Striped Lamp Shades


Here is an interesting idea in lampshades, but not for those with motion sickness. Striped lamp shades are fun, attractive, and give your lamps the feeling of tumbling through Wonderland. In plenty of stripe colors, many offset in white backing, your lamps will be accented well with one of these. See collection for all the striped lamp shades we offer.

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Our Picks

Striped lamp shades 20

This striped lamp shades will add some timeless class into your room decor. You can easily change the look every lamp in your home thanks to the different sizes. The colors of the shades makes them match to most room decors.

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Black and white striped lamp shade

An amazing lamp shade that oozes fun and visual appeal and would work wonders for a teen's room or even your own bedroom, if you're going for that modern and funky vibe. It sports the striped design with black and white colors to better blend with the rest of the scheme.

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Striped lampshade

This is when elegance meets contemporary appeal - this resin lamp sports the stripy shade in black finish and makes for a sublime option for bringing out what's best in your interior, while its base proves sturdy.

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Red and white striped lamp shade

Simple white lampshade with a single gold ribbon decorating the lower third provides understated elegance to any room. Especially apropos for bedroom or living room, where indirect, low lighting is desirable. Team with ceramic or brass base.

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Striped lamp shades 1

It is simply a beautiful and expressive decoration, which can not be left indifferent. The glamor-style lamp has a lampshade in white-gold strip, medium size. Striped lamp shades are always in fashion.

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Black and white decor

black and white décor.

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Flocked black velvet stripe lamp shade 10x10x8 spider

Flocked Black Velvet Stripe Lamp Shade 10x10x8 (Spider),

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Striped lamp shades 4

Bold and thin horizontal black stripes on this lampshade go well with white, gold, or colorful décor. It can be used in almost any kind of decorating scheme, but is especially effective with art deco, art nouveau or shabby chic.

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Table lamps white table lamp with round navy striped drum

table lamps white table lamp with round navy striped drum shade ...

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Striped Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

Striped lamp shades are available in a myriad of colors, such as the classic white and black and the glamorous gold and white combo. The colors of the stripes will mainly depend on whether you want the lamp shade to complement your current decor or stand out and make a statement. For instance, if yellow accents are scattered around the room, you can keep the cohesion going with a yellow striped lamp shade.

Alternatively, a striped lamp shade in multi-tones such as purple, white, grey, and blue can add vibrancy and visual interest to an otherwise colorless room. Of course, you can count on gold and white striped lamp shades to add an unexpected twist to your space. Striped lamp shades in subtle colors like beige, peach, and powder pink will illuminate the room with understated elegance while those in bold colors such as red and green help create an eye-catching focal point.

Your striped lamp shades don’t necessarily need to match the other lighting fixtures in your room.

However, unless you’re opting for the most eclectic, bohemian, or Hollywood regency room, they should share at least one common feature in order to achieve a cohesive interior style.

For example, you could have striped lamp shades in the same style but different colors. Or how about the same palette but a completely different shape?

Best Ideas

19" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade

19" Dulcote Empire Lamp Shade

It is very simple, black diffuser in the Empire style. Cover ideally suited to a modern interior, where simple and unsophisticated colors should be introduced. Shade is the perfect decorative and ornamental.

Striped shades

How to makeover a lamp shade with stripes

Striped lamp shades 30

Broad black and white striped lampshade creates a bold focal point for your living room or bedroom. Team with black, white, or colorful solids for a dramatic effect. Simmer down the effect with prints in black and white, or black and white plaid.

15" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade

15" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade

It is a cylinder lamp shade that is made of linen and has got a traditional design. It fits to any style and décor and is a great addition to living room, bedroom and other. It looks very classic and elegant.

Striped lamp shades 4

... Claret / Gold Stripe Lamp Shade - SH 533 CL/SP - Home Depot Canada

Striped lamp shades 2

Superb stripped lampshades designed to last for a long time. These shades also future a nice neutral finish and should match up very well with any classic table lamp. They are also easy to maintain and will deliver excellent service for years to come.

Lamps urn lamp designer urn lamp with hand painted striped

... Lamps: Urn Lamp > Designer Urn Lamp with hand painted striped shade

Striped lamp shades 11

this is hottttttttttttttttttttttt!

Striped lamp shades 3

French Country Decorating: Red striped lamp shades and floral arrangement look cheery on the black console.

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

Aesthetic traditional shade for table lamps. It is made of creamy solid-patterned linen which can be dry wiped. This shade has a brass wire shell and it is click-on attachable by sliding a clip over a bulb top.

Striped lamp shades 6

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Lighting shades 12 oval natural vertical striped lamp shade

... > Lighting > Shades > 12 Oval Natural Vertical Striped Lamp Shade

Black and white striped lamp shades

Gold stripe lampshade for understated, simple, elegance. The gold stripe dresses up this lampshade just enough to give it that air of a little bit special that sets it off from the ordinary. Use to dress up almost any room.

Striped lamp shades 7

Striped ceramic light shades perfect for diffusing light in almost any room or hall in the house. Mix or match with your décor to create special effects that your guests might not notice, but will sense as displaying good taste.