Hurricane Lamp Replacement Glass

For an aesthetic shift, replacing your hurricane lamps glass can give a room an entirely new attitude. WIth tons of styles and colors, your hurricane glass will take the mundane and make it classical, or even add an antiquity to it. A delicate blend of hand-blown artistry and shape, these hurricane lamp replacement glass options will take your lamp from bland to beautiful.

Best Products

Clear Glass Hurricane Oil Lamp Or Candle Holder Globe Chimney Replacement

Clear Glass Hurricane Oil Lamp Or Candle Holder Globe Chimney Replacement
Set of vintage glass chimneys intended to oil lamps - they are in good fettle, so you can use it on other ways. Both chimneys will play them role perfectly as minimalistic lampshades to table lamp or fancy candleholder.

Vtg glass replacement shade for gwtw

Vtg glass replacement shade for gwtw
Beautiful replacement shade with floral patterns. Made from glass, it will cast amazing shadows all over the interior it serves in. It carries a retro vibe that will surely mesmerize all of your guests.

Replacement hurricane glass globes

Gorgeous approach to a set of decorative shower curtains, made out of a silky fabric with a waterproof lining. The curtains are made in an ornate, sophisticated fashion with a purple top and a beige-coloured bottom.

Hurricane globes

For all who want to enhance their antique or vintage homes, this lighting replacement for kerosene or oil burners will be a shot right in the bullseye. Made of clear glass, the 3" x 8,5" lamp chimney is heat-resistant, easy to clean, and spiced up with classic flare.

Hurricane replacement globes

Glass shade suitable for hurricane lamps. This element of equipment is made of durable glass with some stylish accents on its surface. It is not only attractive, but it is also resistant to wear and damage.

Hurricane lamp replacement glass

If you are a fan of romantic style, you need to choose this replacement for table lamp. It is made of clear glass with brown tint and white roses. It will be great as a vase for flowers too.

Hurricane lamp replacement glass 1

Lampshade designed for oil lamps. It is completely made of transparent glass. Sophisticated addition in Vintage style to any interior. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Our advice Buying Guide

A hurricane lamp replacement glass is one of the most sought-after parts for people who have hurricane lamps or lanterns. A replacement glass is critical for a lamp designed for drafty or windy scenarios. After all, without the glass, you basically just have a fire-lit lamp. When it comes to the replacement glass, you have plenty of options to choose from.

In fact, the choices are so plentiful that finding the right one can be confusing. In this article, we are going to provide you with a buying guide so you'll have no trouble finding the right replacement glass for your situation.

What are the types of hurricane lamp replacement glass?

Today, there are already several different types of hurricane lamp replacement glass. Each type has its own ups and downs. It's up to you to find the right one that fits best to your situation.

  • Annealed glass is a traditional glass used for a hurricane lamp. Its biggest advantage is the cost. It's generally cheaper compared to other types of glass. On the downside, when it breaks, it "splinters" into large and jagged shards. Because of this, it can become a real hazard.
  • Toughened glass has the advantage of being much more durable compared to annealed glass. Also, when a toughened glass breaks, it produces small and regularly-shaped shards rather than large and dangerous shards. This means it's a lot safer compared to annealed glass. On the downside, it's more expensive.
  • Extra clear glass is different in a way that it's made from a different material. It doesn’t get its "extra clear" properties from the glass-making process. It's a good glass to use if you want the maximum amount of light to come out from your hurricane lamp. On the downside, it's a bit harder to find.
  • Patterned glass is an excellent choice if aesthetics is your primary concern. Because of the patterns, your hurricane lamp can double as a lovely decoration for your home. It's also rather cheap compared to other types of treated glass. On the downside, it can be a hazard as a patterned glass is not made to minimize glass-related dangers.

What color glass should I choose?

The traditional color is clear, and it's great if you want to maximize the light coming out of the lamp. If you want a more stylish look, then you can choose other colors. The most important thing is to make sure that the color will match the room where you will be placing your hurricane lamp.

What budget should be allocated to hurricane lamp replacement glass?

Knowing your priority can help you minimize the unnecessary costs. When it comes to a hurricane lamp replacement glass, there's always a trade-off between durability, safety, and style. For example, the tougher the glass is, the more expensive it will be. It's up to you to find the right one that will fit your budget and serve your needs at the same time.

Looking for the right hurricane lamp replacement glass can be tricky. However, sticking to the critical points that we mentioned above can immensely help in making things easier.


Replacement Hurricane Glass, 1 1/2" Base

This amazing hurricane glass sports the design perfect for candle holders and measures roughly 9 inches high, not including the base, while featuring the classic trumpet shape and opening diameter of 5 inches.

Glass hurricane shades

Clear glass lamp chimney that can be used as a replacement glass for a hurricane lamp. It matches antique and contemporary stylizations thanks to its simple shape and clear glass construction. This element features solidity and long life.

Hurricane lamp glass

Authentic vintage glass shade for hurricane lamp. If your old oil lamp shade happened to get broken, here's a fine replacement. The only ornamental element in this one is the beaded top. The glass is transparent.

Hurricane lantern glass replacement

An aesthetic traditional replacement glass (chimney) for hurricane lamps. It's manufactured of clear glass. It has a short cylindrical bottom part and an hourglass body with a smooth flared top edge.

Hurricane lamp replacement glass ebay

Hurricane Lamp Replacement Glass | eBay

Westinghouse Chimney Glass 3 In. Fitter Frosted

Replacement glass for hurricane lamp. This item is made of durable glass finished in neutral white color. It means that this lamp provides good level of light and looks very attractive in any stylization.

