Large Artificial Floral Arrangements

Large floral arrangements always brighten up a room, and you can choose a style for every theme or occasion. The best part about our collection below is that because they are artificial, you can use them over and over again, without worrying about having to keep up with watering and other maintenance and just enjoy them.

Best Products

Large 21 White Artificial Silk Calla Lilly Orchid Floral Flower Arrangement

Large 21 White Artificial Silk Calla Lilly Orchid Floral Flower Arrangement
A lovely artificial floral arrangement, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and as a beautiful decoration for your home. The 21'' silk composition features lillies and orchids placed in a fancy vase with three scrolled legs and a triangle base.

Extra large tuscan red and gold wall

Extra large tuscan red and gold wall
The extra large decorative floral arrangement in the silk cone. The lovely mix of Tuscan red and sunny yellow flower with the natural herbs like from meadow has an effect in a really nice wall composition.

New large 36 artificial silk floral branches willow flower arrangement

New large 36 artificial silk floral branches willow flower arrangement
Excellently composed vase with an arrangement of artificial flowers is an attractive interior design element. Beautiful composition adds a note of exoticism and enjoyable climate to the interior, so it is no longer boring.

Liquid Illusion Dancing Lady Orchid in Purple with Vase

Liquid Illusion Dancing Lady Orchid in Purple with Vase
Charming standing decor presenting beautiful and realistic orchid plants made of silk and plastic in purple and green tones. They are set into an elegant oval container of clear glass with artificial water and real river rocks.

Artificial floral arrangement green

Artificial floral arrangement green
Every dining room needs a little bit of decoration to look well. This artificial floral arrangement nicely combines the vibrant, colorful look of artificial flowers with a dark, ceramic planter – perfect for a dining table.

Large Cymbidium with Vase Arrangement

Large Cymbidium with Vase Arrangement
If you're a fan of stylish, elegant and fresh decorations, you're gonna fal in love with it out this amazing item! Check it out, bring some spring to your house and enjoy an extraordinary, unique look.

Magnolia and Hydrangea Silk Floral Centerpiece

Magnolia and Hydrangea Silk Floral Centerpiece
This silk decoration may effortlessly become a focal point of any room with its big white blooms crafted in a truly realistic way. If you love magnolias, you may have them in your decor all year round.

Our advice Buying Guide

Large artificial floral arrangements can suit every budget and occasion. However, the trick is selecting the right one that is capable of catching the event’s mood and expressing your feelings. This large artificial floral arrangement buying guide will give you tips to do just that. Keep on reading.

What types of artificial flower arrangements are there?

Different flower arrangement styles are for different uses and placements. While arrangement styles can be diverse like the variety of faux flowers available online, they can be broken down into key forms like the following:

  • Vertical - This faux floral arrangement style is commonly used for flower baskets. It's a combination of different kinds of faux flowers in various shapes and colors. A vertical flower arrangement is one of the favorite styles of florists as it can lift up a space visually.
  • Pavé - This arrangement style leaves no space in between the flowers. The stems aren’t visible as it’s all about the beautifully crafted faux flowers. The stems were cut, leaving the bottom part of the flowers sitting on the container’s lip. In the center, the flowers are slightly taller without showing any stems. This arrangement is full and compact with an end result that looks like it’s a bouquet stuck inside a decorative vase.
  • Line-Mass - This arrangement style combines the elements of European arrangements to Japanese ones. It's sometimes called the “Contemporary American.” A line-mass arrangement is often asymmetrical, featuring an arced plant sprig and tall flowers. Another variation features flowers splaying out near parallel to the vase or container with a group of flowers arranged at the center of the container. The focal point of the arrangement depends on the elements that are dominant.
  • Mass - The mass arrangement requires lots of faux flowers and leaves. It’s often called the traditional or Western faux flower arrangement. It's based on symmetry so it can be quite elaborate. Full, lush arrangements that you can find online are often in mass arrangements. When choosing an arrangement with this style, color is important to consider as it can make an impression in a room with its visual depth. An open space is best added with this type of arrangement style.

What style of vase will best suit your faux flower arrangement?

