Wrought Iron Candle Lanterns

Another great way to light a space especially if you're living in a cabin with no electricity out in the wilderness, candle lanterns will take you back to the taming of the frontier. And our collection of wrought iron candle lanterns does this and so much more. The rod iron is designed to last pretty much forever. And these are built very well with the highest attention to design and construction. Take a look.

Best Products

Owen Wrought Iron Hurricane

Owen Wrought Iron Hurricane
It is a wrought iron hurricane candle holder that is made of 75-percent iron and 25-percent glass. It fits to any style and décor and is a perfect addition for indoor and outdoor area. You will be impressed.

Lantern Pair With Wrought Iron Hooks On

Lantern Pair With Wrought Iron Hooks On
Elegant and straightforward in the form of wrought iron candle holders are the perfect combination of solid construction and subtle lighting ideal for the hallway or bedroom. The nice wooden base combined with metal and glass creates a unique whole.

Dempsy Wrought Iron and Glass Hanging Wall Lantern

Dempsy Wrought Iron and Glass Hanging Wall Lantern
Fancy scrolls, black wrought iron construction and outright 19th century styling - here's what describes this iron and glass hanging wall lantern in brief words. Highly decorous; holds one thick candle inside.

Wes Exotic Sunset Candle Lantern

Wes Exotic Sunset Candle Lantern
This amazing and stylish candle lantern would be a perfect decoration for every kind of house or courtyard. Check it out and enjoy an incredible look together with the highest quality and functionality.

Black lantern trio hanging from wrought

Black lantern trio hanging from wrought
A vintage trio of beautiful lanterns for indoor use, hanging on a wall-mounted, wood base with three wrought iron hooks. Each lamp has also a wrought iron case, with X-shaped sides that are covered by clear glass.

Candle Lantern

Candle Lantern
If you're a fan of extraordinary and stylish decorations, you're gonna fall in love with this unique candle lantern. Check it out and enjoy an amazing design brought straightly to your house or courtyard.

Black Lantern Trio Hanging From Wrought

Black Lantern Trio Hanging From Wrought
Candle holders made of wrought iron and covered with glass. It is mounted on wooden strip. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wrought iron furnishing was very popular during the 18th and early 19th century. Nowadays, wrought iron is iconic with its "old world" vibe. It's one of the many reasons why it's making a comeback, and that is also why more and more homeowners are looking for beautiful wrought iron candle lanterns!

Since a wrought iron candle lantern is a furnishing that belongs to the distant past, not a lot of people know how to pick the best one. Don't worry as this article is going to be a buying guide for wrought iron candle lanterns.

What Do You Need to Know About Wrought Iron?

Not a lot of people realize that the term "wrought iron" means two things. In the past, the term means an iron that is bent and hammered into shape. However, it could also mean a specific type of iron with a particular composition. Why is differentiating the two important?

The answer is so you can avoid overpaying. True wrought iron candle lanterns that are bent and hammered into shape take more time and skill. This also means that sellers can charge a higher premium as it's essentially a handcrafted item.

However, a wrought iron is also a specific iron composition, which can be cast and mass produced. Dishonest sellers may take advantage of charging higher prices as you may think it's a handcrafted item when it's not.

How to tell if a candle holder is true wrought iron?

  • No two items should be exactly the same.
  • Look for slight imperfections.
  • If it's ultra-smooth, it may be mass produced.

What are some important considerations when buying candle lanterns?

  • Candle Type. These days, candles come in many different forms. Some of the common ones include taper, pillar, votive, candle pot and tea light. Knowing the candle that you'll be using is very important. This is to ensure that you buy the right wrought iron candle lantern that can accommodate the type of candle that you are planning to use.

  • Fit. Another thing that is very important to assess is the fit of the candle. There are primarily two reasons why you'd want to do this. First is for aesthetic reasons. For example, if the tea light candle is too small for a votive, it will look awkward and out-of-place. The second reason is more important. If the candle does not fit snuggly into the holder, it may become a fire hazard. A simple bump could tumble down the candle, which can then start a fire.

  • Wax Issues. Most wrought iron candle lanterns out there will look attractive. However, before buying anything, you should try to anticipate where the wax will go when the candle starts burning. Does it have a receptacle for collecting the melted wax? Does the design allow easy cleaning? These are some of the few questions you should be asking to ensure that the wax won't be too much to deal with.

The primary challenge of finding the right wrought iron candle lanterns is navigating through the myriad of choices. The key points mentioned above should help you get started in weeding out most of the unnecessary option.


Wrought iron candle lanterns 12

Made from solid and formable wrought iron, which creates often beautiful, intricate forms, these candle holders can be smoothly used to embellish your outdoor and indoor spaces. Glazed cloche adds a vintage, romantic vibe.

Wall lanterns indoor candles

This picture shows functional and decorative lanterns with glass doors. They are based on solid wrought iron frames finished in classic black color. These lanterns are filled with squashes, pumpkins or they candles. They provide light and decorate different areas.

Wrought iron candle lanterns 1

A vintage piece for bringing romantic ambiance into your home or outdoor area, made of powder coated wrought iron with lovely scrollwork. The candle lantern is wall-mounted, durable and radiates with rustic grace.

Wrought iron candle lanterns 5

At first glance, we are moving to Oxford where the world's greatest minds were educating their potential. They could also hang there, on the cross vaults, iron, richly ornamented wrought iron candle lanterns, with glass walls, and candle-light bulbs inside.

Wrought iron candle lanterns

Enchanting with its wrought iron finish, this IMAX Chatham candle lantern will be a nice accent for one's indoors and outdoors. Heavy-duty, the high-quality finish makes it a durable proposition for years.