Vintage milk glass hurricane lamp shade replacement globe brown w

Vintage Milk Glass Hurricane Lamp Shade Replacement Globe Brown W ...

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Details about vintage clear glass smooth top hurricane lamp chimney

Details about Vintage Clear Glass Smooth Top Hurricane Lamp Chimney 8 ...

Replacement glass shades for hurricane lamps

This wonderful glass cup can be a perfect replacement glass for a hurricane lamp. Embellished with a silver floral pattern, it will illuminate the space with a marvellous glow.

Replacement parts list 2001 replacement parts list 2001

replacement parts list 2001 replacement parts list 2001

Hurricane lamp shade

This made of milky white glass lampshade is the perfect replacement item that will make the interior will become lightness and style. Beautiful finish and exceptionally pleasing to the eye shape charm.

Vintage clear glass oil kerosene lamp light hurricane chimney shade

Vintage Clear Glass Oil Kerosene Lamp Light Hurricane Chimney Shade ...

Replacement glass for oil lamps

On this photo is presented a hurricane lamp replacement glass lampshade. White hobnail hurricane lamp shade is in excellent condition, made of milk glass and has a traditional form of hurricane shade 10' fitter.

Quoizel AB703 Abigail Adams 1 Light 28" Tall Painted Glass Hurricane Lamp with N,

Lacking a farmhouse table lamp? Take a peek at this cottage style hurricane lamp with elaborately detailed antique brass metal base and white glass shade. The tiny blue flowers pattern is painted on milk glass.

Milk glass lamp shade replacement

Such an adorable piece deserves just as equally attractive room to be placed in. The lamp is designed basing on two large globes, where one of them is used as a shade, and the second one as a decorative body embedded in an elegant base. The oil lamp brings antique accents to any room, and is entirely hand-painted.

Clear Hurricane Glass Shade

Wall sconce as additional source of light in any interior. Frame is made of metal with gold finish and fitted with glass lampshade. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lamp globes antique replacement

Vintage White Milk Glass Hobnail Hurricane by CreativeYardArt1, $29.00

Hurricane lamps glass

Large 12" Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass Replacement Globe Hurricane Lamp Shade

Hurricane lamp globes

This vintage glass globe for a kerosene lamp is crafted of brown glass, and is designed to hold an electric bulb. The whole globe is easy to clean and easy to use, and decorated with an attractive, serrated pattern on the top.

Paraffin lamp glass replacement

Listing is for one 1 replacement etched glass hurricane candle

listing is for One (1) Replacement Etched Glass Hurricane Candle Lamp ...

Clear glass chimney hurricane globe shade lighting kerosene oil lamp


Replacement glass hurricane shade 10 fitter 1

Replacement glass hurricane shade 10' fitter

Eastland® Pillar Hurricane Lamp 11.5"

Large replacement plain glass hurricane or storm lamp cover

Large Replacement Plain Glass Hurricane or Storm Lamp Cover

Bulbous clear glass oil kerosene lamp light hurricane chimney shade

Bulbous Clear Glass Oil Kerosene Lamp Light Hurricane Chimney Shade 3 ...

Replacement candle globes

A replacement lampshade for a hurricane oil lamp, made in a vintage fashion. The replacement lampshade is made out of coloured glass in a light amber color in a unique shape, providing an elegant touch.

Replacement glass for candle holder

I was looking to replace my canisters. No luck however this may be even better!

Clear hurricane lamp shade 08704 b p lamp supply

Clear Hurricane Lamp Shade 08704 | B&P Lamp Supply

Glass hurricane lamp shade 2 7 8 inch fitter x

Glass Hurricane Lamp Shade 2 7/8 inch fitter x 8 with ...

Hurricane lamp shade swirled iridescent flare 3 inch

Hurricane Lamp Shade Swirled Iridescent Flare 3 inch ...

Clear hurricane lamp shade 08704 b p lamp supply 1

Clear Hurricane Lamp Shade 08704 | B&P Lamp Supply

Hurricane lamp shades replacement glass

Hurricane Lamp Shades Replacement Glass

Hurricane lamp style glass replacement shades set of two

Hurricane Lamp Style Glass Replacement Shades Set of Two

8 5 in tall clear glass hurricane lamp chimney top

8.5 in tall Clear Glass Hurricane Lamp chimney top ...

Clear glass hurricane lamp shade replacement part 6 1 2

Clear Glass Hurricane Lamp Shade Replacement-Part (6-1/2 ...

White milk glass hurricane lamp shade 9 7 8 vintage

White Milk Glass Hurricane Lamp Shade 9 7/8 Vintage GWTW

Glass hurricane lamp shade 3 5 inch fitter x 7

Glass Hurricane Lamp Shade 3.5 inch fitter x 7.75 x 5.25 x ...

Vintage milk glass replacement hurricane lamp shade or globe

Vintage Milk Glass Replacement Hurricane Lamp Shade or Globe

Vintage replacement hurricane glass globe lamp shade etched

Vintage Replacement Hurricane Glass Globe Lamp Shade Etched

Hurricane lamp style frosted glass replacement shades set of

Hurricane Lamp Style Frosted Glass Replacement Shades Set of

Vintage clear glass hurricane lamp chimney or shade wreath

Vintage Clear Glass Hurricane Lamp Chimney Or Shade Wreath