Outdoor Lamp Post Globes


For your outdoor lamp post that might have had a globe shatter for a host of exotic reasons, we offer outdoor lamp post globes. Maybe you just want to do something different with your outdoor lamp post. Maybe put on a frosted globe, or a colored one for a seasonal touch. Whatever your motivations, this collection of outdoor lamp post globes will satisfy it.

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Madison 89 4 Globe Outdoor Lamp Post In White Modern Outdoor Lighting

Madison 89 4 Globe Outdoor Lamp Post In White Modern Outdoor Lighting

This 4 globe outdoor lamp post constitutes a modern interpretation of the charming classic lamps one could find in the old-time London i.e. A great embellishment to your patio or garden.

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Outdoor lamp post globes 3

This is not a ball for fortune telling - it's a polyethylene ball that's your new lamp. Similar to matte glass texture, it is great for outdoor lighting. White hue, extremely versatile - is the most commonly used form post globes in commercial solutions.

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Outdoor lamp post globes

Portable patio lamp with four globes. Its solid powder coated aluminum construction is finished in neutral black color. This lamp includes a resin base and the whole construction is resistant to rain and moisture.

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For quantities of 4 or more please see our price

for quantities of 4 or more please see our price list for discounts

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Triple globe lights 400mm diameter post overall height 3620mm

Triple Globe Lights 400mm Diameter Post Overall Height 3620mm

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Gull lighting outdoor globe collection 1 light outdoor post lantern

... Gull Lighting Outdoor Globe Collection 1-Light Outdoor Post Lantern

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Globe lamp post

Outdoor lamp in post globe style will be perfect to light up your huge garden. The white color makes it very classy and elegant and perfect match to the most house decor. Great to add some style outside your house.

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Outdoor lamp post globes 1

This outdoor lamp combines smoothly cool and clean design with functionality, constituting a convenient outdoor addition. Its black metal finishing will offer sustainability for years.

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European 4 globe portable patio lamp black post white globes

European 4 Globe Portable Patio Lamp Black Post White Globes

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Outdoor lamp post globes 18

four globe lamp post

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Outdoor Lamp Post Globes

Buying Guide

An outdoor lamp post globe should range between 6 and 14 feet, but it really depends on how it’s been used. In fact, most street lamps are around 9 and 14 feet high, although you can easily find taller models.

If, on the contrary, you were planning on using an outdoor lamp post globe in your garden for decorative purposes and home security, then it should definitely be a bit shorter. The recommended height for garden lamp posts is between 6 and 9 feet.

Don’t forget to take your other existing decorative elements into consideration too in order to create a harmonious feel. If you want your outdoor lamp post globes to inspire an uplifting sense of verticality, then they should be taller than your other furniture and garden items.

Whether you are replacing your outdoor lamp post globes due to damage or cosmetic reasons, it’s helpful to know how to install an outdoor lamp post correctly.

Dig a 22” deep hole with a 12” diameter for the post and a trench for the wire. Fill the hole with 6” of gravel. Then, dig an 18” deep trench from the post hole to the house.

Next, run the PVC conduit from the house to the posthole. Place a 12-gage UF-rated wire through the PVC, leaving an extra 9’ of wire near the posthole and the house to connect to the breaker box. Then, pour concrete into the posthole and leave 6” of conduit exposed.

Finally, run the wires up through the lamppost and push it into the concrete. Use straps to brace the lamppost until the concrete dries. Connect the matching colored wires from the post to the globe. Finally, call an electrician to connect the wires to your breaker box.

Outdoor lamp post globes reflect an upscale vintage aesthetic that work well for many different types of houses, but it’s important that you select one that matches your unique home.

Consider where on your property your lamp should stand, the type of lighting your home already gets, and the types of weather you will most commonly experience. Picking weather-resistant globes will be a good idea regardless of your local forecast!

Globe light fixtures can have from one to five bulbs. If you’re planning on getting a pair of lamp posts, it may be a good idea to go with one or two globes; Get four or five, if you’re looking for more of a statement piece. Finally, remember that it’s generally a good idea to pick a classic neutral shade such as black or white for such an integral piece’s main metal fixtures.

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