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It's time to hit the links but perhaps it's the wrong time of year. Maybe it's torrentially raining or snowing for days. But you need to have something in your life that will remind you of the better times when the sun was shining and the wind was light. For you, we offer the golfer lamp. We have plenty of golfer lamps to choose from and each depicts a scene that you yourself have experienced on the course.

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Updated 23/07/2022
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Brown And Bronze Gold Golf Lamp

Brown And Bronze Gold Golf Lamp

Corrigan Studio®

This luxury base is crafted from resin with a bronze finish. The base features a trio of clubs and a golf ball rest. Ideal for a unique country style living room. The shade is made from brown fabric and it stands at 32'' tall.  

Designer Advice:

The style of this lamp boasts unique charm. It is ideal for a cozy living room and of course golf lovers. It would look stunning placed on a small oak pedestal table for optimum attraction. You could pair it up with something delicate such as a spider plant on a sideboard.  

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Golf Ball Lamp With Decorative Shade

Golf Ball Lamp With Decorative Shade

DWK Corporation

This bohemian style golf ball lamp has a sturdy base. The base features golf clubs and balls. It is crafted from casted resin. The decorative shade is made from sepia toned fabric. It is ideal for a warm cozy games room. It is 20’’ high and has a vintage feel. 

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Wooden Base Golf Lamp

Wooden Base Golf Lamp

This wooden lamp is a stylish living room addition. It is complete with a beige fabric shade with golfers imprinted. The base also features detailed vintage golfers ornaments. The lamp is 38cm tall and is completely handmade.

Designer Advice:

This vintage lamp is an ideal home lamp. The wood adds warm tones and the ornaments create a vintage feel. You can easily place this on a sideboard, or coffee table. To keep the traditional element, this would look great with some vintage wall art behind.

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Contemporary Artistic Golf Lamp

Contemporary Artistic Golf Lamp

This modern table lamp is a winner for golf lovers. The base is made from steel and features a high-resolution print on a fabric shade. It is colorful and artistic. The lamp is 20" high. It’s ideal for a kid’s room or games room!  

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3D Night Light Golf Lamp

3D Night Light Golf Lamp

Available in multi colors, these are fun and fabulous for night lights. Each lamp boasts a different color. Made from acrylic, these lamps are carved out in the shape of a golfer. The 3D element is brought to life with LED lights for a unique look!  

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Golf Lamps

Buying Guide

If you're a big fan of scoring that birdie, then you simply need to have a golfer lamp. Every room needs a lighting source, so why not buy one that also communicates your love for the game. Of course, it's not smart to mindlessly purchase the first golfer lamp you see.

If you do that, you'll likely end up with a lamp that is not suitable for your situation. Thus, you need to know the factors that are important to you and choose accordingly. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for a golfer lamp.

In most cases, a golfer lamp is placed on a table. Hence, you'll need to pick the right height as if you are getting a table lamp and not a floor lamp.

Tables and chairs come in many different heights. And, this means that the ideal lamp height for you varies in relation to the chair and table. If this sounds like it's heading towards doing some complicated task, don't worry. There's one easy guideline you can follow, and that's the eye-level rule.

You'd want to start by sitting on the chair that is nearest to the table you are planning to place the golfer lamp. While sitting, you'd want to measure the distance between the top of the table and your eye level. When shopping for a golfer lamp, the bottom part of the lampshade should be lower compared to your eye level.

The reason for this is you don't want the lamp's bulb, and the accompanying glare, to be visible when you are sitting down.

When it comes to lighting design, there are two categories you need to keep in mind. There's the ambient lighting and task lighting.

Ambient lighting is the type if you need general illumination. Task lighting is the type if you want that extra light to do a task like writing or reading.

Since a golfer lamp will typically come with an elaborate design, the bottom part of the base is usually broader. As a result, it doesn't work well if you want a golfer lamp to aid you if you are doing something on the table. However, you can use a golfer lamp if you are planning to use it as a lighting aid for reading.

Typically, a golfer lamp is used as ambient lighting, and it has limited use for task lighting.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the lampshade. The right lampshade for you primarily depends on the style of the room or the style you want to display.

The popular lampshade shapes include the coolie, bell, empire, and drum.

  • Coolie - If you want something that looks modern or contemporary, then this shape is a good option.
  • Bell - A shape works well with a traditional style, or you want to add a feminine touch to the room.
  • Empire - Suits well for European and Victorian styles
  • Drum - It's popularly used for a setting that leans towards retro. If you want something that’s "bold," then the shape also works well.

So, that's it for now. The factors enumerated above should help you get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Best Ideas

Down The Fair Way 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Down The Fair Way 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

This 27-inch height table lamp in a brown finish features a resin body in shape of a golfer after making a swing. The empire shade is designed of a white fabric, ensuring stylish looks and warm lighting effect.

Golf lamps

Golf ball lamp will be an unusual addition in your room decor. Unique and stylish, great proposition to add a little originality to your room. Simple, small decoration will make big impression on your guests.

Golfer lamp 5

St Andrews Antique Golf Lamp

Golfer lamp 11

Golf Club Lamps. Re-pinned by GREENS BRUSHES THAT REALLY WORK!

Golfer Bag 32.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Golfer Bag 32.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

This 32.5-inch height table lamp in a brown finish features a resin body in shape of a golf bag with 4 golf clubs. The empire shade is designed of a white fabric, ensuring stylish looks and warm lighting effect.

Golfer lamp 13

Reverse Painted Glass Tiffany Golf Golfer Bankers Accent Desk Table Lamp Light in Table Lamps | eBay

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Desk/Office Accessories

Mario lamps golf club table lamp search results

Mario Lamps Golf Club Table Lamp Search Results

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golf club floor lamp floor lamp features three antique golf clubs and ...

Designed and intricately detailed golfer teeing off table lamp

... designed and intricately detailed golfer teeing off table lamp

Hand painted golfer lamp

Hand Painted Golfer Lamp

Golfer lamp 3

The Golf Club Table Lamp with Silhouette Shade by Passport Furniture features three golf clubs crossing above a golf ball on a brown base. The lamp comes with a bone linen shade. A great gift for all golf enthusiasts.

Golf lamp

Add sporty style to your space with this unique golfer lamp. Standard lampshade, with triangular shape - is built from stained glass, presenting the motif of players on the golf course. Warm light also exists thanks to a solid, stylized wooden base.

Golf themed lamps

A charming table lamp featuring a round base with figurines of a golfer and his juvenile caddy from the beginnings of this sport. It's crafted of resin in brownish tones. A cone lampshade (on a thin metal stem) with metal ribs is of creamy fabric.

Golfer lamp

Mario Lamps 97T495 Golf Club Kids Table Lamp

Golfer lamp 11

Golf Club Candlestick Lamp

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Golf Lamps

Golfer lamp 25

Golfer Lamp $25

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Art Deco Lamp Vintage Machine Age Chrome Golfer's Decorator Sporting Office Accent

Golf floor lamps from dann

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Adjustable halogen 7 iron golf club lamp 136381

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