Outdoor Lamp Shades

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If you have an outdoor lamp, it is important to protect that bulb with a shade. And this collection of outdoor lampshades leaves all its cards on the table. Nothing is left out of this extensive group. So many colors and styles, and they fit almost all lamps. For your outdoor lamp, it deserves the perfect shade. So find your shade in this collection and accent that lamp.

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Updated 02/05/2021
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14" Fabric Empire Lamp Shade

14" Fabric Empire Lamp Shade

Enchanting traditional shade intended for outdoor lamps as it is made of weatherproof acrylic fibre. It features a wonderful colourful floral design against a black background. It's clip on attachable.

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Exterior lamp shades

Beautiful and multicolored outdoor shades are an excellent combination of beautiful style and eye-catching details. The whole of the beautifully decorated will bring a unique ambiance to the decor outdoors.

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Outdoor lamp shades

A long-lasting and resistant to weather conditions, this outdoor lamp shade can be a stylish decoration for creating romantic atmosphere during intimate evening gatherings. It's suspended from a strong black metal chain.

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Outdoor lamp shades

Outdoor hanging pendants which make for a nice lamp shade replacements in the garden and give your backyard a rustic, vintage look. These are made out of copper-coloured metal sheets, which gives them an industrial touch.

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Weatherproof lamp shades

In order to create a unique, homey atmosphere of idyll, it is ideal to use wicker on its veranda. Wicker baskets, from hand-painted lamps, or comfortable made from warm wicker armchairs with elements of a bamboo tree.

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Outdoor lamp shades 1

Hanging outdoor lamp shades are used not only for decoration but also a very good way to separate appropriate zones. An evening on the patio at a long strong table - it will be lit by a lamp with a woven, rural, but modern lampshade with a golden grain shade.

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Outdoor lamp shades 16

Mediterranean Sunset Chandelier - would be so pretty hanging over table on covered deck!

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Outside light shades

Outdoor lampshade in the shape of basket. It is carefully woven with rattan. Elegant accessory for the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste.

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Outdoor lamp shades 1

The offered here outdoor lamp is made of real hand carved slate with hammered copper details. Due to the natural material being used each piece will vary. It is based on brown pyramidal base ad features simple traditional linen lampshade.

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21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

Aesthetic traditional shade for table lamps. It is made of creamy solid-patterned linen which can be dry wiped. This shade has a brass wire shell and it is click-on attachable by sliding a clip over a bulb top.

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Outdoor Lamp Shades

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Nothing is more natural than moving a lot of your activities, including cooking and relaxation outside for summer. However, even with the long summer evenings, sometimes added illumination is needed, and that is where outdoor lamp shades come in. Just as you might not appreciate a glaring, bare bulb indoors, it’s neither pleasant or beautiful outdoors. By adding a shade, you cut down on unpleasant glare and create an attractive feature for your porch, lawn or patio.

  • Stand Lamps for Your Patio

There is nothing quite like reading a book or enjoying a little music as the sun goes down. However, no one loves stumbling over garden equipment or children’s toys that have been left out. A standing pole lamp is easy to place where needed and can create an island of light in the night’s darkness when the sun goes down a little faster than you anticipate. A beautiful fabric or bamboo shade adds to the attraction, especially when the design goes along with your patio décor theme.

  • Coach Lights

Coach lights with their little black roofs and metal frames bring back memories of lanterns swung on the corners of ponderous conveyances drawn by horses, or of lanterns that can be hand carried. They are reasonably attractive when they house an ordinary bulb, but you can dress up your coach light lantern with a flickering flame LED bulb. You can have all of the beauty and mystique of a candle or gas light without the danger or the dim lighting.

  • Hanging Lamp Shades

Hanging lamps can be suspended on your patio or porch, and enhanced with a variety of lamp shade types. Woven, wicker balls make wonderful outdoor shades, as do frosted tulip covers for ordinary light bulbs. But perhaps one of the most attractive hanging shades is the puzzle lamp. Designed to be used with an LED light, the puzzle lamp shade can be assembled into 15 different possible shapes – you get to choose which one suits your mood. Made of lightweight polycarbonate plastic, it is weather resistant and can be used indoor or out.

While some porches and patios are primarily lit by the blue glow of bug zappers, shades for outdoor lamps can help you move beyond decoration by necessity into unique attractiveness. When lamp lighting time rolls around, your porch, walk or drive can be stylishly well lit for guests or even for those who pass by your home. If you like that blue glow emitted by bug zappers, you can even get shades that will imitate the color.

Outdoor lighting isn’t a new concept. Castles and fortresses often had torches or lanterns affixed to their entrance walls, and lighthouses predate electric or even gas lighting. Outdoor lighting can often imitate historical light designs, especially lights mounted along a drive or walk. LED lights are often a good choice for these because they are bright without requiring large energy consumption. Indeed, many can be powered with solar collectors. Creative shades and covers can enhance the design of your outdoor lighting.

Best Ideas

25" Fabric Empire Lamp Shade

25" Fabric Empire Lamp Shade

Pleasing to the eye contemporary fashionable clip on attachable shade intended for outdoor lamps. It's crafted of resistant acrylic fibre in a vivid blue colour and with a solid pattern. It's easy to wash.

Capital Lighting 9726 Carriage House 1 Light Outdoor Wall Sconce,

Outdoor lamp shade

Ingenious and pretty surprising DIY table centerpiece idea: you'll need wine glasses, white vellum, LED battery-operated tealight and, optionally, a decorative paper punch for tracing a pattern onto velum.

Easy lamp shade made using paint stirs an old lamp

easy lamp shade made using paint stirs, an old lamp shade & nylon rope! love it!

Weatherproof lamp shades

Wow, how awesome are these?? Rustic openwork design wrought iron lamp shades entwined romantically with green moss... No words can describe how much I want these!! For nature themed décor styles!! Perhaps can do well outdoors too!

Outdoor light shades

Illuminate your patio, porch or other outdoor area with this fantastic set of vintage lamp shades with nautical design. Crafted of durable metal, each shade has a bowl-like shape with a metal cover that secures the bulb.

Wood slats lamp shades idea for side yard pergola add

wood slats lamp shades - idea for side yard pergola - add electricity to structure

Outdoor lamp shades 8

Outdoor lampshades garland - pretty unique, as the lights have classic fabric shades that bring typical night table lamps to mind. Varied colours make the assembly even more charming. DIY outdoor lighting idea.

Kenroy Home Castillo Outdoor Floor Lamp

Outdoor lamp shades covers

Richly decorated lampshade designed for outdoor use. It looks like made from recycled lamps and others found objects. Positive accent for the garden, patio and more.

Umbrella lamp shade

The Beautiful outdoor solar powered lamp shade is a perfect combination of interesting style and phenomenal details. Interesting connection with the acrylic base delights and brings a unique atmosphere.

Outdoor lampshades

A great example of a handcrafted lighting fixture. Using Balinese, reclaimed wood, this outdoor hanging pendants are designed to enlighten your patio or veranda, adding a warm, romantic glow.

Serena blue outdoor indoor 16 and 20 rattan pendant

Serena Blue Outdoor Indoor 16" and 20" Rattan Pendant ...

Replacement for outdoor wicker lamp shades wicker lamp

Replacement for Outdoor Wicker Lamp Shades | Wicker Lamp ...