Large Silk Flower Arrangements


A large silk flower arrangement will instantly transform any church into a beautiful and welcoming venue. By purchasing a pre-made arrangement, you won’t have to worry about how to make a tall artificial flower arrangement yourself. You can save time and energy and focus on other important aspects of arranging a wedding or christening. Our design experts have picked out some of the best large silk flower arrangements to make your special event one to remember.

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Our Picks

Elegant Large Silk Flower Arrangement

Elegant Large Silk Flower Arrangement

Bayou Breeze

Coming with a container included, this arrangement features six tall white orchids embedded in succulents and other greenery made from liquid polymer. It sits in a rustic wood bowl and has rocks amongst the greenery for a more realistic look.


Designer Advice:

This arrangement is more modern than traditional, but we think it would look stunning in a recreation center or venue for the reception. The white is still bridal, but the greenery brings a touch of freshness. As this product arrives compressed, make sure to get it out of the packaging a while before the event, so everything looks its best. 

Green Large Floral Arrangements

Green Large Floral Arrangements


Settled in a pewter tin urn, this arrangement is made up of stunning green hydrangeas. Overflowing out of the decorative urn, it measures 31 inches tall and 22 inches wide, making it the perfect choice for a column or pillar.

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Mixed Artificial Flowers 

Mixed Artificial Flowers 

Floral Home Decor

This arrangement is completed by berries and fern, containing magnolias and roses in shades of peach, orange, and yellow. It also comes with a low brass bowl accentuating the faux flowers' thick and full look. 

Designer Advice:

An attractive choice for a wedding, this centerpiece would add the perfect finishing touch to any head table. Alternatively, you could put it in the center of the food or gift table to add a little extra something. The delicate pastel peach, orange, and yellow tones are especially suited to a spring wedding, though, of course, you can use them at any time.

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Blue Artificial Flower Arrangements for Church Altar

Blue Artificial Flower Arrangements for Church Altar

Canora Grey

This arrangement's beautiful soft blue hydrangeas are complemented by cream roses and understated greenery for added depth and texture. The flowers are supported by a silver pedestal bowl with a distressed finish for a rustic look.


Red and Cream Large Silk Flower Arrangements for Wedding

Red and Cream Large Silk Flower Arrangements for Wedding

Astoria Grand

This silk arrangement is full of love and romance, featuring a red and cream color scheme with hints of pink. It boasts roses, orchids, and plenty of greenery for a natural look. Moreover, the gleaming bronze vase is elegant and sophisticated. 

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Rose and Dahlia Large Flower Arrangements for Church

Rose and Dahlia Large Flower Arrangements for Church


Combining roses and dahlias, this flower arrangement comes with a decorative glass vase that can be reused again. The flowers are varying shades of burgundy, whereas the rest of the arrangement is plumped up by realistic-looking leaves and foliage. 


Designer Advice:

An excellent option for an autumn or winter event, this arrangement will bring an extra element of love and celebration to any room. Pair with white tablecloths and matching burgundy accents for a refined look that will also photograph beautifully. Note that if you pair this arrangement with other colors, the simplicity of the color scheme will be overwhelmed. 

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Large Silk Flower Arrangements

Buying Guide

Large silk floral arrangements are economical alternatives to fresh flowers. They're gaining popularity each day as they come in various textures and colors. While it's true that fresh flowers are better in all aspects, only a few of us can afford to get a new arrangement each week.

As mentioned, large silk floral arrangements are available in various colors and textures to suit your level of creative comfort and specific needs. Below, you'll find the most common types of silk floral arrangements sold online. Remember to consider how you'll use the flowers as that will help you choose the form of arrangement that is best for your space.

  • Stem. A single stem has a single bloom. It may also have a cluster of flowers (that's also called as a spray) right at the top.
  • Bush. A group of greenery or flowers, a bush is a popular form as it looks great regardless of the type of space it's incorporated into. An arrangement can be of the same exact variety or mixed. The stems can also be separated or joined at the end/bottom.
  • Premade Arrangements. A large silk floral arrangement is always preferred by stylists as experts design the product themselves. It comes complete with a vase, swag, wreath, or basket. Before you buy large silk floral arrangements, make sure that you know what the authentic ones look like. You can look at images online or visit your local florist. Pay close attention to the leaves. Different flowers have different leaf shapes, textures, and veining. If you purchase a large silk floral arrangement from a reputable online seller, you will get a piece that has stems and leaves that look real.

The placement of your new arrangement will dictate how large you can go. As you are on the lookout for a centerpiece for your home, your choices will be quite big. They will transform your entire room's general appearance, which ultimately requires you to be extra careful during the buying process.

