Feather Lamp Shades

Not your grandmother's lampshade, these interesting feather lamp shades are a fun and peculiar way to shade the light of your favorite lamp. They can come in a myriad of colors, and they are designed with the best in faux feathers, which will give your home a different style you can guarantee no one you know has captured yet. See collection for more.

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Elegant glam feather drum lampshade with

Elegant glam feather drum lampshade with
Ice-white fluffy feathers created the cover of this fashionable lamp shade. More than 300 marabou, single feathers were used. This resulted in a fancy effect in the living room, bedroom and any other space. If you awnt fancy glamor look - grab a feather.

Feather lamp

A truly unique table lamp that will, surely, become one of the most interesting pieces in your home. It's something in shape of a crossover between an ostrich and a duck; standing on a gold-finished metal base, holding a super-soft, feathered shade.

Feather lamp shades

Time for feather lamps! White ostrich feather lamp shades are a style statement, and they add romantic, feminine and aethereal touch to a décor. These table lamps feature ash wood bases with carvings for good measure.

Tall cream feather lamp

Tall cream feather lamp

Metal animal print tab lp 350 jpg


Feather lamp shades 5

Those beautiful feather lamp shades are custom-made, available in many shapes and sizes. They can be used as shades for table lamps or for pendant lighting, or as wall shades. Each shade is durable and made with attention to details.

Feather lamp shades 2

Oozing with feminine accents and a delicate design, this fantabulous lamp comes with a snazzy shade - made of light pink feathers that form a snuggly piece of illuminating art. The rest of the lamp features a slender pole and a square base - both bathed in an off-white finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

Buying something unique and different for your home can be challenging, especially if everything you see doesn't really appear to be so unique after all. One of the most interesting and unique items you may find is the feather lamp shade. This will suit most homes, particularly if you like to attract attention with interesting and contemporary items.

What styles of feather lamp shades are there?

As the name suggests, a feather lamp shade has feathers on it; however, there are various styles that you can buy. A feather lamp that works for one home might not work in yours, so before you spend any of your hard-earned cash, here are some of the most popular and interesting styles.

  • Webbed feet and feathers: You don't necessarily have to buy a lamp which resembles a bird, but if your home has a lot of nature or you want something to get people talking, have a look at this design. The shade itself is a mass of fluffy white feathers, while the legs are golden or chrome and in the shape of thin duck legs and webbed feet. This unique design suits children's bedrooms as well as modern living rooms.
  • Decorative metal feathers: Feathered lamp shades are generally good at being tidy and contained, but if you don't like the idea of having bits of feathers potentially coming off and lying around your home, you may like the metal design. This still has feathers, but rather than being soft faux feathers, the shade is made using metal or copper which have been molded into a feathered shape.
  • Fluffy and glamorous: A larger lamp can add elegance and glamor to any room. A 6-7 foot metal or chrome post leads up to a beautiful white fluffy feather lamp shade. When switched on, the protective lamp shade enables you to experience warm and soft light from behind it. This feminine style works well in bedrooms or in living rooms which have light and soft décor.

How to select the right color for a feather lamp shade?

As well as getting the style right, you should also consider which color you want in your home. Due to the interesting and unique style of a feathered lamp shade, there are many colors available. Let's look at some of the main ones and the best situations in which you can use them.

  • Pink lamp shade: A pink feathered lamp shade is a romantic choice of shade and can add warmth to any bedroom. Popular with children too, this color is often seen with a heart-shaped frame or with the inclusion or white or red feathers for extra detail.
  • Black lamp shade: Black feathers are the ultimate choice for people who don't like the traditional light colors of these lamps. A black lamp shade can look just as elegant and sleek as the white version, and is ideal for rooms with all types of décor. Black feathers can often be found paired with a gold frame or post and some splashes of gold feathers or accessories.
  • White lamp shade: A white feathery lamp shade is the most popular color you will see. While you can find them in pure white, you may also see ivory, cream and beige feathers. A white feathered lamp shade will either hang down from the ceiling or can fit a floor lamp.


Feather Drum Lamp Shade Color: Pink

Fluffy and pink is the best way to describe this feather lampshade. The drum shape is simple enough not to detract from the texture and color of the feathers. It is almost like having a flamingo on your bedside.

Feather lamp shades 5

Excellent feather lampshade with a superb metal base and a nicely designed fluffy lampshade. The lamp also comes with excellent metal detailing at the bottom with a stunning rounded base and nice silver-coated finish that beautifully matches up to the black lampshades at the top.

White Heart with Pink Feathered Shade Table Lamp

White heart porcelain lamp base supports a sleek, pink lampshade decorated with a fringe of pink feathers all around the bottom of the shade. A sweet gift to add to that super-girly pink bedroom with all the ruffles and frills.

Feather lamp shade 7

Tasteful table lamp mounted on pedestal base. Lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with decorative feathers. Received many positive reviews for classic form and elegant design.

Feather lamp shades 3

Cool lampshade ideas - feathers? Click on the link for more ideas!