Wrought iron lantern hangers

Although made of wrought iron it looks like this wrought iron candle lantern mounted on the wall - clearly outside the house, it was made of dried true leaves. It has autumn colors of brown and beige and a very decorative form.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces

Beautiful iron hanging lamp. Iron means durability, and rich ornamentation will make all of your guests drop dead with envy. Glass candle holder included, to make sure it's safe to use. Perfect both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Craftsman Candle Lantern

Craftsman Candle Lantern

Wrought iron candle lanterns

Create the romantic and inviting atmosphere in your home with these lanterns with candles. They are made of wrought iron, with distressed white finish. I think that they will be a great decoration for weddings and other special occasions.

Metal wall sconce candle holder

This magnificent wall sconce is easy to install, and it presents itself on a wall, simply, stunning. Made entirely of wrought iron, the holder is durable, beautifully scrolled, and covered in black. You can quickly place a candle inside, and breathe in this wonderful ambiance.

Wrought iron lantern

A pretty traditional wall-mounted lantern for 1 pillar candle. It's crafted of wrought iron with a copper finish but a wall mount with a showy scroll lantern holder is black. The lantern tapers down, has 4 glazed walls and a dashy hipped top.

Wrought iron lanterns

Those India inspired candle jars create truly intimate atmosphere and are suitable for any decor. They are made of wrought iron with exquisite metalwork, and have square lids with decorative handles.

Wall sconces candles wrought iron 1

Add a beautiful set like this one to your interior and enjoy an instant boost of visual appeal thanks to the rustic vibe they offer to your home. It sports the swirly finish of the structure made from only the highest quality metal.

Wrought iron candle lanterns 9

Stylish wrought iron provides not only solidness but also an ornate finish, like in the case of this iron candle lanterns. Ideal to add a charming atmosphere to your outdoors, will work out well in a patio or garden.

Tuscany wrought iron scroll wall candle lantern sconce with glass

Tuscany Wrought Iron Scroll Wall Candle Lantern Sconce with Glass ...

Master xma2553 jpg


Wrought iron lanterns with candle

The gorgeous set of these delightfully wrought iron candle lanterns is a great way to decorate a beautiful interior or terrace. Beautiful openwork patterns delight, and thanks to them, the light is beautifully presented in every decor.

Home garden home decor candle holders accessories 2

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Wall sconces candles wrought iron 10

Crafted of durable wrought iron and nicely powder coated, this candle holder hold one candle at a time. It's beautified by stylish scrollwork, and a cylindric hurricane made of clear glass and placed in a metal frame.

Indoor wall lanterns for candles

I love lanterns! ****

In different directions like children let em lean in the

in different directions ..like children. let em lean in the direction they were designed to lean in ..and burn bright. no need to bend em your direction.

Iron candle lantern

Mixture of old european and modern culture are a foundation of this classic lamp. It's made of wrought and iron perfect for outdoor area and gardens. It gives the impression of a Tuscan lighthouse - for people who love warm light of candle lanterns.

Cast iron candle lantern

una stupenda lanterna in ferro battuto per la cantina ....

Wrought iron candle lanterns 7

French Lantern ~ Adore this. Don't want to know how much it costs.

Southern events party rental company franklin nashville middle

Southern Events Party Rental Company | Franklin, Nashville, Middle ...

Iron lanterns

Pretty big wrought iron candelabrum holding up to six flat-bottomed candles. The candle holder sports traditional design with bronze finish, an abundance of swirls and curls that define its opulent decorativeness.

Wrought iron lamp wall art tuscan decor art by amytylerphotography

Wrought Iron Lamp Wall Art Tuscan Decor Art by AmyTylerPhotography

Wrought iron hanging lanterns

Early Primitive Wrought Iron 4 Candle Chandelier

Wrought iron candle lanterns

Buy Tuscany Wrought Iron Scroll Wall Candle Lantern Sconce with Glass ...

Iron candle lanterns


Bold vintage wrought iron gothic medieval candle by thegalwaygirrl 82

BOLD Vintage Wrought Iron Gothic Medieval Candle by TheGalwayGirrl, $82.00

Wrought iron candle lanterns 13

Romantic porch layout employing lots of classic lanterns in different sizes. Lit candles inside create dreamy ambiance and are protected from being blown by the wind. The lanterns, scattered among tall porch posts, are metal with clear glass.

Wrought iron candle holder

Beautiful and utterly stylish - this amazing wrought iron candle holder will make for a refined option to brighten up your space and to provide a warm atmosphere in it. It is carved with great attention to details.

Porch lanterns hanging

Candle holders made of cast iron and glass. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is finished with decorative curves. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Neutral design for each place as needed.

Black wrought iron candle lanterns

Wrought Iron + Crystal (Chandelier? Maybe not. Good enough for my board? Most definitely.)

Wrought iron candle lanterns 2

Rustic theme with bird cages but we can add coral and mint flowers. It would be so cuuute!! Repin by #weddings

Wrought iron candle lanterns 16

Wholesale Distressed Style Candle Lantern: Antique Ivory White Wrought Iron Candle Lantern

Wrought iron candle lanterns 4

Shelves over couch with pictures. Love the set up.

Wrought iron candle lanterns 8

Prim iron candle holder...I'm going to try making something like this :)

Wrought iron candle lanterns 15

Turquoise and Green Stained Glass Wrought by stainedglassturtle, $174.99

SPI Home 50556 Seahorse Lantern

Wrought iron candle lanterns wrought iron candle lanterns_ff_model_id10453_4_modena_candle_lantern

Wrought Iron Candle Lanterns | ... wrought-iron-candle-lanterns_FF_Model_ID10453_4_Modena_candle_lantern

JustNile Decorative Classic Style Table Top Candle Lantern with Handle