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Looking for an easy way to update the look of your home’s exterior? Consider replacing any dated or broken globes on your outdoor lamp posts. Lamp globes with a unique design and style add beauty to your yard as well as add light in the dark. You can accent your garden, light the patio or walkway or provide a street lamp quality for dark areas. We’ve chosen eight classic lamp post globes that will make you smile for years to come. 

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Updated 24/09/2023
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Modern Global Lantern Head

Modern Global Lantern Head

Trent Austin Design®

Perfect For: Enhancing curb appeal and illuminating outdoor spaces

What We Like: Weather-resistant design with a clear glass tube

This modern global lantern head adds a touch of elegance to your home's outdoor space, casting a warm and welcoming glow. Crafted from a solid metal frame, it features a global cage design encasing a clear glass tube. Rated for wet locations, this weather-resistant fixture is perfect for creating a cozy street atmosphere or elevating the style of your patio and terrace.


Designer Advice:

Pair this lantern head with other modern outdoor light fixtures to create a cohesive and well-lit outdoor space that invites friends and family to gather and enjoy.

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Hand-Blown Globe Outdoor Lantern Head

Hand-Blown Globe Outdoor Lantern Head

Breakwater Bay

Perfect For: Enhancing your outdoor space with a nautical and railway touch

What We Like: The combination of a hand-blown globe and solid brass construction

This outdoor lantern head features a stunning hand-blown globe and a black finish over its solid brass construction, creating a classic nautical and railway-inspired design. Its high-quality materials ensure durability and resistance to weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use in your garden, patio, or any exterior space. The black finish adds a timeless flair that complements various exterior styles seamlessly.


Designer Advice:

To create a charming and cohesive outdoor lighting scheme, consider pairing this lantern head with matching wall-mounted sconces and pathway lights in a similar design and finish.

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Industrial Ladder Bookshelf with Drawers

Industrial Ladder Bookshelf with Drawers

Longshore Tides

Perfect For: Organizing and displaying books, plants, and decorative items

What We Like: Unique ladder-style design

Upgrade your living space with this sleek industrial ladder bookshelf featuring a combination of open shelves and drawers to neatly store and display your cherished books, plants, and other decorative items. Its sturdy metal frame and wooden shelves complement any decor, while the space-saving ladder design makes it an excellent addition to small apartments or tight spaces. The two bottom drawers provide extra storage and help keep your area clutter-free.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with industrial-style furniture and accents, such as metal chairs or a rustic coffee table, and add some greenery to create the perfect reading corner.

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Unique Design Wall Lamp

Unique Design Wall Lamp

East Urban Home

Perfect For: Enhancing any space with a touch of elegance

What We Like: Its stunning style and ability to brighten up any room

This unique design wall lamp not only illuminates your space but also adds an artistic flair to your interior. With a striking design that effortlessly blends with any décor style, this wall lamp brings both form and function to your home. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or hallway installations, this versatile lighting solution offers the perfect blend of style and practicality to elevate the ambience of any space.


Designer Advice:

Choose a soft, warm light bulb to create a cozy atmosphere, and consider pairing it with complementary wall art or mirrors to create a visually impactful feature wall.

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Egg-Shaped Outdoor Post Light with Textured Gold Band

Egg-Shaped Outdoor Post Light with Textured Gold Band

Joss & Main

Perfect For: Adding a unique statement to any outdoor space

What We Like: The innovative three-toned design

This egg-shaped outdoor post light showcases a sleek combination of a matte black base, opal-frosted white glass globe, and a striking textured gold band that instantly elevates the personality of your outdoor space. The versatile design effortlessly fits any standard 3-inch light pole (not included), making it ideal for illuminating walkways, gardens, or patios with a touch of elegance and style.


Designer Advice:

Pair this light with a black or dark-toned light pole and place along the garden path or around your patio for a modern and distinctive lighting arrangement.

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Unique Wall Lamp with Stunning Design

Unique Wall Lamp with Stunning Design

East Urban Home

Perfect For: Adding a touch of elegance to your living space

What We Like: The combination of beauty and functionality

This unique wall lamp not only provides a warm and inviting glow, but its captivating design also serves as an eye-catching piece of art. Suitable for any room in your home, this versatile wall lamp will instantly elevate your interior design and create a cozy ambiance. Its modern yet timeless design seamlessly blends with various decorating styles, making it an excellent choice for both contemporary and traditional homes.


Designer Advice:

Install this wall lamp next to your favorite reading nook or seating area and pair it with a richly textured armchair or sofa for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

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Hand-painted 1-Light Lantern Head

Hand-painted 1-Light Lantern Head

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Enhancing outdoor lighting and ambiance

What We Like: The exquisite craftsmanship of hand-painted glass globes

Elevate your outdoor lighting with this unique 1-Light Lantern Head, featuring European-inspired hand-painted glass globes. Each globe is carefully blown into a mold and treated with an opaque finish to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability. The soft frosted interior of the glass creates a warm, inviting glow that adds character to your exterior space. The combination of function and artistry makes it perfect for illuminating walkways, gardens, or patios.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with minimalist outdoor furniture and subtle landscape elements to let the lantern's artistic design stand out and add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

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Metal Cage Lantern with Hand-Blown Glass Shade

Metal Cage Lantern with Hand-Blown Glass Shade

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Adding texture and warmth to your living spaces

What We Like: Its captivating blend of function and style

Merging tradition with modern design, this metal cage lantern showcases a unique cage-like structure that adds an intriguing layer of texture to your room. The hand-blown Turkish glass shade emanates a warm hue, creating a cozy ambiance as it diffuses light from any compatible bulb up to 75W. This eye-catching piece serves as an exquisite decorative element while efficiently brightening up your space.