Here are just some of the commonly used vases in containing faux flower arrangements:

  • Rectangular Vases - Rectangular vases look incredible in modern interiors. They're also ideal for arrangements with long stems like tulips or narcissi as the faux flowers get enough space to spread out.
  • Column Vases - Column vases are used by florists and faux floral arrangement manufacturers in complementing the elegance of flowers with long stems like gladioli, lilies, and sunflowers. A column vase is a great choice if the flowers come with twigs or branches as the narrow vase provides structure apart from keeping everything look controlled and sleek.

As you may know already, the flower arrangement that you choose to display in your home reflects your personal style and character. So, it's just right that you choose the arrangement that has a vase which can complement not just the beautiful flowers but also your character.


Large silk flower arrangements

Beautiful entryway decorations. A large concrete urn finished in white has a round steeply foot, a decorative thick stem and a collar with a floral design. Showy colourful floral arrangements are of silk.

Large artificial floral arrangements

An elegant flower composition in a metal sculptural pot in shades of pink based on the large hydrangea flower. The silk-made flowers look like real one and never faded. This type of arrangement fits both to the rustic interior also to the modern one.

Tropical silk flower arrangements

A beautiful decoration for contemporary homes, designed of silk flowers that form a lovely, artificial arrangement. The whole bouquet sits tightly in a fashionable vase with an eye-catching design and a round base.

Large artificial floral arrangements 2

The beautiful artificial floral arrangement, perfect for the tropical type of house. The vase is modern, black and elegant, so will work great in contemporary houses. Red flowers together with green leafs create harmony.

Large flower centerpieces

This stunning flower arrangement compliments of medium to large choices of flowers and is a perfect combination of white and green, while the silk structure ensures that the design won't fade or lose its appeal.

Elegant silk flower arrangements

Fresh, cut flowers are a great decoration of the apartment, but they accompany us very briefly. This large artificial floral arrangement of balancing green with white is eternal. Roses, white without, maybe they will not smell but will adorn.

Huge flower arrangements

This large decorated vase with an impressive floral arrangement is an interesting way to original design. Beautiful flowers create a high-strung design that captivates with colors and interesting decorating elements.

Tropical artificial flower arrangements

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this large artificial floral arrangement, for the living zone, dinette or bedroom. They've got the brown and green colors, and they remind me of the autumn.

Large everyday arrangement by kyong

Large everyday arrangement by kyong

Large silk flower arrangements

This large set of lilies constitutes a great proposition for one's refined decor. Ideally fitting to banquets, distinguished dinners or any other glorious occasions, it will be a magnificent proposition.

Big artificial flower arrangements

Don't just settle for any flower arrangement, when you can buy yourself a silken work of art. We're sure that's what the owners of this flower arrangement were thinking when they chose this beautiful flower arrangement!

Fake grass centerpiece

Silk flower arrangement, a good proposition for all those, who enjoy the charm and warmth of the flowers, but do not have a green thumb. This white, ecru and green bouquet enchants with its subtleness.

Big silk flower arrangements

The beautiful composition of artificial flowers is an interesting way of original and impressive interior design. Beautiful details and attractive colors allow creating a unique atmosphere in the decor.

Large faux floral arrangements

This large artificial floral arrangement can be a great proposition for a green themed wedding. Apart from green, there is also a lot of purple and lavender, as the dominating colours here.

Winter silk flower arrangements

A vase full of surprises - large artificial flowers don't need water, so there is nothing to prevent you from experimenting with the contents.The artistically carved wooden vase is full of floral arrangement: greenery, yellow tulips, and white daisies.

Extra large fake flowers

Choose a nice and charming floral arrangement for your household and opt for upbeat and fun poppies. This piece offers the red and cream finish and the high quality design that will look just like the real thing.

Decorative floor plants

If my friend left the flowers in such beautiful pots,I would gladly water them under his absence.Fortunately, no need to water this silk floor plant,because it is made of polymer. Artificial flower, with a very natural and realistic dimension-was hand-painted.

Silk floral arrangement

Floral arrangement consisting of faux flowers in pastel colors. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Large artificial floral arrangements

This beautiful vase of artificial flowers is a stylish combination that captivates the details and beautiful colors. Exotic plants bring a unique atmosphere to the decor, are durable and beautiful.

