Hand Painted Glass Lamp Shades

If you like the idea of the warmth and care that shines through in a hand crafted and decorated item, then you will love these hand painted glass lampshades. We know what you're thinking. These must look foolish as if painted by children. But this collection of hand painted glass lampshades is far from it. They are bold and beautiful, and we have plenty to choose from.

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Hand painted lamp shades table lamps

Hand Painted Lamp Shades Table Lamps

Hand painted glass lamp shades 11

Hand painted glass lamp shade with base made from old school brass. It looks very vintage, french style. Such a cool shabby decor. I'd put it on my veranda, surronded by many flower vases and clear glass wine glasses.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 6

Globe milk glass lamp shade with hand painted floral pattern hinting at vintage origin. Large pink rose blossoms surrounded by subtle white flowers, plus a bunch of green leaves create the unique retro pattern.

Replacement shades for antique lamps hand painted glass please

Replacement Shades for Antique Lamps Hand Painted Glass - Please ...

Fenton lamp mini table clear satin reverse painted butterflies clover

Fenton Lamp Mini Table Clear Satin Reverse Painted Butterflies Clover D 649
Cool, hand painted glass lamp shade and nice brass-made bottom. I really like the images printed on the shade. So soft and simple, could be ideal as your doughter's new table lamp or as cool complement in your bedroom.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 1

Hand-painted to match the lamp's base, this ornamental glass shade will be an ideal addition to any hurricane lamp, creating a refined classic appeal. Has a 10-inch fitter.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 4

Round lampshade made of glass. It is finished with carefully made floral pattern. It is compatible with standard lamp. Classic form and elegant style.

Our advice Buying Guide

A beautiful feature piece for your living room or bedroom, a hand-painted glass lamp shade is a bright addition to your home. Although each of the lamp shades is hand painted, they vary in style. It's important to shop around and see the different designs which are on offer, as it will help you to determine which is the best style for your personal tastes and your home.

What are the most attrative patterns on hand painted lamp shades?

You may already have an idea of what pattern you want on your hand painted lamp shade, but if you don't, let's consider some of the patterns which are available.

  • Floral patterns: This is one of the most popular styles that you'll find on hand painted lamp shades. The floral pattern is very often pink roses or other delicate and floral pattern. This makes your home appear brighter and looks good when positioned in a corner or on a corner display cabinet.
  • Butterflies: A lovely pattern very similar to the floral pattern mentioned above, butterflies are a colorful alternative for your glass lamp. Pastel blues, yellows and pinks are popular colors, and the butterflies may be paired with flowers too.
  • Forest pattern: This is a slightly darker lamp shade, and ideal for the homes which would suit darker hues. It is often decorated with a sunset scene, including trees and mountains which would be found in a forest.
  • Plain pattern: If you want to avoid color due to conflicting existing décor or other reasons, the plain hand painted design is one to consider. The lamp shade is hollow with copper tones to add extra warmth to your home. The hand painted details are done with plain black or brown paint, omitting too much color and creating a simpler design.

What are the most common shapes of hand-painted lamp shades?

The shape of the lamp shade can change the entire appearance of the lamp and also the room in which you position it. Let's look at some of the shapes which you might find.

  • Circular shade: This elegant style is made of glass and is perfectly rounded for a soft and warm lamp shade. This is often seen with a floral pattern, although many other patterns are available.
  • Rounded dome style: The rounded dome style is like the circular style when cut in half. It is a semi-circular dome shape which is well suited to classic homes and houses with traditional décor. Often paired with a sturdy brass post, it is one of the most elegant designs you'll find.
  • Bell shape: With a timelessly classic look, the bell-shaped hand painted lamp shade will suit a warmly decorated bedroom. Often seen with a white shade and any of the patterns listed above, is it slightly different than the most popular shapes, but adds a unique look to your home.

You should look at the existing themes and décor in your home when choosing a hand painted lamp shade. The glass material will add elegance and sophistication wherever you position it, so the main things you'll need to consider are the patterns and shades listed above.