If space isn't an issue in your home, you can go for the biggest silk floral arrangement you can find. A mixed bouquet will be an interesting piece as it is capable of elevating a room, even your heart, and make a space feel warmer and inviting.

Most homeowners complain about the ability of large silk floral arrangements to gather dust. If you think you can allocate a lot of time in dusting off and washing your artificial arrangement, then you can go ahead and purchase your favorite online.

  • Cleaning tip: since there are a lot of components that make up large silk floral arrangements, purchase a silk plant cleaner that can be sprayed on the arrangement. The cleaner will wash away dust and make the cleaning process a lot easier for you.

Faux or artificial floral arrangements used to look exactly what they are: fake. Now, silk flowers are available which make it impossible to tell fresh flowers from fake ones without smelling or touching them. With their economic value and realism, you definitely wouldn't regret getting yourself a large silk floral arrangement. Check out your options now!

Best Ideas

Big flowers arrangements

This floral arrangement is a beautiful way to revive the interior of the interior. A small stone vase, combined with the mass of flowers, will add a touch of exoticism to the decor and a fantastic spring climate. The perfect solution for large interiors.

Big floral arrangements

Inspiring silk flowers. This large arrangement looks very attractive thanks to multiple rich colors. These flowers do not require watering and special care. They look very nice on tables for special occasions.

Church floral arrangements

Elegant Orchids & Pheasant Feather Silk Flower Centerpiece

Large vase flower arrangement ideas

Large floral arrangement in elegant form. It is mounted on pedestal vase. It consists of a lot of artificial flowers. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Large floral designs

A traditional arrangement of artificial flowers, made in an antique planter crafted out of stained ceramic. The faux floral setup is made out of silk and has beautiful soft golds, greens and unique artichokes which make for an elegant piece.

Large artificial floral arrangements 3

Thanks to this artificial floral arrangement, you can now decorate your room without losing much of free space. The whole arrangement is made of silk and sits tightly in a stylish black vase, perfect for enhancing a corner in your entryway.

Large silk floral arrangements

This unusual floral arrangement of tropical plants is a stylish way for attractive interior design. The beautiful vase is beautifully decorated with charming details and combined with flowers it is interesting in the interior.

Birds of paradise and proteas are the main attraction in

Birds of paradise and proteas are the main attraction in this large, deluxe arrangement. Annette at Michaels Arts & Crafts Madison, TN

Headstone flower arrangement ideas

High End Natural Look - Oversized 32 Inch Silk Flower Arrangement - Rose, Coxcomb, Salvia and Bougainvillea - Clear Glass Vase with Acrylic Water

Large fall grapevine door wall wreath

Large fall grapevine door wall wreath

Tawny flowers give beauty throughout the year. The large silk floral arrangement of forest flowers, in a rustic style - can hang on the front door to your home and serve as a universal, beautiful business card, with a bow in shades of red, orange and brown.

Floral arrangements for church altars

Orange and gold large arrangement SBA 2014

Large floral arrangement

Stylish floral arrangement for residential and commercial premises. Designed for indoor use. It contains a lot of spring flowers in various shapes and sizes. Simple form and elegant design.

Multi color floral arrangement

Multi color floral arrangement

Large artificial flower arrangements 2

Large Artificial Flower Arrangements

Church flower arrangements

A truly beautiful wedding set that emanates with elegance and sophistication. The white porcelain table setting is really hypnotizing, and on top of that, it also offers an adorable addition in shape of a name of each guest, placed in the middle of the plate.

Larger image large elegant magnolia silk floral arrangement ar263

larger image large elegant magnolia silk floral arrangement ar263 $ ...

Large flower arrangements

Large church arrangement composed with taste of silk flowers: carnations, gladioli and leucendrons in yellow and red, all this in a huge bunch of green leaves of varied shapes, with some ivy climbers in it.

Large silk floral arrangement 2

Large silk floral arrangement

Silk floral arrangement

Floral arrangement consisting of faux flowers in pastel colors. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Pictures of artificial flower arrangements

Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb. If you want to have beautiful and lasting flowers in your home, you should buy this artificial bouquet. It is very big and made of best quality silk. It looks so natural!

Big roses arrangements

Unique flowers with an admixture of precious silk elegantly present themselves in this colorful large silk floral arrangements. For born florists, allergy sufferers - such a set of artificial flowers will come to your home without consequences.

Large silk flower arrangements 1

This impressive flower silk arrangements will be a great addition to all, who love antique masterpieces. Placed in an ornate, richly adorned vase, the bouquet is finished with feathers.

Large unique silk floral arrangements custom by kel silk floral

Large Unique silk Floral Arrangements | Custom by kel | Silk floral arrangements

Pictures of silk flower arrangements

Large Silk Floral Arrangement Traditional by DesignTwentyNineSC