Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders

All the wrought iron candle holders that you can witness on this site, have their own particular charm. They can be a nice addition to different interior designs and now you have a chance to appreciate them. Choose from among various styles, sizes and shapes and find something for yourself.

Best Products

Scroll Metal Crackled Glass Wall Hurricane Candle Holder Sconce Vase Decor

Scroll Metal Crackled Glass Wall Hurricane Candle Holder Sconce Vase Decor
Long-lasting and sparkling with gothic elegance, this candle holder is wall-mounted and designed for indoor use. Features wrwought iron construction with a powder-coated finish and captivating scrollwork, holding a crackled glass hurricane.

Waldemar Wrought Iron Candelabra

Waldemar Wrought Iron Candelabra
This wrought iron candelabra has got a sophisticated look and is perfect for your elegant home. It is a great decoration for living room or bedroom for romantic accent. You will be impressed how amazing this candelabra is.

Metal wrought iron cross wall decor candle holder gray

Metal wrought iron cross wall decor candle holder gray
This metal wrought iron wall candle holder - stands out against other candles holders of this type. The artistically transformed symbol of the cross, does not refer so much to biblical design, on the contrary - fits into many interiors.

Gothic medieval dungeon spanish

Gothic medieval dungeon spanish
Made of wrought iron gothic style wall candle holders is a unique and very glamorous combination that is perfect for the interior. Performances in Spanish Mediterranean style look exotic and stylish.

Vintage 50s retro wilton cast iron

Vintage 50s retro wilton cast iron
Hand-carafted of wrought iron, this impressive candle holder emanates with vintage flavor and gothic accents. Designed in the 1950's, the holder is wall-mounted, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra

Wrought Iron Centerpiece Candelabra
It is a centerpiece candelabra that is made of iron and holds five pillar candles. It is perfect for your dining room table, fireplace, bedroom and more. The iron banding is strong and wide. It looks very beautiful and elegant.

Owen Wrought Iron Hurricane

Owen Wrought Iron Hurricane
It is a wrought iron hurricane candle holder that is made of 75-percent iron and 25-percent glass. It fits to any style and décor and is a perfect addition for indoor and outdoor area. You will be impressed.

Our advice Buying Guide

We all love candles, right? They are romantic, cozy, and exceptionally beautiful. However, one thing that makes candles sparkle even more are the candle holders. Candle holders are in fact part of the romantic magic offered by candle lights. Luckily, there are many types of candle holders that come with various designs and materials. But if you are looking for something rugged that will last for a lifetime, going for wrought iron wall candle holders could be a great idea.

Why Select Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders?

There are a number of reasons why wrought iron wall candle holders offer a better option for homeowners compared to the other options in the market. To start with, the durability of wrought iron is quite good. As long as the holders are fitted properly on the wall, they can deliver outstanding service for a long time.

Wrought iron candle holders are also very versatile, especially when it comes to décor. Their dark black finish can go well with any wall. Besides, most walls in many homes tend to be brightly colored and a dark iron candle holder will offer the best accent. Finally, the wrought iron can be easily customized to meet the preferences of the customer. In fact, when you start shopping you will notice that the holders do come in many great styles and shapes.

Buying quality wrought iron wall candle holders should be easy. After all, there are many options to go for.

What size and shape of wrought iron wall candle holders should you pick?

The size of the candle holders has to be chosen in relation to the size of the wall. If the wall is big, then you would probably need big candle holders to get the accent value that you’re looking for.

The shape does also have an effect on this. In most cases, wrought iron holders don’t have specific shapes. It will often be a creative design that either resembles a flower or something like that. Some candle holders are also very simple in the way they are shaped. You will just get the holder attached to a wall mount and that’s it. Although simple shapes are good, if you want to make a statement you must try the more elegant and complex shapes out there.

What designs of wrought iron wall candle holders are there?

There are three broad categories of designs as far as the wrought iron wall candle holders go:

  • Sophisticated, elegant holders. These have simple designs featuring such elements as grapevines or spirals. They are easily incorporated into almost any décorating scheme.
  • Holders with unique features. A big category of candle holders reflects our passion and interest. Whatever occupies your mind in your free time, you'll find a candle holder featuring this theme, be it dogs, dancing or traveling. Wrought iron candle holders like this go a long way in personalizing your space.
  • Whimsical holders. You can often find pieces decorated with colored glass. They attract a lot of attention and beautifully brighten up space.

In order to get the best out of wrought iron wall candle holders, you will need to pick the right design. Design and style determine the appearance of the candle holders. The kind of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these holders varies though. Some are detailed and elegant while some are very simple. Either way, you must pick something that adds class to your walls.


Iron Candelabra Candle Holder

Iron Candelabra Candle Holder
It is an iron candelabra candle holder that has got a pyramid layout and holds five pillar candles. It is very stylish and if you want to have an elegant home you need to have it. You will be impressed how beautiful this candelabra is.

Wrought iron wall candle holders

Add style and beauty into your apartment and choose this 2-piece set. It features two wall candle holders with the wrought iron construction and medieval design.

Wrought iron wall candle holders 2

Made from wrought iron, these wall-attached candle holders delight with the classic, charming appeal they create. Wrought iron crafting enables to create beautiful unique forms, like. hearts, diamonds or branches.

Wrought iron wall candle holder 7

These candle holders look the best if they are mounted in groups, no less than a pair of them. Wrought iron swirls create a visually interesting background for a candle, displayed in clear glass holder.

Wrought iron wall candle holders

Crafted from wrought iron, this wall-mounted candle holder delights with its ornamental design, full of swirls and volutes. A refined way to provide illumination in your hallway or living room.

Wrought iron wall candle holders

This is an antique candle holder. It’s made of wrought iron and is resistant to rust. It has two wall attachments to ensure it stays on the wall. The lamp area is covered by a glass case and the rest of the body is attached to a well-curved iron.

Wrought iron wall candle holders 17

Handcrafted wrought iron candle holder that should last for years. Featuring beautiful craftsmanship and a superb glossed black finish, the holder also comes with a single hole at the top for hanging on walls, doors, and other surfaces. It’s capable of holding two candles at any given time.

Wrought iron candle holders 21

Wrought iron candle holder featuring beautiful intricate craftsmanship and a stunning industrial black finish. The piece can hold up to three candles and its unique design makes it a superb piece of accessory for any space. The holder can also be mounted on walls.

Wrought iron wall candle holders 18

Minimalist wall mounted candle holder constructed from wrought iron for long-lasting service. The holder also comes with a distressed natural metal finish, making it the ultimate piece of wall accent. It can hold a single candle at a time too.

Wrought iron canning jar sconce rustic country wall vase or


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Wrought iron hanging candle holder wrought iron hanging candle holder

wrought iron hanging candle holder wrought iron hanging candle holder ...

Wrought iron wall candle holders 6

A set of 2 antique wall candle sconces crafted of iron with a beautiful bronze finish. A sconce is composed of a snake-shaped tapered base, a rectangular wall mount and a flat round bobeche with a spike.

Danya B. Canaria Curly Candle Sconce

Wrought iron wall candle holders 5

Not everyone is a fan of ornamental accessories, but this wrought iron candle holder maintains the right balance between style and ornamental features. Ample of swirls comprise the design of the wall-mounted candle holder.

Wrought iron heart wall sconce candle holder 1

Wrought iron heart wall sconce candle holder

Candle wall sconce light decor glass antique wrought iron holder

Candle-Wall-Sconce Light Decor Glass Antique Wrought Iron Holder ...