10 hand painted opal glass ball lamp shade queen elizabeth

10 Hand Painted Opal Glass Ball Lamp Shade, Queen Elizabeth Roses | Antique Lamp Supply

Hand painted glass lamp shades 5

Hand painted glass lamp shades with cool and very sophisticated print on it, beautiful pink roses and green elements - it looks pretty adorable. I wonder how to create a wall out of it and put it in the garden.

Hand painted glass lamp shades

A beautiful example of the handmade project. Hand painted glass lamp shade for all who enjoy climatic details. The picture on the lamp shows a church scene on one side and trees on the reverse side seen in pictures shade measures of about 17 inches across.

Two antique victorian chandelier hand painted glass lamp shades iridescent

Two Antique Victorian Chandelier Hand Painted Glass Lamp Shades Iridescent
Ideal for an antique, Victorian chandelier, this hand-painted glass lamp shade will create a magical, iridescent glow. Slightly dusted, although maintained in a perfect condition.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 6

Lamp Shades: Glass Roses

Hand painted glass lamp shades hand decorated glass lamp shades

hand painted glass lamp shades hand decorated glass lamp shades

Handel style reverse hand painted shade antique finish base ebay

Handel Style Reverse Hand Painted Shade Antique Finish Base | eBay

Hand painted art glass lamp shade red rose flowers

Hand Painted Art Glass Lamp Shade Red Rose Flowers
This wonderful glass lamp shade is a handmade masterpiece, comprising beautifully designed red rose flowers. It will not only brighten up the interior but also bring charm and warmth to the space.

Lighting connecticut gone with the wind lamp american late 19th

lighting, Connecticut, Gone with the Wind lamp, American, late 19th century, brass base signed B & H, hurricane shade and bulbous shade with hadn painted floral decoratiin Circa 1880-1900

Reversed White Glass Shade Hand Painted Rose Pattern Table Desk Lamp 23"H

With its great detailing and design, this white glass table lamp shade will add a gentle, elegant appeal to the room. Combined with a solid, antique brass base, it will catch the attention of anyone entering the space. Measures 23" tall, 14"diameter.

Tiffany Style Victorian Floor Lamp with 300 Glass Pieces

Tiffany Style Victorian Floor Lamp with 300 Glass Pieces

Lamp shade globe gone with the wind hand painted glass

Lamp Shade / Globe Gone With The Wind Hand Painted Glass GWTW Vintage Large Old (01/05/2013)

Koi reverse hand painted glass table lamp artisancraftedlighting

Koi Reverse Hand Painted Glass Table Lamp - ArtisanCraftedLighting

Hand painted lamp shades table lamps

A stunning and artistic table lamp that features the image of a winter landscape. The lamp actually consists of two glass shades that were hand painted with a great precision. When the light is on, the lamp looks just magnificent.

Art deco lamp with hand painted scenic landscape glass shade

Art Deco lamp with hand painted scenic landscape glass shade;

Miller art nouveau brass table lamp with hand painted glass

... -MILLER-Art-Nouveau-Brass-Table-Lamp-with-Hand-Painted-Glass-Shade

Hand painted glass lamp shades 9

Handpainted glass lampshade. Beautiful roses and leaves were painted on light surface of shade. They are painted in subdued colors - light pink and purple. This lampshade can make every lamp more smart and luxury.

Glass Bell Ceiling Fan Fitter Shade

Glass Bell Ceiling Fan Fitter Shade
Alluring traditional ceiling fan fitter shade crafted of tempered glass and featuring a wonderful hand-painted colourful parrots and plants design. It has a shape of a bell and must be fixed with screws to 2.25" opening fitters.

Painted table lamps on painted lamps buying reverse painted lamps

Painted Table Lamps on Painted Lamps Buying Reverse Painted Lamps ...

