Vintage Brass Oil Lamp

A lamp as old as time itself, and it still holds up to this day, these vintage brass oil lamps are a lovely throwback to a bygone era. You might have seen them in old British shows. Yes, these are the same lamps. And they are both functional and sturdy. The enduring spirit of the past will live on in your home when you introduce a vintage brass oil lamp.

Best Products

Vintage brass oil lamp by rayo

Vintage brass oil lamp by rayo
Bring some vintage glamour and old-fashioned solutions to your home, with this gorgeous oil lamp. It boasts of rustic design, while standing on a lovely base made of robust metal in brass finish and holding a hand-blown clear glass hurricane.

Antique Vintage 17 Solid Brass Whale Oil Lamp Light 3 Way Wick Cleaning Tools

Antique Vintage 17 Solid Brass Whale Oil Lamp Light 3 Way Wick Cleaning Tools
Looking for vintage elements that will illuminate your home, vintage brass oil lamp, clearly old-fashioned with polished brass, which half separates into a figure resembling a teapot and ends with a circle, may attract your attention.

Vintage brass hurricane oil lamp

Vintage brass hurricane oil lamp
Small is beautiful. The glass is beautiful - and the glass, in a small size with a brass base in vintage style - creates this antique hurricane brass oil lamp, which illuminates the corner at home in an ancient and unconventional way.

Pair of vintage brass oil lamps india

Pair of vintage brass oil lamps india
Solidly finished, this pair of vintage brass oil lamps comes from India will enchant with its charming, appeal. Their silhouettes resemble a torch. A perfect, romantic illumination.

Antique victorian duplex brass oil lamp

Antique victorian duplex brass oil lamp
Being a true antique, this rare brass oil lamp is a proposition for all classical, elegant interiors. It stands 12" high to the top of the burner x 6" in diameter across the base. It will need a good polishing, but apart from that everything works perfectly.

Early vintage brass oil lamp look with

Early vintage brass oil lamp look with
This vintage styled piece sports a truly beautiful look and will make for a charming opton of completing your bedroom or living room. It sports the oil mechanism to ensure even more authenticity and comes with the deep emerald finish of the shade.

Grand Piano 8.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Grand Piano 8.5" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
A stunning table lamp that sports the novelty shade and comes with the one light piano lamp. It offers the shade that swivels to direct the light perfectly and can be plugged into the wall outlet.

Our advice Buying Guide

Someone wise once said that, ‘If you’re looking for a bit of class, you can never go wrong with brass’. Couldn’t be truer. Brass is ethereal. It is classy, elegant and functional.

When it gets exposed to the elements, it develops what most people call a ‘patina’, which is unique to each piece. Layers upon layers of naturally formed hues and shades mark every antique brass décor piece that we’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Among them all, brass oil lamps form a large chunk of our collectibles inventory. If you too are allured by the rustic charm of vintage brass oil lamps, then here’s a small checklist to help you go shopping with.

What types of brass oil lamps are there?

To ensure that you don’t end up being fobbed off, do your homework on the different types of antique oil lamps. Some of them are:

  • Cruisie lamp – 16th Century – Typically made of cast brass and had a second oil reservoir to catch the spills from the first – Extremely rare to find one in good condition
  • Betty Lamp – 17th Century – One of the most common and popular types of oil lamps, the betty lamp was a marked improvement over its predecessors. It was more efficient and prevented oil wastage
  • Argand Lamp – Late 17th Century – Also known as the Central draft lamp, the Argand lamp is considered as the inspiration behind many of the popular oil lamp designs that followed. It spawned numerous spin-offs like the Quinquet, Lewis and Bude lamps. The original argans are quite rare. They are top heavy and cast a very unique shadow far away from the flame.
  • Tiffany Lamp – 19th Century – Tiffany lamps swept through the modern world in the Art Noveau period. The incredibly ornate stained leaded glass lampshades are every collector’s dream.

This is not by far, the most exhaustive list of vintage oil lamps. Brass lamps were made in almost every country in a variety of designs with influences from ancient Roman, Victorian and Indian culture.

What are the most well-known manufacturers of vintage brass oil lamps?

One of the easiest ways to spot an antique brass lamp is to identify its manufacturer. It’s easier said than done though. Manufacturers usually left a mark, a number, a patent or a pattern (logo) on the flame spreader, the font top, the wick winder or on the filler cap. Some even left it elsewhere on the lamp.

Grab a magnifying glass and scan the oil lamp for any minute detail that might indicate the exact year and time in which it was manufactured. Some of the most popular brands are:

  • Aladdin Lamps. Was earlier known as the Mantle Lamp Company
  • Thomas Sanders Ltd
  • Benham Froud
  • Birmingham Brass Co
  • Bullpit Sons
  • Lempreur Bernard (LB)
  • Belgian Lamp Co
  • Kosmos Brenner
  • Miller
  • Tiffany
  • Smith Davis

How to ascertain the value of a vintage brass oil lamp?

All said and done, vintage brass oil lamps can cost a pretty penny, especially if they are in immaculate condition.

Irrespective of whether you are trying to ascertain the value of a lamp you chance discovered in the attic or trying to find whether the price tag on eBay is reasonable enough, here’s how you can ascertain the value of the lamp.

  • Check the condition. Are there any missing parts? Is the lamp working? What about dents or scratches?
  • Does it retain the oil wick and burner or has it been electrified? A lot of antique lighting fixtures were electrified which reduces its value somewhat.
  • Identify the manufacturer and the time. The rarer the lamp, the higher it will cost.


Cherub 19" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Cherub 19" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Improve your home with this beautiful 19-Inch Height Table Lamp with Novelty Shade, characterized by brass construction, mahogany finish, and lovely pink shade. Accommodates one 25W candelabra base bulb.

