Antique Bridge Lamps

Gorgeous, classical, regal, and looking like something on a bridge over the Thames in London, these antique bridge lamps are a magnificent testament to a time where lamps has style and grace, and where on bridges not just for light, but for ambiance. Take a long stroll through this collection and see what we mean. You home will benefit from one or more of these lamps.

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Antique Bridge Lamp Floor Lamp Vintage Early 1900s Cast Iron Dark Gold Finish

Antique Bridge Lamp Floor Lamp Vintage Early 1900s Cast Iron Dark Gold Finish
The slim design of this exceptionally efficient antique bridge lamp makes the interior a new dimension. The whole cast iron structure is durable and beautifully fits with subtle shade lamps. Perfect detail for the living room.

Antique Vintage Bridge Arm Floor Lamp Light Fixture With Slag Stain Glass Shade

Antique Vintage Bridge Arm Floor Lamp Light Fixture With Slag Stain Glass Shade
Elegant lamp, which have sculptural kickstand made of copper. It has hanging lampshade made of yellow stained glass-work in a shape of Campanula. It can be used as a tall table lamp or low floor lamp.

Vintage Art Deco Silver Cast Iron Nautical Bridge Arm Floor Lamp W Shade

Vintage Art Deco Silver Cast Iron Nautical Bridge Arm Floor Lamp W Shade
Your nautical interior style lacks something? A proper lighting may help. This bridge arm floor lamp is cast in heavy duty iron. Its intricate vintage lacework design is so artful that it remains in the memory for long.

Templeton 1 Light Bridge Floor Lamp

Templeton 1 Light Bridge Floor Lamp
Intricate detailing that embellishes the stand of this floor lamp is not its most stunning element; what grabs your attention first is the beautifully crafted bowl shade handrolled of stained glass (a composition of reds, yellows and greens).

Tiffany Roman Bridge Arm Floor Lamp

Tiffany Roman Bridge Arm Floor Lamp
When simple contemporary designs are not what you look for, have a closer look at this startling Tiffany style floor lamp. Well-known and beloved design was combined with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Reading Floor Lamp

Reading Floor Lamp
The elegant floor lamp for any bookworm. Great for reading and as an additive to the home libraries. Lampshade made of glass with a rich amber hue, which makes the light is pleasing to the eye and warm.

Tiffany Honey Locust Bridge Arm 19" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Honey Locust Bridge Arm 19" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
Are these grapes or violets? The bowl shade of this Tiffany table lamp features green and blue mosaic pattern that makes it a truly lovable creation. The look is completed with a base that has a range of intricate details.

Our advice Buying Guide

Bridge lamps are one of the lighting fixtures that became immensely popular during the transitional phase of various art movements. It was prevalent during art deco as well as Nouveau, thanks to the rising popularity of bridge and other card games as a leisure activity.

Today, these lamps make for excellent accent pieces. Not to mention that they are functional as well. Swap your mundane reading light with an antique bridge lamp and you have a functional centerpiece in your bedroom.

Here’s a small guide that shows you how to shop for one of these beauties.

What is a bridge lamp?

A bridge lamp is a floor lamp that was used to illuminate the floor or a table used for recreational games, like the bridge. It can be identified easily by its unusually long base and a bridge arm that houses a downward directional light.

The base can be made of cast iron, brass, bronze or zinc, which were the metals that were prevalent in lamp making at the time, while the lampshade can either be glass or fabric. Almost all manufacturers of lighting fixtures made bridge lamps in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In fact, these lamps continued to be manufactured well into the 1950s.

How tall is the base in antique bridge lamps?

The metal base in a bridge lamp is 54 – 60 inches tall. This makes it just about the perfect height for a reading lamp if you place it next to the bed. But the height also makes it highly prone to tipping over if it gets knocked or bumped. So, you’ve got to ensure that you place it flush against a wall to prevent this from happening. For this reason, bridge lamps are commonly placed in corners.

Also, many manufacturers, like Tiffany used a heavy metal base or a lead ring under the base to prevent the lamps from getting knocked over. Check to see if the lamp you like is base heavy or has the lead ring contraption under the base.

What lamp shades make a perfect fit for antique bridge lamps?

A lot of antique bridge lamps have the metallic bases in immaculate condition, but come with damaged lamp shades. That’s more common in lamps with fabric lampshades which might have worn out or frayed with time.

However, lampshades are easily replaceable with an antique or a modern replica. There are dozens of options to choose from. Most bridge lamps in those days used a conical lamp shade. But designs like floral, geometrical shapes or contemporary ones also make for excellent décor pieces.

As long as you can source an authentic base and extension arm, go ahead and buy it.

How to identify the manufacturer of an antique bridge lamp?

As is the case with any antique lighting fixture, it is highly recommended that you look for signs or markings that helps you identify the manufacturer and year. In case of bridge lamps, the markings were mostly stamped on the base or under it.

The older the lamp, the more difficult it will be to find the markings because it can get faded or difficult to read due to the patina.

There are many online public resources that help you identify antique lamps and ascertain their monetary value. All you need to do is click some pictures of the lamp and upload them to these websites.


Vintage art deco bridge floor lamp

Vintage art deco bridge floor lamp
For bird lovers, we recommend a birdcage with galvanized bars, because they are thinner and will not obscure the view of birds. In addition, the antique bird cage can be purely decorative as a magical iron element in the garden.

Antique bridge lamps 2

Bring some antique elegance into your living room, with this exquisite bridge lamp. Designed in the 1920's, the lamp stands on a round base with fine metalwork, while holding a hexagonal, metal mesh shade.

