Outdoor Santa Sleigh


Do you decorate the outside of your home every Christmas, but this year want to take it up a notch with something gorgeous and authentic? Then what you need is an outdoor Santa sleigh. Kris Kringle himself will be jealous by the vast possibilities in sleigh options available to you for your next decorating extravaganza. See all our sleigh options in this fun collection.

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Our Picks

Christmas sleighs

Outdoor Christmas decoration with a nice Santa sleigh theme. This decoration is made of durable materials with black and red accents. It also includes multiple lights that are very practical and decorative.

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Santa and sleigh with reindeer outdoor decorations

Outdoor decoration with Santa sleigh theme. It is made of durable fiber and finished with pastel colors. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Sophisticated accent for the garden, patio, porch and more.

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Life size santa sleigh for sale

A nice stylization of outdoor santa sleigh. This element of decoration features a durable frame made of solid marine grade PVC plastic. It is resistant to weather conditions and it white color suits different outdoors.

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Outdoor santa sleigh

Christmas without dazzling decorations can be quite grim. That's why you should take a glance at the gorgeous Santa's sleigh that you can place in front of your house. It has lovely scrolled sled runners, 2 candle sconces, and lots of space for Christmas presents.

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Christmas Outdoor Santa Sleigh And 2 Reindeer Set

Christmas Outdoor Santa Sleigh And 2 Reindeer Set

Decor your garden or yard with this outdoor Christmas Santa sleigh and two reindeer seats. They have got the white finish. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks at your outdoor zone.

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Outdoor santa sleigh

Wow! I am very delighted how stylish and beautiful this outdoor Santa sleight decoration is! It brings the beauty, solidity and Christmas atmosphere to any outdoor.

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Red metal sleigh holiday 2013

Red metal sleigh holiday 2013

This red metal sleigh will be a glamorous Christmas outdoor decoration. It would present itself in the garden or even better...on the front patio or veranda, welcoming the guests.

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Oversized vine sleigh

Oversized vine sleigh

A beautiful Christmas decoration. This kind of life-size sleigh is made of durable rattan with a natural look. The product is also equipped with metal runners. It is 48" long x 32.5" wide x 30" high. The product is good for indoor and outdoor use.

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Outdoor santa sleigh 3

If you want to participate in a sleigh party, you should, definitely, take a glimpse at this Santa's sleigh. The sleigh is pitch black, with a contrasting red interior with leather upholstery and classic button-tufting.

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Sleigh and reindeer outdoor decoration

Unique white adornment in Christmas style - it has shape of Santa Claus' sledge. Sledge is made of plastic covered with white paint. You can used to storage your presents during Christmas or to decorate your garden.

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Outdoor Santa Sleigh

Buying Guide

The best type of outdoor Santa sleigh for your home depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve. With so many materials to choose from, they all serve a unique purpose. For affordable decoration, you can opt for a high-density plastic sleigh finished with red and white paint. This is an attractive option that is low budget and can withstand the elements.

For a more practical sleigh where you can pose for pictures this holiday season, choose a metal frame with upholstered seats for comfortable fun that the whole family can enjoy.

If you’re just looking to decorate your lawn, you can go for a rope light sleigh with LED lights designed entirely for decoration. These are usually made of wire or thin metal framing, with lights lining the edges to add some mystic charm to your home’s exterior.

For ease of assembly and portability, an inflatable Santa sleigh is the ideal choice. Many models come with self-inflating mechanisms, so you don’t need to use a hand pump. These pieces also offer more positioning flexibility as you can also mount these on the roof.

You install an outdoor Santa sleigh with extreme care! Even though you’ll likely be installing your outdoor Santa in the winter, try to select a day that isn’t snowy—and when your roof is relatively dry. Use a long ladder that’s in good condition to get to the roof, and make sure that you have someone stabilizing your ladder who can spot you for safety. Try to anchor your Santa next to a vertical object, such as your chimney or a vent, and use all of the restraints and anchors your specific product recommends for as much safety and stability as possible.

There are potentially countless ways you can decorate an outdoor Santa Sleigh. String bulbs, net lights and just holiday lights overall are virtually standard on a sleigh. But that doesn't mean they have to be boring. You could for example use string lights with suspended snowflakes.

Opt for oversized decorating ornaments to ensure they are not rendered invisible by the size of the sleigh. It is after all an outdoor sleigh so the visibility of the décor from inside the home and for passersby is important. These ornaments could be reindeer sculptures, candy cane lights, glittering gifts and non-melting snowmen. Top it all off with bells, ribbons, wreaths, fir branches and pinecones.

Best Ideas

Santa sleigh yard decoration

Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer

Rent our sleigh

Rent our Sleigh!

Animated santa in sleigh garland christmas lights commercial outdoor

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Santa sleighs for sale konstsmide ropelight 3d outdoor santa sleigh

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Outdoor reindeer and sleigh

Old-fashioned take on an industrial-looking outdoor planter, made in a shape of a Santa Claus’s sleigh. The sleigh is made out of distressed walnut wood with an iron frame on the bottom made with a rusty finish.

Life size santa sleigh

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! As you can see they are already here, in your garden. Outdoor santa sleigh was made of wood boards and plywood - painted in a snowy white color. 2 Reindeers are waiting for Santa!

84in.w 5ft.h Glitter Tinsel Fabric Cotton String White Gold Lighted Rudolph Reindeer Buck Deer with Santa Claus Sled Sleigh Pre Lit Christmas Outdoor Decor Clear Lights Yard Decoration

A charming traditional Christmas decoration in the form of Rudolph the Reindeer and a sleigh with metal frames covered with tinselly cotton fabric. The entirety is adorned with 2 dark ribbons and lighted with chains of 350 glittering LEDs.

Santa on Sleigh Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Santa on Sleigh Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Sleigh outdoor christmas decorations traditional holiday outdoor

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Outdoor santa sleigh 5

A nice outdoor element of decoration. This santa sleigh stylization is based on solid materials with gold and red finish. Santa sleigh decoration looks very good during Christmas, but it is also suitable for summer days.

Outdoor christmas decorations santa sleigh

“Christmas in Glasgow” by Suzie Zhan

Outdoor santa with sleigh

Outdoor Santa with Sleigh

Wooden sleighs for sale

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Santa sleigh and reindeer outdoor decoration

An outdoor santa sleigh stylization that includes wooden, leather and iron elements. All materials of this type are durable and resistant to different summer or winter weather conditions. Comfort and aesthetics are the main advantages of this element.