Designer Advice:

For an inviting and harmonious atmosphere, pair this lantern with warm-colored textiles and wooden furniture to further enhance its alluring characteristics.

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Mid-Century Modern Six-Light Outdoor Post-Mount Fixture

Mid-Century Modern Six-Light Outdoor Post-Mount Fixture

Breakwater Bay

Perfect For: Adding charm and a retro touch to exterior spaces

What We Like: The impressive palette contrast and Art Deco attitude

Embrace whimsical artistry with this Mid-Century Modern six-light outdoor post-mount fixture from the Laurent collection. Its Art Deco-inspired design features six opal white glass globe shades and cylindrical black finish aluminum elements, creating an eye-catching palette contrast. This stylish post-mount fixture is perfect for illuminating and adding character to your outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, or walkways.


Designer Advice:

Position this fixture in a visible area of your exterior space to create a captivating focal point. Consider using energy-efficient LED bulbs for long-lasting, eco-friendly illumination.

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Price Conscious Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Price Conscious Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: The globe is a twist-lock design that lets you replace the bulb easily.

What we don’t like: The globe is made from acrylic, not glass. 

Crafted from durable cast aluminum, the finish on this outdoor lamp post globe head is matte black. Make sure to pair the globe fixture with a black matte post. Pairing it with a gloss black will draw attention to the different sheens.

Although the lamp globe is only 10” in diameter, its price point means you can buy several. This lets you line your path or driveway with multiple lamp posts. The globe comes with a milk-white finish or a clear option with ribbed texture lines.

$107.99 $165

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Traditional Lamp Post Globe

Traditional Lamp Post Globe

Canora Grey

What we like: With three 60-watt bulbs, this lamp globe adds lots of light to your yard.

What we don’t like: The metal finish color is more dark charcoal than a true black.

This traditional lamp globe is perfect for both standard lamp posts or as a finishing detail on a fence or outdoor barrier. It has a regular 3” diameter post fitting (not a pier mount base) and is easily installed and hardwired in place. It’s well made, heavy and durable. 

The round globe is made with seeded glass. Delicate metal detailing around the globe keeps the three light bulbs from blinding your eyes. A companion wall lantern in the same style is also available. The combination of wall light with lamp posts will add a stunning design detail to a wide variety of home styles, from traditional to farmhouse.

$419.99 $559.99

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Extra Large Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Extra Large Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

2nd Ave Lighting

What we like: This globe can mount directly to decorative columns, decks and piers.

What we don’t like: Replacing more than one globe can be expensive.

The powder-coated finish on this solid brass outdoor lamp post globe is rust-resistant and suitable for wet weather. The frosted clear glass globe is in the shape of a sphere with brass chestnut-colored bands wrapping around it. The bands are covered with pretty gold-beaded filigrees. The fixture measures 27” high with finial and base. The globe measures 19” round and weighs 17 lbs. The lamp is hardwired and has a dimmable bulb. 

While this Tiffany-styled globe is stunning, the price point is very high and may not be suitable for a more modestly priced home. It would be perfect for a larger estate home where there are already bronze and gold elements in other finishes on the home.

$7200 $12000

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Schoolhouse Style Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Schoolhouse Style Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Charlton Home®

What we like: A 72” high lamp post can be purchased separately in the same finish.

What we don’t like: The opal acrylic shade material looks less like glass than the clear option.

Designed with a nod to a classic schoolhouse style, this outdoor lamp post globe comes in a clear or opal finish. The opal finish looks frosted and gives out an even amount of ambient light. It also disguises the light source. It’s able to stand up to strong sun without yellowing or cracking. Removal for cleaning and changing the bulb is easy.

The decorative turned finial and molded round base are made from cast aluminum. The aluminum is then painted in a matte black finish. The post base design is compatible with a 72” high post also sold on Wayfair. It measures 9” in diameter and 20.25” high.

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Rustic Bronze Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Rustic Bronze Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Andover Mills™

What we like: Available in a rustic bronze finish and black.

What we don’t like: There is a possible minimal finish or color difference between the base mount and lantern head. 

Made with a metal frame, this replacement lamp globe fitting features an open grid frame with a molded top. It comes in two sizes: 15” high with a 9” diameter globe or 19” high with a 10” diameter globe.

The seeded glass globe sits into the wireframe and diffuses the light from a single light bulb. Purchase a standard A19 60-watt light bulb. The fixture is designed for direct water exposure and is also weather resistant. To properly mount this outdoor lamp globe onto a stone hearth post, you must buy a separate pier base. 

