Rice Paper Floor Lamp

For home item with a more Japanese sort of flair, A rice paper floor lamp is not a bad way to go. They're high quality and will give your home plenty of light through the rice paper shade. You will appreciate saying this in your home and how it adjusts the way the room is brought together. Look in our collection for more.

Best Products

New Ikea Orgel Oriental Rice Paper Floor Lamp Light Nip Nib

New Ikea Orgel Oriental Rice Paper Floor Lamp Light Nip Nib
Tall floor lamp with cylindrical rice paper shade in yellowish cream white that diffuses light softly and gives it warm hue. The base consists of a slender pole and a square pedestal, both finished silver brushed chrome.

Gyoza Paper Floor Lantern

Gyoza Paper Floor Lantern
This lovely and very atmospheric floor lamp / lantern is a beautiful and subtle accent your interior decor. The base is made of wood and metal and a stylish shade of paper make the whole perfect for the living room.

1 Each Brand New Ikea Holmo Oriental Rice Paper Floor Lamp Light Free Shipping

1 Each Brand New Ikea Holmo Oriental Rice Paper Floor Lamp Light Free Shipping
Add a light into your home with this floor lamp. The shade is made of the rice paper, which brings the oriental touch into any room. If you need a simple lamp, try this one.

Rice paper floor lamp 4

I am loving these rice paper lamps! I feel like I could make one if I had some free time!

Rice paper floor lamp 5

A large floor lamp that will bring oriental accents to any decor, thanks to its Japanese design that creates a warm, romantic atmosphere. The lamp has a metal frame with curved legs for stability, and is wrapped in rice paper, accommodating three lights.

Adesso 8022-12 Dune Floorchiere, Natural

The most widespread theme and style of the floor paper lamp on the lamp space, thanks to the well-known Scandinavian network. Cheap way to feel like in Japan, where the lamps are made of rice paper. The standing cuboid gives the interior a warm light.

Rice paper floor lamp 6

Original collapsible bamboo rice paper floor lamp in the form of a lantern. It provides soft glow to living rooms and its durable frame is based on bamboo ribs. This glowing lamp is not only functional, but also decorative.

Our advice Buying Guide

It's hard to make a mistake when buying a rice paper floor lamp as an addition to your room. The rice paper used in the construction of the lamp is not only more durable compared to your regular paper, but it's also eco-friendly.

Rice paper comes with an "exotic" quality, which is sure to catch the attention of nearby onlookers. Being a floor lamp, it also provides illumination. All in all, buying a rice paper floor lamp for your home is an excellent idea.

Keep in mind that the market offers a plethora of rice paper floor lamp varieties. This is often a source of frustration for many shoppers as finding the right one among the choices available is not an easy task. To help you narrow down your options, this article is going to be a buying guide for rice paper floor lamps.

How to find the right height for a rice paper floor lamp?

When selecting the right floor lamp, one of the trickiest issues is finding the right height. A straightforward method of determining the correct height is by relating it to the primary purpose. In most cases, a floor lamp is used beside the sofa or chair.

If you are planning to place the rice paper floor lamp beside the sofa, you'd want to sit on the sofa first. The lowest point of the shade should be lower than your eye-level.

The same rule goes for using the floor lamp beside a chair. You'd want your eye level to be higher than the bottom part of the shade.

This general rule is to ensure that the lamp won't be a source of discomfort because of the direct exposure to the bulb's glare.

If you want a lamp that is taller, then it's best that you go for something that will arch over the chair or sofa. By doing so, the bulb is above and behind you, which minimizes glare discomfort.

What type of floor lamp should I choose?

Another factor you need to decide on is if you want ambient lighting or task lighting. You'd want to choose ambient lighting if you merely want to illuminate the room. If you want additional light for doing something, then you are looking for task lighting. Once you have a better picture of the type of lighting you want, then you can proceed on shopping for the right floor lamp type.

For ambient lighting, your choices fall into:

  • Shaded Floor Lamp - A lamp with the shade at the very top.
  • Torchier Floor Lamps - Primarily direct light upwards to the ceiling with the goal of illuminating the room without glare.
  • Arc Floor Lamp - A lamp that comes with a shade hanging under a long arc arm. Generally, it's used for ambient lighting, but it can be used for task lighting if positioned correctly.

For task lighting, your options fall into:

  • Pharmacy Reading Floor Lamp - A floor lamp with an adjustable base and head.
  • Tree Torchier - A lamp with one main lamp directing light upwards, with smaller lamps on the sides. It can work for both task and ambient lighting.
  • Swing Floor Lamp - A lamp with an adjustable arm, allowing it to be used as a source of ambient or task lighting.


Paper floor lamp

This paper floor lamp enchants with its simplistic, geometrical appeal. Featuring a cylindrical shade, it will beautifully illuminate the room, providing a smooth, contemporary character.

Rice paper floor lamp 2

Floor lamp mounted on wooden frame and covered with rice paper. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Paper floor lamps

If you want to bring some oriental accents into your living room, you can always take a glimpse at those floor lamps. Each of those beauties stands on a square metal base, with a matching rod and ribs that are surrounded with rice paper for creating warm atmosphere.

Ikea rice paper floor lamp

Tall paper lamp, cylindric shape, with delicate, though still interesting wavy pattern going horizontally all along its height. Could have been a typical rice paper lamp, but the mentioned pattern gave it a modern twist.