Vintage brass lamps

A solid vintage brass oil lamp converted to electric lamp. Its beautiful, shiny finish makes it a very attractive and decorative element in the house. Round base of this lamp assures good level of stability.

Antique brass oil lamps

This vintage brass oil lamp comes from early 1900's, being a must-have item for all who are interested in vintage or antique design. The high-quality finish and well-done conservation allowed this Victorian Rayo lamp to withstand the test of time.

Vintage brass oil lamp

Made in vintage style brass oil lamps is a fantastic solution for antique interior design. Beautiful decorative details, beautiful lanterns and impressive construction create a unique whole that captivate.

Antique oil lamps for sale

Illuminate your home with vintage shine and timeless elegance, by using this impressive oil lamp. Its base is rounded for balance, and made of durable metal in a brass finish. The base holds a slender, hand-blown hurricane, designed of clear glass.

Vintage brass oil lamp 3

Vintage brass oil lamp, vintage lantern, fully working, from Ireland

Fancy oil lamps

Measuring 22 inches, this 19th-century Roman style Brass Oil Lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for one's bed side table. It enchants with its well-maintained vintage brass finish.

Vintage oil lamps

And what if you go back to those magical times when the lamps were oil. You will then see such a collection of vintage lamps.Different colors of glass, combined with ceramic, wooden elements. They can be very personalized. Choose one, or - take them all.

Antique oil lamps converted to electric

"Patronne" Solid Brass Oil Lamp with Blue Shade

Victorian oil lamps

The brass oil lamp was once the home's main source of light. Over time, its function has changed and it plays the role of a stylish decoration. It has a long history visible in the ceramic finish and hand-painted pink flowers that emphasize the brass elements.

Solid brass salch safety oil lamp ca 1910s

Solid Brass “Salch Safety“ Oil Lamp !! Ca. 1910's .

Details about antique brass bradley hubbard gwtw electric oil lamp

Details about Antique Brass Bradley & Hubbard GWTW Electric Oil Lamp W ...

Oil bargain basement antique oil lamp online 1

Oil Bargain Basement: Antique Oil Lamp online

Vintage oil lamp

Made in vintage brass oil lamps is an interesting way for the original interior design. Beautiful shape and attractive decorations on the outside of the light pitch make up a unique composition. Beautiful accent to any interior.

Antique brass oil lamp 9

antique brass oil lamp

Vintage brass oil lamp 10

An Antique~English~Georgian~Victorian oil lamp with pink and brass finish. I don't like it very much, because of the pink color. But if you searching for sophisticated products, you should choose this lamp.

Vintage oil lamps for sale

This gorgeous brass oil lamp will be a real bargain for all vintage fans. Stamped H & J Sangsters Patent, June 1851, withstood fantastically the test of time. It measures 20 inches high.

Vintners oil lamp

Vintners oil lamp

Manhattan brass student oil lamp kerosene lamp jpg


Authentic totally handmade handcarved brass copper oil kerosene lamp vintage

Authentic Totally Handmade Handcarved Brass Copper Oil Kerosene Lamp Vintage | eBay

Oil Lantern - Antique Brass Coal Miners Lamp - 9"

Antique kerosene oil lamp vintage brass queen anne white flame

Antique Kerosene Oil Lamp Vintage Brass QUEEN ANNE, WHITE FLAME Burner, MI

Brass oil lamp antique

An impressive ruby glass and brass and cut glass Victorian oil… - Lamps - Kerosene/Oil

Royal oil lamp

Vintage Ornate Victorian Brass Oil Lamp by Miller Lamp Co Made in The USA |

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Oil lanterns antique kerosene lanterns patio lanterns wedding lanterns

... oil lanterns antique kerosene lanterns patio lanterns wedding lanterns

Vintage oil lanterns

Vintage Brass Oil Lamp with Reflective Hood by PanchosPorch, $45.00

Glass oil lamps antique

Antique Rayo Brass Oil Lamp

Antique oil lamps brass antique 19c miniature tradesman oil lamp

antique oil lamps brass Antique 19c Miniature Tradesman Oil Lamp Tin w ...

Antique oil lamps brass twin burner oil lamp

Antique Oil Lamps Brass twin burner oil lamp

Victorian antique english brass marble cranberry etched oil lamp shade

Victorian Antique English Brass Marble Cranberry Etched Oil Lamp Shade 2 Vtg | eBay

Antique oil lanterns

Beautiful vintage brass oil lamps are a stylish combination of functionality and exceptional style. Ruby glass and brass construction in Victorian design are extremely impressive and beautifully emphasizes the style of the interior.

Antique brass oil lamps 16

Oil lamp with an antique brass construction. This beautiful element of design provides small level of light. It looks very attractive in different stylizations. The upper area that provides light is made of glass.

Vintage Style Brass Feng Shui Oil Lamp

Antiques atlas brass and glass oil lamp

Antiques Atlas - Brass And Glass Oil Lamp

Vintage oil lamp brass veritas 1

Vintage Oil Lamp Brass Veritas

Antique brass oil lamps 23

Admit it - you have probably always wanted to have a proper, traditional oil lamp. This one is a fine choice with its antique brass finish of the base and the sublime shade with star/flower patterns on it.

Antique brass yacht oil lamp 9

Antique Brass Yacht Oil Lamp 9"

Mini brass oil lamp

Mini Brass Oil Lamp

Hurricane Lantern Hand Designed Brass Lamp Decorative Cargo Oil Lamp Hanging Lamp Collectibles (Uses Lamp Oil or Kerosene)

Oil Lamps - Brass Table Lamp - 9" Amber Glass

Hurricane Lantern Antique Brass 9"- Hurricane Lamps- Hurricane Oil Lamp

Vintage brass oil lamp 1

Vintage Brass Oil Lamp