Modern Candle Wall Sconces

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Lighting can be one one the most important and easily overlooked areas of your home. Contemporary candle sconces are a great way to bring soft, warm candle light to your home without sacrificing much needed table space. Add all that wonderful light and some artistic design elements too, with you search this collection.

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Updated 23/02/2023
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Rectangular candle wall sconce with a slender frame

Rectangular candle wall sconce with a slender frame

Three Posts™

This candle wall sconce delivers a warm take on modern design, instantly catching the eye with its mixed-material construction. The frame is made of iron and flaunts an open vertical silhouette, gently hanging from a square plaque. Contrasting that, a round wooden candle holder and clear glass shade brighten up the piece. 

Designer Advice:

This item provides the perfect balance of modern and welcoming, meaning it would look splendid in a modern home, and equally good when mixed among rustic, industrial, and farmhouse decor pieces. Aside from that, it works great as a single enhancement, but can also be used in pairs—flanking a mirror, headboard, a piece of artwork, or gallery wall—for more visual impact.

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Circular candle wall sconce

Circular candle wall sconce


Best described as modern minimalist, this metal candle wall sconce has been forged into a sleek round shape and finished in black to create a bold statement. It also includes a glass cylinder for decorative and practical purposes, like protecting the flame while giving the sconce a clean appearance.

Designer Advice:

Sure, this candle wall sconce is fairly simple in design. However, it’s just enough to update bare surfaces and make an intriguing focal point with its 15" diameter. Meanwhile, the round plate can accommodate pillar candles up to 4” wide, whether real or flameless. Of course, the choice is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with a scented candle if you want your space to smell good and look chic at the same time. 

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Hugging candle wall sconce set

Hugging candle wall sconce set

Latitude Run®

Modern meets contemporary with this pair of candle wall sconces. Taking on a peculiar form, they both feature a tall, iron backplate that playfully curves around the removable glass insert. Plus, they come in a sophisticated black hue to complement any modern color scheme.

$54.99 $55.99

Designer Advice:

Thanks to their lightweight (but durable) structure, these sconces are relatively easy to hang—although no hardware is included. Not sure where to mount yours? The best part is that these wall accents make a nice addition anywhere that needs mood lighting. Some ideas include: the living room, entryway, bathroom, bedroom, home office, den, or perhaps outside on your covered porch. 

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Square candle wall sconce

Square candle wall sconce

Birch Lane™

Sticking to the theme of geometric shapes, this one has a clean-cut, boxy silhouette. It is delicately crafted from quality iron and comprises a large glass cover, both giving off an airy feel. Completing its modern aesthetic is the powder-coated black finish. 

Designer Advice:

This listing only comes with one sconce, though we do recommend purchasing more (maybe 3 or 4) and arranging them in a straight line (with a few inches of gaps in between each piece) to create an attention-grabbing wall feature with little effort. Although not included, all you need is a screw nail to hang the candle wall sconce up. 

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Geometric candle wall sconces

Geometric candle wall sconces

Etta Avenue™

Fresh and funky, this modern candle wall sconce set stands out with its layered geometric frame composed of thin, intersecting rectangles. Each piece is awash in a luxurious gold color and comes with a round platform, ready to hold 3-inch pillar candles.

$33.99 $41.5

Designer Advice:

We love a candle wall sconce that is ready for use, requiring no assembly—and that is exactly what this set of 2 candle wall sconces offers. What’s more, the sawtooth hook on the back makes hanging them a breeze. Neither too overpowering nor too dull, these candle holders add just the right amount of flamboyance to modern and contemporary interiors. 

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Form sculputred wall sconce contemporary candles and candle holders

... Form Sculputred Wall Sconce contemporary-candles-and-candle-holders

Modern candle sconce 1

Pretty vintage candle sconces of iron finished in gold and bronze. One of them resembles a stoup, 2 others are roundish, have textured surfaces, irregular indented edges and are equipped with a small candle holder on a thin curved arm each.

Iron Sconce (Set of 2)

Iron Sconce (Set of 2)

Classy though simple contemporary candleholder for pillar or votive candles. It's crafted of black-finished welded iron and consists of 5 ringlets in 3 sizes and a bowl-like bobeche. It matches most interiors and must be hung vertically.

Candle sconces home depot

Candle sconces for modern indoors. Their sleek design includes metal wall fixture and metal candle dish for a glass vessel. These decorative elements are also resistant to different forms of damage and wear.

Candle wall sconce modern wall sconces by candle wall sconce

... candle wall sconce modern wall sconces by candle wall sconce modern

Vintage cast iron wall sconces danish

Vintage cast iron wall sconces danish

Modern candle sconces made of durable cast iron. These black wall sconces are designed for wall mounting. Their durable construction allows for holding elements that feature large weight. They also play decorative roles.

Wall Pillar Candle Sconce Set Modern Abstract Contemporary Design Metal Romantic

Wall Pillar Candle Sconce Set Modern Abstract Contemporary Design Metal Romantic

Cast iron is a refined material for the creation of abstract, geometric forms of wall candle sconces in contemporary style. They have the form of long glass tubes, combined with elegant wood frames and circle accents.

Candle wall sconce modern large black metal circles round decor

... Candle Wall Sconce Modern Large Black Metal Circles Round Decor

Modern wall candle holder 3

jacuzzi tub and rainfall shower-head... yumm

31 wall sconces designs for dressing up your hallways 1

31 Wall Sconces Designs For Dressing Up Your Hallways

Candle sconces contemporary 15

Agatha Oval Mirror Taper Sconce contemporary candles and candle holders

Estelle Metal Sconce (Set of 2)

Estelle Metal Sconce (Set of 2)

This awesome and stylish metal sconce would be a perfect decoration for every kind of house, no matter if you prefer modern or traditional style. Check it out now and enjoy its extraordinary functionality!

IMAX Forte Sconces, Set of 2

Set of two candle wall sconces. Made of black wrought iron and glass. Very nice modern design. Enjoy the warm light of candles every time you enter the room. Perfect addition for any home decor.

Candle sconces contemporary 18

Metal Wall Sconce Candle Holder Set of 2 Contemporary Home Decor Home Accents | eBay

Candle sconces contemporary 23

CC Home Furnishings 22" Sleek Contemporary Glass Pillar Candle Wall Sconce $105

Candle sconces contemporary 21

- Metal Candle Sconce (Set of 2) - Add a touch of contemporary glamor to your wall with this metal candle sconce pair. This set of sconces features a scrolled metal design for aesthetic appeal. Each sconce is equipped with a candle plate fo

Modern candle sconces

Downtown Wall Sconce contemporary wall sconces

Modern candle sconce 5

Something different to ordinary candle sconces; accessories if this kind are usually conflated with traditional style. These candle sconces are contemporary, almost industrial, as their appearance is rather rough. Silver brushed metal is their whole charm.

Candle sconces contemporary 14

Slim Pencil Arm Sconce Master Sitting Room No swing arm BUT that may be ok really... will 14" high work there?

Candle sconces contemporary 16

Set of 3 Hand Made Contemporary Floating Candle Sconces by VinTin, $150.00

Candle sconces contemporary 13

Contemporary Candle Sconce

Modern wall candle holder

Wall Sconce Set of 2 Iron Metal Glass Candle Holder Home Decor ...

IMAX Belmiro Wall Sconce