Outdoor Sleigh Decoration


Even when it isn't the holidays, sometimes you just want an interesting decoration that sets your home apart. Maybe it can be a planter for a myriad of interesting new foliage. Maybe a place to put a bird bath. Whatever your pleasure, these outdoor sleigh decorations are a neat and fun way to enhance your exterior. Take a look at this collection for all the options.

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Traditional Christmas Sleigh Decoration

Traditional Christmas Sleigh Decoration

Three Posts™

This cute decorative sled comes with two bright red bows and is excellent for indoor or outdoor use. Its metal frame wrapped with glitter thread is resistant to weather and has seventy pre-lit lights.


Designer Advice:

The deer and sleigh combo is a common outdoor decor favorite that you can pair with pre-lit presents. The pre-lit feature makes it visible during the day and at night, so you don’t have to hassle adding your lights. They are mainly for people looking for a stunning night light display.

Christmas Sled Porch Sign

Christmas Sled Porch Sign

The Holiday Aisle®

This outdoor sleigh decoration hangs on your door or sits on your front porch. It is handmade with wood and accented with pinecones and a linen bow that welcomes you inside.

Designer Advice:

People with small yards or no front yard enjoy outdoor sled porch signs because they are small and take up little space. They give a dash of rustic farmhouse style to match the rest of your interior. If you are looking for a grander decorative sled that will catch your eye driving by, opt for a yard figurine instead.

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Large Christmas Sled Décor for Outdoors

Large Christmas Sled Décor for Outdoors

Zaer Ltd International

This decorative metal sled flaunts a Victorian style with a choice between a white and blue sleigh or a green and red sleigh. It is resistant to weather, rust, and UV and features sled bells and lanterns. 

Designer Advice:

This type of metal sleigh décor serves two purposes: a decorative display and for family photos. Make it a family tradition to take photos inside this sleigh every year and pass it on to the next generation when the time comes. One drawback to this decorative sleigh is its price, but its dual purpose makes it worth your money.

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Decorative Sled With Flamingos

Decorative Sled With Flamingos

Sand & Stable™

Designed to use in warm climates, this sled décor is pink, red, gold, and blue with a built-in lighting display. Two flamingos with fake deer horns strapped to their heads pull a red sleigh filled with presents.

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Stacked Christmas Sled Décor

Stacked Christmas Sled Décor

The Holiday Aisle®

This Xmas sleigh decoration has a bold pattern and sits tall for narrow doorways. It features hand-painted snowflakes and stripes with ribbon detail and breaks down easily to store.

$479.99 $854.95

Galvanized Decorative Sled

Galvanized Decorative Sled

Zaer Ltd International

Distressed for an antique appeal, this outdoor Christmas sleigh is sprayed with a clear coat to make it resistant to rust. Use it for display or storage and blend it with other industrial or farmhouse décor items.

$439.99 $569.99

Crystal Sled Décor

Crystal Sled Décor

This decorative sleigh for Christmas is full of dazzle, and it is energy efficient with its cool white lights. It is cool to the touch making it safer than other lighted sleighs, and is packed in a reusable carton.

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Themed Inflatable Xmas Sleigh Decoration

Themed Inflatable Xmas Sleigh Decoration

Gemmy Industries

This kid-friendly inflatable sled décor features the grinch and his dog max. It is a lighted display that blows up and deflates quickly for small storage closets.

$249.99 $319.99

Designer Advice:

An inflatable sleigh is perfect for those on a tight budget. Having to blow them up every year may be a hassle, but they are a lot of fun for families with young children. Pair it with a giant inflatable snow globe and north pole signs.

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Best Ideas

Christmas sled

Interesting outdoor decoration with sleigh decoration makes the winter holidays will be unique. Beautifully crafted with attention to detail, cute elements in the form of branches, ribbons, and skate delight.

Christmas Sleigh Decoration

Christmas Sleigh Decoration

It is a Christmas sleigh decoration that has got a white finish and is great for indoor and outdoor use. It adds beauty and style to any home. You will be impressed how amazing it looks in your home.

Outdoor sleigh decoration 2

Create the homelike and warm Christmas atmosphere at your exterior by choosing this outdoor sleight decoration. They have got a normal size, navy color, and many Christmas gifts inside.

Outdoor santa sleigh

Christmas without dazzling decorations can be quite grim. That's why you should take a glance at the gorgeous Santa's sleigh that you can place in front of your house. It has lovely scrolled sled runners, 2 candle sconces, and lots of space for Christmas presents.

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Oversized vine sleigh

Oversized vine sleigh

A beautiful Christmas decoration. This kind of life-size sleigh is made of durable rattan with a natural look. The product is also equipped with metal runners. It is 48" long x 32.5" wide x 30" high. The product is good for indoor and outdoor use.

Wooden sled decoration

Lovely Christmas decoration for the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste. It consists of 2 dog statues and sleigh filled with gifts.

Large sleigh santa reindeer pattern set

Holidays around the corner, just like Santa Claus on their sleigh, which leads brave reindeers, one probably has even a red nose. This outdoor figurine sleigh decoration for the garden with green sleigh and sitting Saint. Santa Claus is a classic!

Outdoor sleigh decoration

Christmas planter dedicated for outdoor use. Base is made of metal and wicker. Tasteful accent for the garden, patio and others places according to taste.

Christmas sleighs for sale

The outside pattern for decoration that includes Santa, sleight and reindeer. If you are a fan of Christmas motifs, you have to choose this amazing set. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your garden.

Outdoor sleigh decoration 1

The lovely outdoor decoration is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace. The captivating reindeer motif with sleighs is an inseparable symbol of Christmas, and in this performance, it delights.

Decorative sleds

Awesome use of an old sled! I would add and take away some stuff but I like the old sled used as a decoration.

Outdoor santa sleigh 1

Create the unique and stylish decoration and add it your outdoor space. For Christmas, we suggest you the Santa's sleight. Everyone will be impressed how cool and nicely finished this product is.

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Sleigh decoration

This beautiful outdoor Christmas's lights, comprising of reindeer hauling a sleigh, evokes the best Christmas memories. A definite must-have, that will enchant the whole family.

84in.w 5ft.h Glitter Tinsel Fabric Cotton String White Gold Lighted Rudolph Reindeer Buck Deer with Santa Claus Sled Sleigh Pre Lit Christmas Outdoor Decor Clear Lights Yard Decoration

A charming traditional Christmas decoration in the form of Rudolph the Reindeer and a sleigh with metal frames covered with tinselly cotton fabric. The entirety is adorned with 2 dark ribbons and lighted with chains of 350 glittering LEDs.

Old sleigh

Magical outdoor decorating ideas for the holiday season #indigo #magicalholiday

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yard art

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