Large faux flower arrangements

Made from the highest quality plastics, thanks to the faithfully reproduced details, they are reminiscent of living plants. Delicate petals of large artificial floral arrangement in a rustic style sparkle with the colors of golden autumn in a brown vase.

Large artificial floral arrangements 4

The artifical flowers are a perfect addition to any home. They are easy to care for and beauiful. This bouquet is made of silk and it's a tall arrangement of colorful peonies, pink and red roses, hydrangeas and more.

Large orchid arrangements

An unusual combination of artificial flower arrangement with this attractive vase in the form of a cup is a perfect solution for any interior. The whole is beautifully presented, giving the interior an impressive style.

Artificial flowers for dining table 1

A beautiful floral arrangement that will work wonders as a blooming centerpiece at your wedding party or anniversary. Designed of medium and large silk flowers in a stylish ceramic vase, the decoration is a perfect fit for improving your home, as well.

Natural 1201 dp large phalaenopsis silk flower arrangement dark pink

... Natural 1201-DP Large Phalaenopsis Silk Flower Arrangement, Dark, Pink

Pictures luxurious large silk floral centerpiece arrangements

Pictures!!!!,Luxurious large silk floral Centerpiece arrangements...

Silk tropical floral arrangements

Floral arrangement consisting of faux tulips. It is mounted on glass vase. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Large artificial floral arrangements 1

A lovely decoration for indoor use, this artificial floral arrangement is quite large, so you can be sure that all your guests are going to see it. You can place it in your living room, bedroom, entryway, or office, and make your interior design even more appealing.

Large artificial floral arrangements 3

This large floral arrangement comprises of silk white orchids put in a silver metal champagne cooler. This artificial flowers composition can be a decor's centerpiece on an everyday basis, or a wedding decor idea.

Artificial tropical flower arrangements

This large silk floral arrangement will be a perfect accent in one's corridor or living room, creating a warm, cosy ambiance from the very first moments. It features a composition of yellow, red and pink flowers.

Silk tropical flower arrangements

I should totally grow lavender in some pots (especially different shades)

Accents artificial flowers plants artificial flower arrangements 1

... Accents / Artificial Flowers & Plants / Artificial Flower Arrangements

Large silk floral arrangements

Shield of a sunflower,always follows the sun. We know even the famous Van Gogh sunflowers, but we can have our own floral composition of them.Silk, large artificial sunflower arrangements - are placed in a brown slim ornamental pot, together with green leaves.

Ebay artificial flowers

Large Floral in Wooden Box With Peacock Feathers - rustic - artificial flowers - Bitterroot Bit and Spur

Silk flower arrangements quality large red gold artificial silk floral


Tall christmas floral arrangements

Opt for this amazing bouquet of flowers that might sport the artificial structure but is at the same time so well designed and structured that it will easily elevate the look of any interior and make it into a more colorful and charming one.

Tall centerpiece featuring purple oriental lilies green dendrobium orchids and

Protected with a special varnish, the surface is resistant to damage and fading. Large artificial flowers arrangements are a durable and impressive decoration that in a tall glass vase, reminiscent of an elongated glass will present itself as a centerpiece.

Large 30 artificial silk fake yellow orchid flower arrangement w

Large 30" Artificial Silk Fake Yellow Orchid Flower Arrangement w ...

Artificial floral centerpieces 1

Artificial floral centerpiece composed mosty of white and ivory colored flowers, with a bunch of brown pheasant feathers and some caramel brown stained roses. Intriguing, not-so-common colors palette.

Artificial floral centerpieces 8

Elegant, natural adornment intended to decorate you interior or terrace. It is composed of sculptural vase made of a bronze and there are a lot of artificial fruits (for example - grapes, peaches and pears).

Large flower arrangement

If you're looking for a quality centerpiece for your dining table, then, this artificial arrangement is the thing to aim for. It's made of silk white tulips that come with a beautiful clear glass base that creates an illusion of water at the bottom.

Tropical silk floral arrangements

This large artificial flower arrangement embodies charm and elegance. Graced with roses, orchids and greenery in a footed embossed container, it creates a classic beauty.

Tall silk floral arrangements

I wish. I killed my orchid in under a month!

Liquid Illusion Silk Orchids in White with Vase

Liquid Illusion Silk Orchids in White with Vase