Peacock Tiffany Lamp


Elegance and style, form and function, these peacock Tiffany lamps will enhance the room it is set in with a new take on luxury. The breathtaking stained glass shades, coupled with the very attractive peacock bases, bring the whole package together in a lovely fashion. For your home, you should have at least one of these gorgeous lamps.

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Our Picks

Tiffany lamps ebay

Beautiful tiffany lamp with a typical Art Nouveau base. Proud peacock made of stained glass, ready to open its phenomenal colored tail. It looks like alive! Lampe crowns a stained glass lampshade, inspired by peacock eyes.

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Lighting Designs Tiffany Style Peacock Glass Metal Accent Table Lamp Light

Lighting Designs Tiffany Style Peacock Glass Metal Accent Table Lamp Light

A fabulous table lamp in a Tiffany style. It's a magnificent figure of peacock made of stained glass in a magnetic combination of colors with the dominance of blue. The figure is supported on a metal base.

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Peacock tiffany lamp 4

A phenomenal table lamp in a Tiffany style. It is distinguished by a wooden base with a graceful figure of a peacock. A large shade is made of stained glass that features a blend of magnetic colors that beautifully sparkle when turned on.

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Peacock tiffany lamp

An attention-grabbing traditional hanging lamp featuring a wide umbrella-like lampshade of stained glass tiles in prevalent blue and green shades. They create a beautiful peacock eyes design. A frame and a fixture are of black-coated metal.

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Tiffany Nouveau Peacock Feather 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Tiffany Nouveau Peacock Feather 22" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

This 22-inch Tiffany table lamp in a mahogany bronze finish features a stylishly crafted metal base that holds a multi-colored bell shade. The lamp includes a dimmer switch, and accommodates two 60W medium bulbs.

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Peacock Tiffany Lamp

Peacock Tiffany Lamp

A fabulous table lamp in a Tiffany style. It is characterized by a beautiful silhouette of a peacock created from hundreds of stained glass panels in a magnetic combination of vivid colors. The lamp will be the highlight of every room.

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Tiffany style stained glass jeweled harlequin peacock table lamp purple

Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Jeweled Harlequin Peacock Table Lamp Purple NEW

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Handcrafted peacock styled tiffany style stained glass table lamp w

Handcrafted Peacock Styled Tiffany Style Stained Glass Table Lamp w 9" Shade | eBay

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Peacock lamp 1

peacock lamp

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Tiffany Peacock Feather 30" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Peacock Feather 30" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

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Peacock Tiffany Lamp

Buying Guide

A peacock Tiffany lamp is a stunning decor piece that combines an elegant stained glass shade with a quirky peacock base. These lamps are attention grabbing additions to any room.

To complement your peacock Tiffany lamp, stick with styles of the Art Nouveau movement. This design style is defined by the use of ornamental shapes, textiles, and prints. Using the myriad of colors in your Tiffany lamp for inspiration, start by searching for art pieces you can add to the room, which also feature a stained glass look. This can include decorative dishes, vases, or picture frames.

Selecting a chandelier for the center of the room made of stained glass or a singular glass color that appears in the lamp can help tie the whole look together.

To take your space to the next level, add an Art Nouveau-inspired floor rug to the mix. These rugs have bold hues and designs reminiscent of Persian, Turkish, and Israeli carpets.

With the floor and ceiling decked out to match your Tiffany lamp, you can keep the rest of the decor simple so as not to overwhelm the eye. Choose solid colors for throw pillows and blankets that accent the shades in the lamp and rug.

Peacock Tiffany lamps range in size depending on whether they are table-top or floor lamp versions. Most of these lamps fall within the same general size categories as other lamps on the market today.

Most table lamps range in height from 26”-34.” However, a peacock Tiffany lamp can be smaller, such as the popular 22” or 24”  high versions. For width, a 16” diameter is a popular size for table lamps. Floor lamps typically range in height between 60”-72” (5’-6’) tall. The diameter is similar to the table lamps.

The size of the peacock Tiffany lamp also depends on its design. Some designs will be wider or smaller, but the height ranges are generally the same throughout.

To ensure your Tiffany Peacock Lamp looks its best, you need to clean it regularly. Begin by dusting the lamp with a soft static duster. Next, clean the clear glass panels on your lamp and use a glass cleaner, ensuring it is acid-, ammonia-, and vinegar-free. This not only provides a streak-free outcome but also ensures that your peacock Tiffany lamp doesn’t suffer any discoloration. When applying the glass cleaner, use a small amount on a lint-free cloth and gently rub each glass panel. To prevent dirt and dust build-up, you should also clean your lamp regularly with a duster.

This easy cleaning regime ensures that your lamp doesn’t have dirt, dust, residue, and other stain build-ups. A lamp that is exposed to these elements and is not cleaned regularly experiences glass discoloration over time.

Best Ideas

Tiffany style lampshades

Time to introduce a drop of opulence to a living space. Fancy a multicolor peacock lamp that showcases a stunning Tiffany design? The peacock's tail was carefully composed of stained glass panels, inset with sculptural bronze style base.

Antique peacock lamp

Dale Tiffany Tiffany Globe Peacock 0073 Table Lamp in Antique Bronze Finish Antique Bronze

Tiffany lamp peacock

Tiffany styled peacock lamp enchants with its beautiful design and detailed shape. A great example of art deco design. Made from high-quality stained glass, it will delight you and your guests for years.

Tiffany style halston double lit lamp from seventh avenue r

Tiffany-Style Halston Double Lit Lamp from Seventh Avenue ®

Peacock tiffany lamp 9

An absolutely lovely peacock Tiffany lamp, which shall be a real bargain for all, who enjoy the retro vibe of this style. Ornamental finishing, rich in multiple, subtle accents makes this lamp an inimitable object.

Antique tiffany lamps ebay

peacock chandelier | Tiffany Style Stained Glass Peacock Chandelier Lamp Light Fixture 18 ...

Peacock tiffany floor lamp

peacock tiffany floor lamp

Tiffany Peacock Feather 22" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Peacock Feather 22" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

This exquisite Tiffany table lamp offers a captivating, peacock feather design. With its lovely crafted base and even more beautiful bowl shade, the lamp can enhance your home décor with a true excellence.

Tiffany lamp ebay One of my favorite (actually two, for a pair) items from Overstock are my Tiffany-style Peacock Lantern Table Lamp. A dear friend regularly threatens to nab one of them. We also have several pieces of furniture from O.

Peacock tiffany lamp

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Tiffany peacock lamp

Tiffany peacock lamp that reminds us of peacock feather. Funny design, many colors. Pink, purple, green, orange and their mixes look really funny but cool at the same time. Ideal as night lamp in your bedroom.

Peacock tiffany lamp 10

Peacock” Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany peacock

A lavish table lamp, which will be the highlight of the room. It's in a Tiffany style, with a precisely crafted base that is a decorative figure of a peacock. The shade is made of stained glass in a fab blend of colors.

Peacock tiffany lamp 1

Night lamp in Tiffany style. This lamp outstand of very interesting kickstand - it is composed of metal frame and inserts of dark blue glass. Beautiful lampshade with stained glass peacock's feathers make your bedroom more unique.