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To give you home that rich feel of a true cowboy dwelling, everything has to line up in the design, otherwise it is all thrown off. And one item in particular that can easily make or break a cowboy motif is the lampshades. And the addition of rawhide lampshades is the perfect way to round out your home in the rich traditions of the old west. These are well-made and will fit just about any lamp. See collection for details.

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15" Faux Leather Empire Lamp Shade

15" Faux Leather Empire Lamp Shade

This stylish empire shade is designed of faux leather, with a with rawhide stitched design. The shade is medium size, with a clip-on attachment type and polished brass spider fitting. Accepts LED, compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent bulb types. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade

A simple, but very functional product. Is a lamp shade that has got a drum stylization. It covers the light and assures its appropriate level and color in the room. It means that this item plays a functional and decorative role.

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Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

With the black finish and neutral design this lamp shade in drum shape will prove to be an ideal addition to your decor and a nice way to both brighten up your home and add a nice atmosphere to the room.

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Rawhide lamp shades

This rawhide lamp shade constitutes a great example of rustic style, being a real bargain for the enthusiasts of this design. It will add some cozy, romantic twilight to the interior, being a good addition to the bedroom i.e.

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Rawhide lamp shade 2

A high-class lamp shade in an extraordinary design. It's a precious piece made of rawhide, which features a cool, natural look. When the lamp is on, the shade will give warm, lava-like light in orangy tones.

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Rustic lamp shades rawhide tall table lamp shade by ironwood

rustic lamp shades | Rawhide Tall Table Lamp Shade by Ironwood Industries

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Rawhide shades

Rawhide Shades

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Bell Chandelier Lampshade - Mouton Size 6 (DCS-107MT)

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Wilderness lamp shades

War Chief on Horse Rawhide Lamp Shade

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Rawhide lamp shade 1

Buffalo Horse Petroglyph Rawhide Lamp Shade

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Rawhide Lamp Shade

Buying Guide

To care for and maintain a rawhide lamp shade, you need to clean and condition it to keep it supple and prevent brittleness and cracking. If done correctly, these shades can last you for several years before replacement.

Start by wiping the lampshade with a slightly damp cloth. Add a small amount of conditioning oil to another soft cloth and, with light pressure, wipe the shade again, coating it with a thin layer of oil. Let the shade sit for 30-60 minutes, then gently wipe with a dry cloth to remove any excess oil.

How often you need to clean and condition your rawhide lamp shade depends on your climate. If your location experiences extreme temperatures or you live in a dry, arid environment, with higher use of air conditioners and heaters, expect to clean and condition monthly. For average climate locations, annual cleaning and conditioning will suffice.

Since rawhide is a natural product, place your lamp shade away from heating vents and windows with direct sunlight to avoid premature splitting and excessive fading. Also, to prolong the life of your rawhide lampshade, avoid using high wattage bulbs.

To measure for a replacement lamp shade, you need to measure your existing shade height along the slant. For the diameter, you can measure the width of the bottom of the shade at its widest point. Note that the diameter of a table lamp’s shade should be within 2” of the height of the base and should never exceed the base height. Lamp shade size is usually written in regards to the diameter, so a 14” lamp shade has a diameter of 14”.

When purchasing a new product like a rawhide lamp shade, remember that the height of the lamp shade for a table lamp should be the height of its base x 60%. For a floor lamp, the lamp shade should be the height of the base x 30%. Following these guidelines gives you a final product that looks proportional.

When you’re decorating with a rawhide lamp shade, you should think about the type of aesthetic that you’re going for in your home. A rawhide lamp shade is neutral, but textured—so it would likely go well with other neutral, textured objects.

If you want it to be a focal point of your room, decorate minimally otherwise. The brown tones in rawhide make it an excellent pairing for a rustic wooden lamp base, as well.

Best Ideas

Hide lamp shades

Blue Lamp Shade | Blue Warrior Rawhide Lamp Shade - NC Rustic

Rawhide lamp shade 12

Vintage Rawhide Lamp Shade by: Leonard R. Foss aka: Fosskin

Rawhide lamp shades wholesale

If you want to get a rustic piece to accent your living room or master suite then these lamp shades will do the trick with the leather laced trim and the rawhide structure, bringing nature and simplicity to mind.

Animal skin lamp shades

Amber reminds of the atmosphere of the sea and elegance. Hence the exclusive decorative tone of the presented rawhide lampshade. An amber, trapezoidal shade clawed on a stately, decorated iron frame. The base also has elements of dark rust and brass.

Rawhide lamp shade 1

Aztec stripe border rawhide lamp shade made from soft, creamy beige fabric with cool aztec pattern printed on it with black and dark brown colors. Nice and neat finish. I wanted to have this kind of a lampshade when I was younger.

Rawhide shades 2

Very rustic styled lampshade made from raw hide will be perfect addition to the rustic room decor. In three different colors will give smooth finish to the summer house decor. Big effect with small change.

Rawhide lamp shade 6

Southwestern Rawhide Lamp Shade 16"

Foss lampshades

Vintage / Rustic Red Dyed Cowhide / Rawhide Lamp Shades (2ea.)

Rawhide lamp shade

Appaloosa Rawhide Lamp Shade

Faux aged leather lamp shades

Faux Aged Leather Lamp Shades

Rawhide lamp shade 8

Red Rawhide Lamp Shades

Lamp shades 3

Lamp Shades

Rect rectangle rawhide amber shade top 8

RECT - Rectangle Rawhide Amber Shade Top:8

Rawhide lamp shade 26

fly fishing lampshade