Large Wooden Candle Holders

To give you home a different, but interesting decor options, candle holders for larger candles might be a nice idea. These large, wooden, candle holders are amazing, and quite beautiful, many with intricate details that will draw the eye, and start a conversation. They can support large based candles, and are designed to stand freely without additional help.

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Set Of 3 Large Fitz And Floyd Wood Resin Pillar Candle Holders

Set Of 3 Large Fitz And Floyd Wood Resin Pillar Candle Holders
This set of 3 large Fliz and Floyd wood and resin pillar candle holders will bring in a traditional, rustic character, truly embellishing one's interior. A good way to enhance your gloriously decorated table.

Handmade wooden candle holders large

Handmade wooden candle holders large
Hand-made interior decorations make the decor unusual, so these beautifully decorated turquoise shades of a candle or plant holders or stands are a beautiful solution. Robust wooden construction is very solid.

Turned wood floor pillar holders

Turned wood floor pillar holders
Candlelight, always adds a pleasant atmosphere.The best solution will be large floor candlesticks, standing on the ground, made of strong, dark turned wood stained dark espresso. These two occur in two sizes. Light up yourself with a great idea!

Pair of vintage white shabby chic candle

Pair of vintage white shabby chic candle
A pair of stylishly distressed off-white candle holders for making your room to shine with rustic elegance. Crafted of durable solid wood, each holder is characterized by a shapely silhouette with a metal nail on top to firmly hold even larger candles.

White gold wood candle holders

White gold wood candle holders
The main task of these products is increasing a decorative value of any room. These are pillar holders made of wood. They are ideal for holding candles. These products are made of durable and attractive mango wood.

Wood Candlestick (Set of 3)

Wood Candlestick (Set of 3)
Beautiful set of three candle holders, each featuring unique design utilizing wooden construction with gorgeous and intricate adornments, stable base, and carved frame to offer amazing and functional house items.

Large driftwood candle holder driftwood

Large driftwood candle holder driftwood
Large wooden driftwood candle holder is a glamorous addition to your home decoration. It will attract attention and create nice mood and calmness when you need it. The Charming shine of the candle would warm your home interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Candle holders can add a classic touch to your home, and there's nothing more traditional to hold your candles than large wooden candlesticks. The beautiful styles which are available will leave you mesmerized and wondering which one to choose, while guests will be sure to compliment them on their visits to your home. Large wooden candlesticks are certainly not a topic that everybody is an expert in, so here are some of the most popular styles and designs.

What are the most attractive designs of large wooden candle holders?

Slim light design

This is the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' candlestick design. It's tall and sleek, but the warmth of the wood means it won't stand out too much if you don't want it to. The shade of the wood may be faded and weathered to give a beautiful rustic feel and add comfort and warmth to the living room.

Chunky block candle holders

In contrast to the slim and light design mentioned above, the chunky block candle holders are the complete opposite. They are rectangular blocks made from heavy hardwood or other strong wood, and they often have a very weathered finish. This is usually intended to complement the chunky design of the candle holders. The wood is painted with rustic paint, and traditional colors to use are light blue, white, grey and green.

Black and modern

If you want modern wooden candle holders in your home, black is a good color to consider. However, this modern sleek style can be found in other colors too, including white, grey and brown. Looking somewhat like chess pieces, they will suit traditional homes as much as they suit the contemporary houses. The curvy elegant design can be seen in various sizes, from as tall as four feet to as small as one and a half feet.

Wooden natural tree candle holder

Something slightly different and able to adapt to many different styles of home, the natural tree candle holder is a beautiful and soft style to consider. Made from a natural hardwood or solid oak wood, the thick branch style allows either two or three candle holders to be created, adding light and a warm touch to any room. These candle holders are well suited to living rooms and bedrooms, but can be used in almost any room of the house.

Intricate patterns and prints

Just because the candle holders are wooden doesn't mean that have to be plain, and that can be proven by some of the intricate designs and patterns which you can find. From bright and bold Aztec prints painted over natural wood, to detailed mandala patterns carefully crafted onto the most delicate pine wood, there are colors and patterns to suit the fussiest of tastes.

Curved wooden candle holders

Another design which suits a contemporary home is the curved design which can be seen in wooden candle holders. With defined edges and a slight curve making them easier on the eye and more suited to existing décor, curved wooden candlesticks are a great addition to the room. They should be placed on the floor and away from anything which could potentially catch fire.


Montauk carved wood candle holders chippy red

Montauk carved wood candle holders chippy red
These large wooden candle holders, adopted traditional forms in different sizes, hence the possibility of adjusting the different candles. They combine many styles - red-and-red color with golden rubbish is a very characteristic decoration.

Large wooden candle holders set of 3

Large wooden candle holders set of 3
Large candle holders mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Stylish addition for each place according to taste.

Handmade wood pillar candle holders

Handmade wood pillar candle holders
These decorations are large candle holders made of wood. They are hand-made, so they offer unique design and very high aesthetic value. Different sizes of these pillar-styled candle holders are suitable for different applications.

Large wooden candle holders 1

The slim design of these fabulous wooden candle holders is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole is an ideal element of interior design in the rustic and minimalist atmosphere.

Large wooden candle holders

Those weathered candle holders are characterized by sturdy wood cosnstruction bathed in a distressed white finish. They have different sizes, standing on a thick block with a square base for stability, while holding a square top.

