Old Fashioned Oil Lamp

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If you like the charm and simplicity of old fashion items the date back to the 1800s and before, then perhaps what your home needs next is an old-fashioned oil lamp. Save a little money on your power bill at night by lighting one of these. They will give a warm glow to the room that is not overpowering and add a softness two items in the area there will be unexpected calming effect.

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Updated 31/08/2022
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Old fashioned kerosene lamps

Old fashioned kerosene lamps

Serene Spaces Living

This set consists of four oil lamps, each 4.5" tall. They boast a vintage-styled design with a brass bowl-shaped fuel reservoir and tapered glass chimney. Easily adjust the size of the flame with the included wick raiser knob.

$50.96 $48

Designer Advice:

Considering the vintage look of these lamps, we recommend matching them with deliberately distressed or rustic furniture. Use them as eye-catching pieces all over your living room by placing them on your cabinets, shelves, and side tables. Alternatively, create a long centerpiece display on your dining table by adding dried flowers in antique-inspired vases and rustic fabrics.

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Old oil lamp

Old oil lamp

Handcrafted Nautical Decor

Available in antique copper and solid brass base finish, this oil lamp will infuse your interior with an old-school character. Handcrafted from metal, it features a fuel reservoir placed on a pedestal base. The tall chimney boasts an intricate glass detail on top.

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Old fashioned glass oil lamp

Old fashioned glass oil lamp

Albert Estate LTD

This 18'' oil lamp is elegance captured. The base boasts an antique-inspired silhouette, while the matte frosted pink finish gives it more of a modern feel. This lamp is oil powered and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Designer Advice:

The unique look of this lamp allows you to place it in interiors of various styles. Put it in your living room solely as a decorative piece, or take advantage of its main purpose by lighting it. This will surely create a cozy ambiance in your space. When using this lamp outside, change the regular fuel with citronella oil to help keep the bugs away.

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Old style oil lamp

Old style oil lamp

21st Century Products

If you like the charm and simplicity of old-fashioned items, then perhaps what your home needs is this vintage-inspired oil lamp. Its base has a functional handle, a heart-shaped design and is available in two colors - clear and pink.

$34.55 $28.99

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Old fashion lamp

Old fashion lamp


Practicality meets elegant design with this oil lamp. The ceramic base resembles a teapot with its elongated shape and useful handle. It showcases a beautiful floral pattern on a white background.

Designer Advice:

We recommend putting this lamp in cottage or farmhouse-styled interiors. It will work beautifully in a bedroom with white walls and natural wooden furniture. When lighted, this lamp will give the room a soft, warm glow and create a cozy atmosphere that you look for in a bedroom. To complete the look, add other elements with a floral design like cushions, curtains, or shades for your bigger lamps.

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Old fashioned oil lamp 2

Final check by Myles Bevis on a rare Hinks oil lamp

Old fashioned oil lamp 3

Old fashioned oil lamp. It has very simple metal base with tank for oil and chimney made of glass. This lamp will be perfect decoration of the house arranged in vintage style, but it will be useful too during electricity failure.

Old fashion oil lantern

Old fashion oil lantern.

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Old fashioned oil lamp 4

Enlarge Image

Old fashioned oil lamp 10

Old fashioned electric lantern with a stylish and durable glass globe. Its old oil lamp stylization looks very original and includes some metal elements and handle in black color. This table lamp is practical and decorative.

Old fashioned oil lamp 4

Antique victorian style in the house. This old-fashioned oil lamp is suitable for table placement. Its blue and transparent glass construction provides good level of light and also plays a decorative role.

Old fashioned lamps

An interesting old-fashioned element that can be used as decoration or functional item. This lamp is an alternative for air freshener. The whole construction is based on durable and effective metal and glass materials.

Old fashioned lanterns

Oil lamp in vintage style. It is made of metal and glass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Classic form and timeless design.

Old oil lantern

An old-fashioned lamp, recalling past times and night travelers, which were holding oil lamp in their hands - is made of rich brass and metal elements. Added to it a light bulb with cold light to create a bit of modern character.

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Reproduction Old Fashioned Candle Lantern in Iron w/ Green Finish - 14" Tall

Old oil lamp

Old oil lamp.

Old fashioned oil lamp 29

Burlap and Hay

Old fashioned lamp

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