Hand painted glass lamp shades 4

A work of art has many names and words - and even a glass lampshade, left in the house to be forgotten thanks to the hands of a creative painter, becomes a three-dimensional landscape, with a lake, a dandelion, and warm colors.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 15

Gorgeous globe lamp shade crafted out of opal glass, with classic Victorian floral motive of rose blossoms painted by hand on the round shade. Beautiful Victorian roses scene painted in peach and yellow.

22.5" Antique Golden Sand Tropical Sun Table Lamp with Hand Painted Glass Shade

Details about vintage hand painted art glass light lamp shade

Details about Vintage Hand Painted Art Glass Light / Lamp Shade Orange ...

Hand Painted Crystal Leaves 23.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Hand Painted Crystal Leaves 23.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Hand painted lamp

Studio Table Lamp by Ulla Darni. This table lamp began with original paintings by Ulla. The art was then carefully reproduced utilizing photography, high-resolution printing & lamination techniques to create a rich & beautiful representation of her origin

Briarwood three bowl w10 d10 h33 this tall lamp makes

Briarwood Three Bowl (W10" D10" H33")This tall lamp makes a lovely companion piece to our Briarwood Prism Lamp. The glass shade and bowl are hand-blown and then hand painted with roses in full bloom. The base is solid brass, hand-buffed and finished with

Hand painted rose floral glass dome 14 inch glass lamp

Hand Painted Rose Floral Glass Dome - 14 Inch Glass Lamp Shades

Hand painted glass lamp shades 3

Cat Got The Grapes, reverse hand painted lamp shade by Jenny Floravita

Glass shades for tiffany type lamps bridge floor lamps etc

Glass Shades for Tiffany Type Lamps & Bridge Floor Lamps, etc.

Avalon 1 Light Mini Pendant

Avalon 1 Light Mini Pendant
Stylish lamp with a sophisticated pattern. Designed to hang on the ceiling. Lampshade is made of satin nickel. The set includes a package assembly. Application according to taste and imagination.

Hand painted glass lamp shades 5

10" Hand Painted Opal Glass Ball Lamp Shade, English Roses Scene

How to paint glass lamp shades

This is so pretty! Hand+Painted+Glass+Lamp+Shade+Table+Lamp+Night+by+pinkdandyshop,+$24.99

Fenton hand painted lamps

Fortuny hand painted silk lamp shade with a star shape print on the bottom. With some nice, creative print on it. Well, I guess it's hand made, at least it looks like it was. It reminds me of these old school Paris pubs interiors.

Meyda Dale Tiffany Style Pond Lily Flower Glass Replacement Lamp Shade Redish-Orange & Light Yellow Pastel Color (Large) 4.5" Wide X 6" Tall X 1.5" Fitter for Pond Lilly Globe Bulb Lamps

Embossed and Hand Painted Glass Flower 12.4" H Table Lamp

Embossed and Hand Painted Glass Flower 12.4" H Table Lamp

Ambiance 16 reverse painted lamp shade by artist jenny floravita

Ambiance, 16" Reverse Painted Lamp Shade by artist Jenny Floravita

Hand painted glass lamp shades

Hand Painted Glass Lamp Shades

Painted lamps 3

Painted Lamps

Hand painted glass lamp shades 28

Lamps Plus Color Plus Collection - 100+ Colors - Designer lifestyle colors, hand-crafted by our artisans in California. With crisp white or custom-coordinated shades

Burlap lamp shades 6

Made of strong natural jute fabric, this shade easily fits in all colors interiors. In addition, its form is timeless thanks to the brown and beige shades and simple shape. The combination of string jute, give to this burlap lampshade an artistic look.

Dale Tiffany TT10796 Hand Painted Purple Flower Table Lamp, Antique Golden Sand

Vintage chicken wire lamp shade with

Vintage Chicken Wire Lamp Shade With
This element of home design is a lamp shade. Construction of this shade is made of durable and attractive metal. It features a very nice burlap decoration, so it looks very good in rustic indoors regardless of their color.

Hand Blown Mercury Glass Lily 9.5" H Table Lamp with Shade

Hand Blown Mercury Glass Lily 9.5" H Table Lamp with Shade