arrangement to know that the flowers are not real. Carefully placed in a selected vase, with proper care they can last years instead of hours, bringing pleasure or being a lasting memorial to an event or person. If you follow the language of flowers, silk floral arrangements could almost be used as markers for the progress of a relationship.

White Tulips in a Tapered Glass Vase

The general meaning of tulips is one of perfect love. White tulips are suitable for a young girl, for a first wedding, or to ask forgiveness for a wrong. A bouquet of delicate white blossoms in clear glass sends the beautiful message of innocence. The petals are perfectly formed and are accompanied with blades of green foliage. If you want to send a message of loving purity, this is the perfect bouquet.

Lorelei Phalaenopsis, Rendered in White Silk with Yellow Centers

Orchids are not flowers often associated with meanings, but a white orchid stands for grace, elegance, and strength. The Lorelei Phalaenopsis is in nature a beautiful white orchid with gold centers touch gently with pink. In Greece, women once believed that if their lover ate an orchid root, their child would be a strong, baby boy.

Red Roses in a Cylindrical Vase

Nearly everyone knows that in the language of flowers, a red rose denotes passion and being wildly in romantic love with someone. There is nothing neutral or delicate about the emotions that are expressed with a red rose. What many people might not know is that a deep red rose can express sorrow or regret. If you want a bouquet that expresses undying passion year after year, this beautiful bouquet of silk roses is so like the real thing it is hard to tell the difference. You can even see the thorns on the stems of the roses. The only difference is that it won’t be dropping petals, you won’t have to add aspirin to the water in hope of prolonging its life. It will be beautiful for many years.


To show respect and hope for a long life, give the gift of chrysanthemums. Originally cultivated in China, “mums” as they have come to be called, meant well-wishing and friendship to the Victorians. In China, they are often a gift to the elderly, and in Australia, they are a traditional Mother’s Day gift. The cheerful orange and bronze blooms are fall blooming flowers, making them a symbol of life in the shadow of winter. Delicately rendered in orange and yellow silk, with lifelike green foliage, a bouquet of silk chrysanthemums in a clear glass vase with faux water can make any room cheery.

To keep silk flower arrangements looking vibrant and realistic, you'll need to dust them on a regular basis with a clean brush. To remove built up dust, you may try using compressed air. For deep cleaning, wash the flowers in water with vinegar.

Best Ideas

Sale 40 off silk flower arrangement 1

Sale 40 Off Silk Flower Arrangement

Tall vase floral arrangements

This silk flower arrangement constitutes a lovely table adornment, serving its role perfectly during official meals, weddings, banquets or other glorious occasions. It owes its gentle character to the combination of white, pink and creamy flowers.

How to make silk flower arrangements in a vase

I don't know how to carry of flowers, so I decide to purchase the deluxe silk orchids and premium lifelike callas lilies. They look accomplished in my entryway next to the stairs.

Flowers in white vase

Who doesn’t love fancy flower arrangements? Whether you’re trying to create a tropical-style house, or just looking for some decoration, they won’t let you down. And just look at this beautiful, elegant black vase!

White flower arrangements in tall vases

The lovely set of two compositions of faux flowers in the high vases. Both of there are in black and white colors, what makes them fit to each type of interior. But I'd still rather have the natural ones.

Winter Garden Faux Magnolia & Vine Arrangement

Winter Garden Faux Magnolia & Vine Arrangement

This set of silk flowers in vase constitutes a marvelous embellishment of your living or dining room decor, adding style and elegance. A subtle touch of natural romance to the interior.

Faux Cape Jasmine Gardenia in Clay Pot

Faux Cape Jasmine Gardenia in Clay Pot

This gorgeous arrangement of foux jasmine gardenia in clay pot is a wonderful decorative detail any interior. Hand made from polyester elements, terracotta, plastic and wire is very tasteful and lovingly presented in any interior.

Large artificial floral arrangements 3

This large floral arrangement comprises of silk white orchids put in a silver metal champagne cooler. This artificial flowers composition can be a decor's centerpiece on an everyday basis, or a wedding decor idea.

Pussywillows home single stems pussy willow stem

pussywillows | home single stems pussy willow stem

Artificial floral arrangements centerpieces

Centerpiece in silk from

Tall vase with flowers

A small arrangement, which can largely change the overall appeal of one's interior. Ideally matching one's traditional dining or console table, this composition for silk roses and ranunculus frolic amidst green and snowball hydrangea creates a midsummer beauty.

Aiken house and gardens beautiful pitcher and flowers

Aiken House and Gardens beautiful pitcher and flowers!

Silk flowers in vase 4

An amazing piece that will make even the single flower stand out thanks to the tornadic twist. These vases come with silk flowers and would make for a nice accent piece when you combine all four and put them together.

Artificial florals silk arrangements forsythia w vase silk flower

Artificial Florals > Silk Arrangements > Forsythia w/Vase Silk Flower ...