Rice Paper Lamp Shades


Rice paper lamp shades will give your space a feeling of a home in Japan. These clever and eco-friendly options to normal fabric lamp shades are just as attractive and durable, with the added bonus of being safe for disposal. Rice paper is thin, and will give of plenty of your lamp's light. Take a walk through this collection and see what you can add to your lamps.

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Best New Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp Light White Rice Paper Shade Modern Contemporary

Best New Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp Light White Rice Paper Shade Modern Contemporary

IKEA at some point took advantage of the potential of Japanese tradition and rice paper - thus creating the classics of lighting in the form of a long tub of rice paper lampshade standing on a metal base. It's easy to get a warm color of light thanks to it.

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Japanese lantern floor lamp

An impressive large floor lamp in the traditional Asian style. Its base of metal is built of a flat square foot and a tall round stem. A tall lampshade of natural rice paper in beige shades has rectangular walls and houses several bulbs in 3 tiers.

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Rice paper lamp shades gorgeous handmade paper lamp file size

rice paper lamp shades Gorgeous handmade paper lamp | File Size: 236 x ...

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Rice paper lamp shades

This paper lampshade is an impressive way to decorate the interior. The reminder of the paperweight design is lightweight and easy to install. The whole gives the interior a subtle light and a unique effect.

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16" Kraft Paper Empire Lamp Shade

16" Kraft Paper Empire Lamp Shade

A beautiful lampshade which is a perfect addition to any home decor and a great way to brighten some space. It has a contemporary design that matches most modernized interiors. The primary material is paper.

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Rice paper lamp shades

Rice paper lamp shades:

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Asian Rice Paper Wide and Tall Floor Lamp Bulbs Included, Color: Beige

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Paper lamp shade

A fantastic booster of your home decor, with an impressive design made of rice paper. Now, you can truly enhance your old lamp, while turning your interior into a magical play of lights and shadows.

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Luna Bazaar White 18 Inch Oval Paper Lantern

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Rice paper for lamps

Oriental and exotic look for a minimalistic and simple paper lamp, made out of rice paper which gives it a pure, white appearance. The paper lamp makes for a perfect addition to an outdoor patio, providing a fancy vibe.

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Rice Paper Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

When people think of rice paper lamp shades, they usually think of the cutesy, colorful, sphere paper lanterns that can be hung from the ceiling in rows. In reality, there are many different designs than the traditional round shape. Oriental style decoration is adored for a lot of reasons. What better way to incorporate some of this into your home than with a simple, cultural lamp shade?

Rice paper lamps are a lovely addition to a home, adding soft lighting and a modern, Asian flair. You’ll be surprised at the options you can choose from in regards to color, style, and shape. Since rice paper is thin and flexible, it can be shaped into interesting designs and become a truly unique piece of decor. When figuring out what rice paper lamp or lamp shade you want in your home, think about the following tips.

Like we mentioned earlier, a lot of rice paper lamp shades are made in a spherical design.

  • For a room that already has a fun colorful theme to begin with, some of these in white would be a great way to add fun lighting while balancing the colors out.
  • A room that has more of a monochrome theme can incorporate these lamps in either a color that fits the current scheme or contrasts with the colors for a quirky twist.

Aside from spheres, rice paper lamp shades can also feature cuboid designs. The height of these cuboids can range from your typical table lamp to as tall as a floor lamp.

  • These types of lamps usually work very well in conjunction with modern and contemporary decor because of the cuboid shape.
  • They also typically come in a white or cream white color, making it easy to fit in your home.

Some other styles include cylindrical and oblong shapes. These lamp shades can be mounted on a standard lamp or can appear to “stand up” by themselves with an interior wire frame. Hanging from the ceiling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a rice paper lamp.

A popular design on the rise is turning small rice paper balls into flowers that are mounted off of what look like stems. You can find many rice paper lamps that look like a pot of flowers so your lighting can double as a “plant” as well.

For the most part, rice paper lamp shades come in a white or creamy color. Most colored rice paper lamps are for hanging from the ceiling. Don’t let that be a downer though. On the bright side, rice paper is easy to dye and color if you happen to love a shade design that’s not available in the color you want.

The size of your rice paper lamp shade will depend on whether your lamp is going to be placed on a floor or table surface. A rice paper floor lamp can be as tall as 70 inches. Table lamps can vary from less than 12 inches to as tall as 40 inches. End tables will have an easier time with bigger table lamps while desks should go for a smaller size so they don’t take up too much space.

Because rice paper lamp shades are made from a paper material, they can pose a potential fire hazard if the proper safety measures are not taken. Look in the manual of your rice paper lamp to take note of the maximum bulb wattage and never exceed this. Also, don’t place rice paper lamps in the kitchen, close to wires, or any other general fire hazards.

As long as you take these preventative measures, you will have no problems with your new rice paper lamp shade. Enjoy the soft light you’ll get, how light the material is, and the oriental aesthetic added to any room you place your lamp in.

Best Ideas

Rice paper lampshades

Thanks to those rice paper shades, your lamp is going to gain a whole new look. Each of the shades is handmade using a yellow bellflower design that generates romantic atmosphere in the whole room, making it warmer and cozier.

Cal lighting sh 1025 rice paper lamp shade by cal

Cal Lighting SH-1025 Rice Paper Lamp Shade by Cal. $27.50. Rice Paper Shade. Works with harp and finial style lamps. Texturize finish. Features beautiful leaf accent décor

Yellow flower pattern rice paper lantern lamp shades size 12

... yellow flower pattern rice paper lantern lamp shades (size 12

Vintage paris france map table lamp

Vintage paris france map table lamp

Table lamp as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed. Drum lampshade is made of rice paper and finished with vintage map. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Shibuya Japanese Shoji 14.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Shibuya Japanese Shoji 14.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Homemade paper lamp shades

If you have enough of your old lamp's look, then you may want to check those colorful bell shades. Each of those is made using Japanese rice paper, enhancing your room with interesting patterns and soothing atmosphere.

Paper lightshades

Mulberry Rice Paper Ball Handmade Flower Bud Design Art Nouveau Shade Yellow Round Globe Lantern Brown Asian Oriental Decorative Bedside Floral Accent Unusual Table Lamp

Japanese rice paper airy lamp by 24d studio from japan

japanese rice paper airy lamp, by 24d studio from japan

Making a lampshade from paper

Mulberry Rice Paper Shade Handmade Four Season Landscape Painting Design White Square Lantern Asian Oriental Decorative Bedside Bedroom Mini Accent Unusual Table Light Lamp by Antique Alive. $79.95. This rectangular lampshade is made of white hanji with f

Diy rice paper lamp

Table lamp in rustic style. Lampshade is covered with rice paper and decorated with interesting pattern. It can be used as bed side lamp or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Oriental Furniture Simple Elegant Modern Japanese Bedroom Decor 3-Feet, 36-Inch Kamakura Bamboo and Rice Paper Shade Floor Lamp Lantern

Lampshade rice paper lamp shade kids lamp shade children handmade

Lampshade,Rice Paper Lamp Shade Kids, Lamp Shade Children,Handmade Lampshade on Etsy, $98.76 AUD

Rice paper shade mood floor lamp with 6 bulbs 39

Rice Paper Shade Mood Floor Lamp with 6 Bulbs $39.99

Amazon com cal lighting sh 1025 rice paper lamp shade

Amazon.com: Cal Lighting SH-1025 Rice Paper Lamp Shade ...