Tall wooden candle holders

Made from stone and wood, this set of large floor candle holders make a statement of elegance and style. Fitting well into traditional interiors, these statue candle holders will bring in a refined character.

Tall wooden candle holders

If you value unique details inside the home, this set of turquoise candle holders is the perfect solution. The Nordic style adds character to the interior, and the world placed on them has soothing capabilities.

Long wooden candle holder

Durable and sparkling with vintage appearance, those fabulous candle holders are beautifully weathered and sculpted. They have different sizes and stand on a rounded base for stability, able to firmly hold even larger candles.

Wood candle sconces

Amazing carvings and stylish distressed finish make these large candle holders look exceptionally at home in Old World inspired decor style. Of course they are wooden - otherwise they would not suit so well.

By the white and gold wooden pillar holders

... by the White and Gold Wooden Pillar Holders

Nilay Wood Candlestick (Set of 3)

Nilay Wood Candlestick (Set of 3)

Big candle holder


Candle stands wood candle holder set 3 antiqued wood candle

Candle-Stands-Wood-Candle-Holder-Set-3-Antiqued-Wood-Candle-Holders ...

Wood pillar candle holders

Those candle holders boast of rustic appearance, covered in a weathered, two-tone finish of blue and yellow. The holders have different sizes, a beautifully sculpted body, and rest on a slightly widened square base for stability.

Wooden candle sconces

Lacking nature-oriented accents around? Try something simple and budget-friendly for a start: a driftwood candle holder. This particular drift wood candelabra is rather small in size (it holds tealights) and can become a table decoration easily.

Tall candlesticks

A set of elegant height-varied traditional candle holders turned of wood with a glossy dark brown finish. Each holder has a wide foot, a stem with lots of collars, narrowings and horizontal grooves as well as a flared top bowl with a grooved edge.

Large wooden pillar candle holders

This set of large wooden candles will add a charming, natural warmth to the space. Available in various sizes, features natural graining of the wood. A good way to embellish your table during any glorious occasions.

Funky vintage folk art large wood candle holder

Funky Vintage Folk Art Large Wood Candle Holder

Giant candle holder

Made from solid wood, these 3 candle holders will add a classic, rustic appeal to any space. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large, designed to serve their role for years.

Traditional candles and candle holders jpg 1


Shabby chic candle holders

When the electric lights go out, it's time for those bulky candlesticks to create a truly romantic atmosphere. Beautifully crafted from wood, each of this magnificent pieces is able to transform every room into a romantic haven.

2 Piece Lican Fir and Metal Candlestick Set

2 Piece Lican Fir and Metal Candlestick Set

Large wood candle holders

The candle is often a symbol of naturally resurrected light, warms the interior, is a symbol of romanticism - and its light is unique. Favorite candles can be set on wooden high pillars - large wooden candle holders. Provencal style in a shade of blue.

Wilco imports wooden with metal trim pillar candle holder 5

Wilco Imports Wooden With Metal Trim Pillar Candle Holder 5-inch By 5 ...

Wooden candelabra

These white candle holders are chipped on purpose. Shabby chic works its way back to a lexicon of trends. Wooden form was painted white and distressed to achieve a rustic vintage style you will fall for.

Large candle stands

Woodworking for Mere Mortals: Free woodworking videos and plans. : Make a wood candle holder

Wooden candle holders for sale

Love this as a centerpiece for #weddings or #home decor

Privilege International 88073 Wooden and Glass Candle Holder, Large

Wooden candle stands

Fabulous Pair of Vintage Wall Candlesticks - Large Wooden Candle Holders - Shabby Chic Wall Sconce

Wood candle pillars

Tiffany Blue Apothecary Jars Wedding Decor Candy Buffet XX Large

3-Pc Wooden Candle Holder Set in Antique Brown

Via sinnenrausch diy wooden candle holder

Via Sinnenrausch | DIY Wooden Candle Holder

Plank Candleholder

Plank Candleholder

Unfinished wood candlestick holders

Large wooden floor-standing candle holders idea. Square candle holdes in washed white just provide some support to large, thick candles, caramel coloured. These tall wooden holders are constructed just like standard speaker stands - with square base and top.

Two large light wooden craved candle holders

Two Large Light Wooden Craved Candle Holders

Turned wood candle holders

Handmade wooden candle holders large chunky pink distressed pillar set OOAK Anita Spero

Wooden floor candle holders

Primitive Colonial large pair of sconces/candle holders in distressed black w/rusty tin stars. *Candles, homespun, pip berries, moss

Religous diy christmas decorations this candle holder is 13 5

religous diy christmas decorations | This candle holder is 13.5 inches long, 5 inches wide and 1.75 inches ...

3x9 inch pillar candles case of 12 today 99 99

3x9 Inch Pillar Candles (Case of 12) Today: $99.99 - $111.99 $138.55 ...

3 Piece Short Wooden Candlestick Set

3 Piece Short Wooden Candlestick Set

Product images large size wooden round plate candle holder with

Product Images: Large Size Wooden Round Plate Candle Holder with Clear ...

Large Elegant White Porcelain Candle Stick Holder

Rustic Serenity Raw Wooden Handcrafted Candle Holders - Set of 2