Paper shade floor lamp

paper shade floor lamp

Hannah nunns webshop rice paper cut outs could be fun

Hannah Nunn's WebShop. Rice paper& cut outs, could be fun

Rice paper lantern floor lamp replacement shade

IKEA Magnarp Light FLOOR LAMP SET OF 2 Rice paper shade 57 inch Height

Ikea paper lamp shade replacement

Mainstays 58

Rice paper floor lamp target

Asian Rice Paper Wide and Tall Floor Lamp Bulbs Included, Color: Beige Fasthomegoods

Oriental floor lamp

Drawing inspiration of oriental culture is very good idea to make your interior more unique. Lampshade of this floor lamp is stylised on Chinese lattern and it is made of white paper. Three-leg kickstand is made of metal.

Rice paper lamp

The beautiful rice paper floor lamp is a perfect combination of style and design. Ideally suited as an oriental addition to the living room and bedroom bringing to the room cozy and unique atmosphere.

Large rice paper floor lamp mood moody light room space

Large Rice Paper Floor Lamp Mood Moody Light Room Space Divider Art ...

Rice paper lantern floor lamp

Love the simple beauty of this lamp and the fact that it provides much needed lighting solution for large room with no overhead light - Form-follows-Function at it's best!

Of my favorite discoveries at worldmarket com curves paper floor

... of my favorite discoveries at WorldMarket.com: Curves Paper Floor Lamp

Aki floor lamp aki floor lamp in a slightly curved

aki floor lamp aki floor lamp in a slightly curved shape shade is made ...

Rice paper floor lamp 1

Quiet,subtle Asian interiors are characterized by the use of paper items at home.For example lampshades.This rice paper lamp has a oblong, rounded shape. The delicate stripes are distinguished by it. It is mounted on a metal base, perfect for a floor lighting.

Replacement shade for ikea floor lamp

Tropical design for a tall, free-standing floor lamp with a cover made out of rice paper. The lamp has a set of wire legs which make it stay in place and not wobble, and is a nice piece to finish a bedroom with.

Tall paper lamp

- Oriental Furniture Discount Price Classic Asian Floor Lamps, 45-Inch Japanese Window Pane Rice Paper Lantern -Black

Akari freeform column floor lamp

Akari Freeform Column floor lamp

Floor lamp with paper shade

Adesso - Adesso 6135-02 Suki Floor Lantern - Ribbed with bamboo, this floor lantern by Adesso has a collapsible white rice paper shade, line

Rice paper floor lamps

Mulberry Rice Paper Ball Handmade Flower Pot Design Art Shade Yellow Round Globe Lantern Brown Asian Oriental Decorative Bedroom Floral Accent Unusual Uplight Table Floor Lamp

Rice paper floor lamp

Made of rice paper, the floor lamp is a simple and very effective way to decorate the interior. An attractive design is stylish and very neutral, which makes it into every interior design. The whole is light and delicate.

Ikea paper floor lamp

Collapsible Bamboo Rice Paper Lantern Floor Lamp

Rice paper floor lamp 3

Rice Paper Floor Lamp

Holm floor lamp

CLOE LED The feel of a sheet of folded rice paper wrapping around the light

10 contemporary rice paper floor lamp approx 5 5h


Holmo floor lamp

Solid floor lamp with a durable wooden frame in a rich coffee finish. It also includes a rice paper screen that provides a caming glow that increases aesthetic value of indoors. Simple shape of this lamp matches any interior design.

Ikea rice paper lamp

Mulberry Rice Paper Ball Handmade Flower Design Art Shade Pink Round ...

Adesso Suki Floor Lantern, White

Rice paper lamp shades for floor lamps

Mulberry Rice Yellow Paper Five Ball Lanterns Handmade Flower Bud Design Art Deco Shade Round Globe Brown Asian Oriental Decorative Bedroom Accent Floor Uplight Lamp by Antique Alive. $235.00. This yellow paper floor lamp exhibits five lights covered with

IKEA Floor Lamp 46 Contemporary Style Modern Soft Lighting HOLMO White New

Paper shade floor lamp 1

Asian minimalism? Yes, please! These rice paper floor lamps are subtle yet effective. They carry a mysterious, romantic atmosphere with them. And then, they aren’t all that expensive, so replacing them won’t be a problem.

Ikea orgel floor lamp

72" Window Pane Shoji Lamp -

Rice paper lamp handmade

rice paper lamp #handmade

Ikea sore floor lamp height 39 rice paper shade light

IKEA SORE Floor Lamp (Height: 39 ") Rice Paper Shade light tall

Torchiere floor lamp ikea

The Kamakura lamp is built with authentic kiln-dried Asian bamboo, and wood collars at the top and bottom of the rice paper shade. This handmade Japanese-style floor lamp is perfect for lighting up any dark corner of your home or office. htt

Rice paper shades ikea

If you want to achieve a truly oriental mood in your home, then you don't want to miss this pretty little thing. Made of red rice paper, this floor lamp is about 30 cm tall and it rests on small but stabile wood feet.

Rice paper lamps

Do you want to change something in your home decor? So, you need to consider this oriental Asian floor lamp. It features the construction made of the rice paper and the modern, simple look.

Small vase of flowers next to a big vase of

Small vase of flowers, next to a big vase of flowers

Ikea dudero lamp

Lovely rice paper floor lamp from lowes.

Crinkle paper floor lamp

lamps to add soft light to my new classroom!!

Adesso suki floor lantern each has a collapsible bamboo ribbed

Adesso - Suki Floor Lantern - Each has a collapsible bamboo-ribbed white rice paper lantern with three small chrome feet. Lantern is lined with a second layer of rice paper, creating a softer, more diffused light. Foot step switch. 2 x 75 Watt incandescen

A dual purpose oriental accent serving both as a decorative

A dual-purpose Oriental accent, serving both as a decorative table lamp and an appealing work of nature art. White fiber-reinforced rice paper shade allows a warm, gentle glow. Lightened finish of the four-post bamboo frame is off-set by genuine dark twig