$121.99 $147.99

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Vintage Style Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

Vintage Style Outdoor Lamp Post Globe

August Grove®

What we like: Unusual globe design makes it different from other lamp globe options. 

What we don’t like: It can be difficult to change the light bulb.

Available in weathered charcoal or a bronze finish, this outdoor lamp globe features cast aluminum construction. The fixture measures 15” tall and is 8” around, but the glass globe is smaller and hangs between the top supports.

The globe is shaped like a grape, and the glass has a unique rippled treatment. This diffuses and softens the light shining from the bulb filaments. A white electrical wire can be seen through the holes in the top of the lantern. We recommend touching up this section of wire with some black paint so you can’t see it against the charcoal or black finish.

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Outdoor Dimmable Lamp Post Globe

Outdoor Dimmable Lamp Post Globe

Breakwater Bay

What we like: It can be hard-wired or used as a plug-in lamp.

What we don’t like: The globe size is smaller than others.

This is the smallest size outdoor lamp post globe we found. At 13” high, the globe measures only 9” in diameter. The globe base fits into a standard 3” diameter post fitting. It’s made with clear glass and can easily be wiped clean. 

Use one standard A19 bulb with a maximum of 60 watts. Choose from a regular globe bulb, or add an Edison bulb with decorative filaments for a unique look. This lamp globe is one of the few replacement globes we found that doesn’t need to be hardwired but can be plugged into an outlet.

$99.99 $105.99

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Classic Coastal Lamp Post Globe

Classic Coastal Lamp Post Globe

Williston Forge

What we like: This globe and lamp are dark sky compliant and UL listed.

What we don’t like: If you need a pier mount base, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Handcrafted in a nautical “onion” style, this outdoor lamp post globe is made with hand-blown glass. Its New England style lets you choose between two glass shades — clear or optic. You can also choose from one of five metal finishes on solid brass as well as an antique copper option. All the finishes are rust-resistant. 

The lamp post globe measures 25” high with a 14.5” round globe. This size globe is big enough to make an impact but not overly large. You’ll want to match the metal finish color on the lamp post or consider a complementary color that doesn’t look like the post and globe were purchased separately. 

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Outdoor Lamp Post Globes

Buying Guide

An outdoor lamp post globe should range between 6 and 14 feet, but it really depends on how it’s been used. In fact, most street lamps are around 9 and 14 feet high, although you can easily find taller models.

If, on the contrary, you were planning on using an outdoor lamp post globe in your garden for decorative purposes and home security, then it should definitely be a bit shorter. The recommended height for garden lamp posts is between 6 and 9 feet.

Don’t forget to take your other existing decorative elements into consideration too in order to create a harmonious feel. If you want your outdoor lamp post globes to inspire an uplifting sense of verticality, then they should be taller than your other furniture and garden items.

Whether you are replacing your outdoor lamp post globes due to damage or cosmetic reasons, it’s helpful to know how to install an outdoor lamp post correctly.

Dig a 22” deep hole with a 12” diameter for the post and a trench for the wire. Fill the hole with 6” of gravel. Then, dig an 18” deep trench from the post hole to the house.

Next, run the PVC conduit from the house to the posthole. Place a 12-gage UF-rated wire through the PVC, leaving an extra 9’ of wire near the posthole and the house to connect to the breaker box. Then, pour concrete into the posthole and leave 6” of conduit exposed.

Finally, run the wires up through the lamppost and push it into the concrete. Use straps to brace the lamppost until the concrete dries. Connect the matching colored wires from the post to the globe. Finally, call an electrician to connect the wires to your breaker box.

Outdoor lamp post globes reflect an upscale vintage aesthetic that work well for many different types of houses, but it’s important that you select one that matches your unique home.

Consider where on your property your lamp should stand, the type of lighting your home already gets, and the types of weather you will most commonly experience. Picking weather-resistant globes will be a good idea regardless of your local forecast!

Globe light fixtures can have from one to five bulbs. If you’re planning on getting a pair of lamp posts, it may be a good idea to go with one or two globes; Get four or five, if you’re looking for more of a statement piece. Finally, remember that it’s generally a good idea to pick a classic neutral shade such as black or white for such an integral piece’s main metal fixtures.

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for quantities of 4 or more please see our price list for discounts

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This outdoor lamp combines smoothly cool and clean design with functionality, constituting a convenient outdoor addition. Its black metal finishing will offer sustainability for years.

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Portable patio lamp with four globes. Its solid powder coated aluminum construction is finished in neutral black color. This lamp includes a resin base and the whole construction is resistant to rain and moisture.

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This is not a ball for fortune telling - it's a polyethylene ball that's your new lamp. Similar to matte glass texture, it is great for outdoor lighting. White hue, extremely versatile - is the most commonly used form post globes in commercial solutions.

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Madison 89 4 Globe Outdoor Lamp Post In White Modern Outdoor Lighting

Madison 89 4 Globe Outdoor Lamp Post In White Modern Outdoor Lighting

This 4 globe outdoor lamp post constitutes a modern interpretation of the charming classic lamps one could find in the old-time London i.e. A great embellishment to your patio or garden.

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