Antique bridge lamps

The Oscar Bach patinated iron bridge lamp has got the pierced decorated bridge arm, swirling leaves and octagonal platform of the base. It adds a sophisticated twist into any home space.

Iron floor lamp antique

Richly decorated floor lamp in Victorian style. It is mounted on metal base and fitted with fabric lampshade finished with decorative tassels. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Bridge lamp shade

A stunning antique floor lamp having an X-like base with 4 bowed rods supporting a tall twisted stem (both are in gold and blue) with collars, widenings, floral finials, a bowed arm. A colourful silk lampshade has gold lacing and glass pendants.

Bridge arm lamp shades

This intricately hand painted 1920s tole bridge lamp with dimensional flowers holds a spring garden shadowbox shade in a soft, pastel tones of pink, green and yellow, adding a romantic glow to the space.

Bridge lamp

Furnish your living zone with this beautiful antique bridge lamp. It features the paper shade with orange color and brass base. It fits perfectly to classic and traditional style in the room.

Bridge lamp ooooo

Bridge lamp - Ooooo!

Bridge arm floor lamp 6

What is intresting of this bridge arm floor lamp is wonderful ornate detailed castings right down to the adjustment screw. Recycled lamp has very original, wrought iron trim in vintage style. The lampshade is very small, made of thick glass.

Antique bridge arm floor lamp

Completely restored antique cast iron bridge floor lamp has an incredibly craved top part of the iron stick. The ornamental cravings esambles of bird wing - finished with a traditional white lampshade, made of strong fabric.

Antique bridge lamps 11

For every fan of the antique appeal this bridge lamp sports the sublime glass shade and the art deco structure along with the design taken straight out of 1930s, oozing that same air of refined beauty and chic.

Vintage rembrandt bronzed cast iron art deco nouveau bridge arm

Vintage REMBRANDT Bronzed Cast Iron Art Deco Nouveau Bridge Arm Floor ...

Antique bridge lamps 16

Vintage Victorian Bridge Lamp Shade

Vintage antique lighting

Vintage Antique Lighting

Antique bridge lamps 5

Victorian Lampshade and Antique Bridge Lamp

Tiffany bridge arm floor lamp 1

Remember the Galle lamp? Tiffany bridge arm floor lamp gets the inspiration of this.Silver fixture, an aged shade of glass. The lampshade has lead glass in shades of green, orange and settles an amber-brown frame. An artistic functional element of lighting.

Vintage antique solid brass winged mermaid bridge floor lamp 1


Antique bridge floor lamp revived pieces

Antique Bridge Floor Lamp - Revived Pieces

Bridge lamps 1

The beautiful lampshade of this stylish antique bridge lamp is an excellent way to bring your unique style and character to life. Beautiful ornamental details of the base and handle of lampshades captivate creating a nice composition.

Antique bridge lamp 3

Only in a temperamental home can stand such an old-fashioned antique-bridge lamp with a velvet coating on shades of red wine.This vintage look is enhanced by the design of a falling lampshade with copper and gold tones and red beads.

Antique wrought iron floor lamp

This antique styled floor lamp will make for an ideal option for completing a sophisticated-looking interior that is packed with refined, elegant style. It comes with the detailed and beautifully styled shade and the lavish, gold base.

Bridge floor lamp

Lavish and detailed to utmost perfection - this Victorian lampshade comes with the material structure and immensely beautiful floral accents along with the charming fringe and silk ribbon to complete the look.

Bridge lamps for sale

A journey to the past, to the Victorian era. This antique bridge lamp is from the 1930's. Hand-cut braided, adorned with a lapel covered with silk. What brings also a vintige look is a presence of side panels.

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Lamps antique floor lamps with modern style

lamps | Antique Floor Lamps with Modern Style /

Antique bridge lamps 14


Antique bridge lamps 9


Antique wrought iron floor lamps

This Antique Bridge Lamp With New Silk Shade is beautiful retro-style masterpiece perfect for anyone who values oriental style and wishes to attract attention. It is also a very functional device that suits any room and gives originality to it.

Art deco houze coralex slag glass bridge table lamp


Cleopatras peacock antique bridge floor lamp hand by peacockgypsy

Cleopatra's Peacock Antique Bridge Floor Lamp Hand by peacockgypsy

Victorian antique bridge floor lamp black ornate bridge and

Victorian Antique Bridge Floor Lamp black ornate bridge and

Vintage bridge neck floor lamp for sale

Vintage Bridge Neck Floor Lamp For Sale | ...

Pair of vintage rembrandt bridge lamps at 1stdibs

Pair of Vintage Rembrandt Bridge Lamps at 1stdibs

Antique victorian iron bridge floor lamp repainted rewired

Antique Victorian Iron Bridge Floor Lamp repainted rewired

Brass bridge floor lamp antique victorian style

Brass Bridge Floor Lamp Antique Victorian style

Reservedantique floor bridge lamp cast iron

ReservedAntique Floor Bridge Lamp Cast Iron

Antique original metal art reticulated bronze celtic


Bridge garden picture antique bridge lamp

Bridge Garden Picture: Antique Bridge Lamp

Bridge floor lamp shade v notch for antique lamp tailor

Bridge Floor Lamp Shade V Notch for Antique Lamp Tailor ...

Antique brass bridge arm floor lamp light with decorative

Antique Brass Bridge Arm Floor Lamp Light with Decorative ...

Antique bridge neck floor lamp antique appraisal

antique bridge neck floor lamp antique appraisal ...

Antique 1920s bridge lamp with metal mesh shade and

Antique 1920s Bridge Lamp with Metal Mesh Shade and ...

Beautiful antique bridge arm lamp silver brass finish

Beautiful Antique Bridge Arm Lamp Silver & Brass Finish ...