Newel Post Lamp


Staircases can be treacherous at night. Make yours a little safer with a newel post lamp. These lamps will light your way as you ascend the stairs without having to turn on excess lighting. They are extremely attractive and are a nice accent to your staircase. Available in many styles, check out this extensive collection and pick yours.

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Our Picks

Vintage French Art Nouveau Nude Lady Figural Bronze Newel Post Lamp Pair 58

Vintage French Art Nouveau Nude Lady Figural Bronze Newel Post Lamp Pair 58

Designed in French style, this set of 2 fine post lamps is made with attention to slightest details and crafted of durable bronze. The set pictures two beautiful ladies with each holding above her head a stained glass shade shaped like a glowing torch.

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Newel post lamp 2

Beautiful figure with the light globe, a unique idea for the lamp. The beautiful post-modern light brings to the decor a unique style and elegance that delights. The subtle details and beautifully carved figure of the woman captivates.

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Newel post lamp 4

Lovely newel post lamp with a sculpture of a woman holding a flower delights. The lampshade, at the same time, is the flower bud, and is phenomenal. The whole looks like a masterpiece and enchanting.

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Victorian newel post lamp winged figure

Victorian newel post lamp winged figure

Victorian newel post lamps are often characterized by sculptural design and they often abound in meticulous details. This newel post lamp with winged figure sculpture is no exception. Note the noble green patina.

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Newel post lamps 2

Sparkling with vintage craftsmanship and diginified silhouette, this post lamp will quickly drown your home in warmth and coziness. The cuboid shade is made of small pieces of stained glass, resting on a premium metal base.

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Large victorian spelter lady statue newel post lamp 58 tall

Large victorian spelter lady statue newel post lamp 58 tall

This 58'' tall lamp is designed in Victorain style, excellent for splashing your home with a touch of vintage craftsmanship. Made of black-finished zinc with attention to details, the lamp is shaped like a lovely lady who holds a white glass shade above her head.

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Newel post lamp 3

A truly astonishing addition for luxurious homes, that will properly illuminate your indoor staircase, while improving it with lovely metalwork and pure sophistication. The lamp rests on a hardwood pole with a brass-finished sculpture, holding 4 ball shades made of opaline glass.

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Newel post statue

An unusual novel post lamp is a delightful accent for the extraordinary interior. A beautiful light ball based on an impressive sculpture is a work of art that adds a unique design. The whole is perfectly presented on the staircase.

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Art deco newel post

Stunning classic newel lamps having posts in forms of 2 girls on hexagonal bases, wearing ancient Greek costumes and holding lampshades aloft. They're of bronze-finished metal. Milk glass lampshades have decorative handles and flared wavy top parts.

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Newel post lamp 1

This 1910 Bradley & Hubbard newel post lamp was recovered from a 17 ...

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Newel Post Lamp

Buying Guide

Usually presented with an intricate sculpture, a newel post lamp can significantly improve the sophistication and luxurious feel of a room. Also, it's still a lamp and that means it can provide illumination.

Because of its advantages, the newel post lamp is still a desired fixture for many homeowners. If you are planning to get one for your home, you need to know how to find the right newel post lamp for your specific situation. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide on this type of light source.

While there are newel post lamps that are crafted from wood or plastic, metal is by far the most popular. Hence, we’ll tackle or put more emphasis on metal newel post lamps.

  • A metal newel post lamp may come in the form of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel or wrought iron.
  • An aluminum newel post lamp has the advantage of being more economical compared to stainless steel. It's also lightweight and rust resistant. On the downside, aluminum is not as strong and durable compared to steel. It also oxidizes, leaving a residue that is chalky and white in color.
  • Brass is a popular material for newel post lamps because of its gold-like appearance. And yet, it's an economical option, especially if you compare it to gold. However, brass is not known for its durability.
  • Copper is another commonly used material for crafting newel post lamps. One reason for this is because of its unique reddish-brown appearance. Copper also ages gracefully, making it more beautiful as time passes by. On the downside, copper oxidizes, leaving a greenish-blue chalky residue.
  • Stainless steel is generally more durable than all of the other metal variants listed in this article. It's able to resist rust, corrosion, and oxidation. This also means that stainless steel doesn't require a lot of maintenance. However, stainless steel is the most expensive metal type in this list.
  • Wrought iron generally means an iron that is hammered into shape. Because of how it's crafted, each item is slightly different as opposed to being mass produced. On the downside, wrought iron is very susceptible to rust.

A newel post lamp is typically crafted from metal, and the metal will come with a type of finish. For such kind of lamp, the most commonly used finishes are satin, polished, hammered, brushed and antiqued.

  • Satin finish comes with an appearance that is in between polished and matte.
  • Polished finish allows the newel post lamp to appear shiny.
  • Hammered finish will typically feature small indentations, giving the metal a nice texture.
  • Brushed finish will feature a smoother texture, but with faint brushstroke-appearance in the metalwork.
  • Antiqued is the most common finish for a newel post lamp. It makes the lamp appear as if it aged beautifully. Often, the metal undergoes tarnishing or darkening to achieve this appearance.

Remember the key points mentioned above as they will help you get started and filter out most of your choices.

Best Ideas

Antique newel post lamp

Antique newel post lamp with glass globe topper. Very common décor accesory in Victorian era. The lamp lights the stairway and serves decorative purposes. Black base features gilded ring element. The finial is clear glass.

Newel post lamp 6

newel post lamp

Victorian newel post lamp

A charming vintage newel lamp having a metal post in the form of a beautiful tempting woman standing on a round base with a marble foot, wearing a weightless dress, handling flowers and strolling among large flowers-lampshades of colourful glass.

Antique art nouveau era bronzed statue winged nymph lady goddess


Newel post lamp 8

newel post lamp

Newel post light

An elegant vintage newel post lamp having a brass frame in the form of a vase with a round base on low feet, decorative vertical ribs and a dome-like top part with a finial. A lampshade is of creamy glass.

Newel post lamp 8

Superb post lamp featuring outstanding art décor detailing. The piece is glossed neatly and comes with a stunning brass finish. It’s sculpted to look like a human holding the up the lamp and finished with a white globe-shaped lampshade for that beautiful dash of class and style.

Newel post lamp

Well-built post lamp featuring a thick square-shaped stand and a superb multi-color top. The lamps also feature a beautiful array of tones with a matte black base topped with a lightly stained copper top. The lamps are then finished with colored lampshades with touches of green and yellow.

Newel post lamp 16

Stickley newel post lamp- for the bottom of the stairs.

Newel post lamp 15

The garland wrapped banister is an idea The Primitive Pinecone staff LOVES!

Newel post lamp 19


Newel post lamp 31

Vintage French Lady Figural Spelter Newel Post Lamp Art Nouveau Lamp 3 Day Sale Lamps photo ...

Newel post lamp 7

... - Pair of Antique Neoclassical Bare Bulb Newel Post Light Fixtures

Love love love the newel post lamp in this home

love, Love, LOVE the newel post lamp in this home in Columbus, IN.