Pink feather lamp shade

To see the room full of feathers - you no longer have to fight with your friends on the pillows! This will replace the feather lampshade - filled and made of white feathers. This makes it fluffy like a cloud and adds lightness to any interior.

Feather lamp shade

feather lamp shade

Feathered lamp shades

If you’re designing a Hollywood-style mansion, then such feather lamp shade is perfect. We suggest installing one right above a makeup vanity, for a complete celebrity-like effect.

Risque feather and bead table lamp with tapered shade

Risque Feather and Bead Table Lamp with Tapered Shade

Feather lamp shades lighting

feather lamp shades – Lighting –

Feather lamp shades 4

How to make a feather lamp shade...

This is our top selling lamp cream shade with faux

This is our top selling lamp. Cream shade with faux Ostrich feather ...

Feather lampshades

Captivating shade maple shade is an excellent way to get inside the character and lightness. The whole is easy to carry out by hand, presenting itself in a modern and very impressive way in the living room or dining room.

Feather lamp shades 18

It was classic, a little bit old-fashioned floor lamp made of brass and stylised on the candle holder. Now, due to grey cover made of yarn and feather decoration, this lamp looks so incredible and unique!

Feather lamps

Kinda LOVE This for my bedroom! Omg! Black Lamp with Hot Pink Shade

Feather Drum Lamp Shade Color: White

Vita Lighting Feather Shade 02010 EOS Modern Pendant Light, White Finish, and 04009 Swag Kit

Vintage upcycled red and white crystal cut glass lamp with

Vintage Upcycled Red and White Crystal Cut Glass Lamp with Furry, Feathered and Beaded Shade

Peacock feather lamp shade 1

The Turquoise Piano: Feather Lamp Shade

Feather floor lamp

This astonishing lamp shade is actually a cool DIY project. Designed to catch the attention of everyone entering the space, will help you create a unique interior, envied by your guests.

Feather lamp shades okay this may be it feather boas

Feather Lamp Shades! OKAY this may be it....feather boas wrapped and glued around an old lamp shade ....hummmmm

Feather light shade

After my daughter's wedding, I am going to use the leftover ostrich feathers in a lamp shade

Vlb20 duck feet lamp decayed gold with white feather shade

VLB20 - Duck Feet Lamp - Decayed Gold with White Feather Shade

Ostrich feather lamp

I really like this. Maybe if I get like, two of these and I put them on each side of my bed, that would be cool.

Diy feather lamp shade light fixture

DIY Feather Lamp Shade/Light Fixture

Feathered lamp shades youll love these feathered bedside lamps if

Feathered Lamp Shades: You’ll love these feathered bedside lamps if you believe good design is in the details. Add a touch of flair to any room with these show-stoppers. (via NF Interiors)

Seventeen® Phoebe Lamps (table lamp) (orange) -With Feather trimmed Fabric Shade- Home Improvement Accessory for a Bedroom Makeover-Perfect Kids or Teens Room Decor

Feather lamp shades 10

6 inch Pheasant Feather Chandelier Shade Subsitute peacock feathers, but use this concept. Begin by trimming feathers to about 2" below eye. Glue ont shade from the bottom up. Once covered trim the top edge with gimp or ribbon

Feather elegant paper feather light shade wedding lights bedroom lighting

Feather - Elegant paper feather light shade - wedding lights, bedroom lighting, handmade lamp $88.17

Feather lamp shades 6

Pendant light from IKEA make over for $12 including cost of pendant light!!! This one uses wax paper strips attached with shiny scotch tape .. see directions at:

Peacock lamp shade

peacock lamp shade

Feather lamp shades 14

An IKEA lamp that someone attached a feather boa to the shade to make a cool feathery lamp.

Diy feather lamp

Made the lamp shade by yourself from re-purposed crochet doilies. These propositions are with the white and blue colors and they are very light. I think that they will help you to create the Shabby chic or romantic style.

Lamp shades with feathers

With such a lovely shade, your modern living room will be jumping for joy, overflown with soothing beams of warm light. The shade is designed of a bunch of delicate white feathers, forming a stylish, super-soft ball.

Iglesias Fluffy White Feathers and Crystal 3-light Pendant

Feather lamp shades 1

The captivating feathered shade lamps are a stylish element of interior design. Beautiful details delight and allow you to bring an incredibly atmospheric element to the decor. Perfect for fans of original interior features.

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 2305

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I love the mirrored dresser but might use different feather

i love the mirrored dresser but might use different feather pattern, maybe a floating feather.

Black feather lamp shade 1

mmm-hmm. #lighting from plastic bags. otherwise, make sure you dump them in bulk #SaveOurOceans! #upcycling

Feather lamp shade eos shade 11 8x17 7 design inspiration

Feather Lamp Shade! Eos Shade 11.8x17.7 design inspiration on Fab.

Lamp shades with feathers 1

Feather Pendant Light by Haldane Martin #DIY

Feather lamp shades 16

FAB vintage lamp table feather shade white by VintageChicFurniture, $295.00

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