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Everyone knows the story of Aladdin and the genie of the lamp. Well if you love the idea of the the street rat and the genie in Agrabah, then we have an electric lamp just for you. Our collection of Aladdin electric lamps is very handsome and very eclectic tip of the cap to that well-known story. Take a look at our collection for more .

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Updated 15/11/2022
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Restored Aladdin Electric Lamp

Restored Aladdin Electric Lamp

Original Model 11 style Aladdin oil lamp restored to be used with electricity instead of kerosene. This 21” tall lamp still holds the unique center-draft oil lamp shape with a stunning 1900’s style milk glass color. 

Designer Advice:

Unique and rare, this lamp can not only make a practical addition to your room but can also serve as a vibrant and eye-catching conversation piece. The lamp is at least 88 years old and is in outstanding condition.

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Elegant Amber Aladdin Electric Lamp

Elegant Amber Aladdin Electric Lamp

Originally created in the 1950s, this elegant 18” amber-colored Aladdin lamp still holds the traditional oil lantern shape but is powered by electricity. The shiny gold-colored metal base is complemented well by the stylish bell-shaped amber shade.

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Rare Collectible Aladdin Alacite Lamp

Rare Collectible Aladdin Alacite Lamp

Made from various materials, including alacite, brass, copper, and glass, this stylish and rare Aladdin lamp is perfect for any room in your home. It is made in the Lincoln Drape style and is a vintage collectible from the 1940s.

Designer Advice:

This lamp makes a great conversation piece and a collectible and can also be an excellent desk lamp in your office. The Venetian style base is classy and elegant and looks great in many decors.

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Aladdin Electric Lamp

Buying Guide

As you would expect, these lamps are named after the character Aladdin because they resemble the lamp from which the genie appeared. They vary greatly in style, with some looking a far cry from the original Aladdin's lamp, and others looking very similar to the familiar shape. If you think something like this would look great in your home, here are some things you should consider before spending any money on one.

This will largely depend on the size of the lamp, but before even thinking about the size to buy, you need to determine how much space you have. There are various options in most homes when it comes to the position of an Aladdin electric lamp, such as:

  • On a table: If the lamp is in the shape of a table lamp, this is the most suitable location. This could either be a corner table at the side of your TV, or you might like to put the lamp on a coffee table closer to your sofa.
  • In the bedroom: The bedroom often has a little bit of extra space for comforting accessories such as lamps. You could either clear some space on a bedside table or cabinet, or designate a space on your chest of drawers for the new lamp.
  • On your work desk: Many workspaces lack the proper amount of light that they need, so if you're straining your eyes lately when doing some work at home, this could be an ideal position.

When deciding where to put your lamp, another important factor will be the location of electric outlets in your home. Whether you're putting the lamp on a table, workspace or in the bedroom, it must be within each reach of an electric point in order to work.

Without worrying too much about what material the real Aladdin's lamp was meant to be, let's consider the many popular materials which are available for you to purchase.

  • Glass: This elegant material is sometimes used for electric lamps – normally ones which are around 2 feet tall and with a circumference of just 6-8 inches or less. This adds to the style of this lamp, which is very simple and neutral enough to work in many homes.
  • Ceramic: A good choice if you want to buy a lamp which has some color in it, the ceramic versions are often patterned or have a subtle color gradient. There are many which are white or a solid color, such as cream, beige and coffee colored.
  • Brass: This comes with a rustic look which is good for homes attempting to appear vintage. Brass is difficult to clean, and can become dirty if you don't keep on top of it, but in an Aladdin's lamp style, brass can look very authentic.
  • Wooden: While you won't find a lamp which is completely wooden, if you shop around you may come across lamps with wooden finishings or embellishments. This adds an interesting feature to any Aladdin's lamp.

Best Ideas

Aladdin Lamps Vintage Brass Pair Oil Electric Original White Glass Shade Chimney

Aladdin Lamps Vintage Brass Pair Oil Electric Original White Glass Shade Chimney

The charming Alladin style lamp is an excellent way to magically and very stylishly decor of a living room or bedroom. All based on vintage brass construction and original white shade glass looks great in any decor.

Antique aladdin lamps value

Who doesn’t love Alladin? I used to be in love with him when I was a little girl! Now we’ve got the option to keep our childhood heroes with us, in various forms. This lamp is elegant, yet it carries some joyful energy with it.

Aladdin electric lamp 3

What a nice vintage collection of Alladin lamps! Naturally they are electric to provide modern convenience, but their handsome retro looks bring good old times to mind! Gilted elements are matched with pastel watermelon pink layout.

Aladdin Electric Alacite Lamp Lily Of The Valley Blue Aqua Accent

Aladdin Electric Alacite Lamp Lily Of The Valley Blue Aqua Accent

Aladdin electric lamp with solid brass core and charming lily of the valley design: creamy white lily was portrayed on aqua blue background. Vintage boudoir accessory: needs restoration & perhaps to be dressed with a shade.

Aladdin electric lamp 7

Moonstone Green Aladdin Florentine Kerosene Oil Lamp. Genuine Aladdin Brand Lighting Replacement with Brass Font in Grecian Urn Vase Shape. Elegant raised floral drape and ribbed pattern made in gorgeous Jadite, Jadiete, Jade glass.

Vintage Antique Aladdin Moonstone Alacite Electric Lamp

Vintage Antique Aladdin Moonstone Alacite Electric Lamp

Another single bulb vintage lamp, so called Aladdin lamp, with understated but charming vase shaped base that frankly speaking looks pretty antique. Its ivory glass construction has some delicate details to it.

Rare Vintage Antique Aladdins Lamp Brass Wood Genie Old Oil Style Electric

Rare Vintage Antique Aladdins Lamp Brass Wood Genie Old Oil Style Electric

This sublime Aladdin lamp sports the brass finish and offers the combination of brass and wood on its structure, allowing for a nice boost for any antique styled interior. It will brighten up your space and do it with style.

Aladdin electric lamp lady with cat

Aladdin electric lamp lady with cat

Now you can illuminate your bachelor pad with a fantastic piece of slender beauty. A graceful silhouette of this electric lamp presents a gorgeous lady with a cat design both standing on a round red and white base.

Aladdin Vintage Model No 23 Kerosene Oil Lamp With Aladdin Lox On Chimmey Amber

Aladdin Vintage Model No 23 Kerosene Oil Lamp With Aladdin Lox On Chimmey Amber

Boasting of its slender silhouette and old-fashioned glamour, this made-electric kerosene / oil lamp can be a nice way to improve your home with vintage flair. It holds a hand-blown hurricane, designed of clear glass.

Aladdin electric lamps

Make a grand impression with this Aladdin Mantle electric lamp. It's painted inside and outside of the Alacite base with yellow glow and ultraviolet light. It adds a magic touch into any home.

Aladdin electric lamp 1

Durable electric lamp with an Aladdin stylization. This metal frame is nickel plated for durability and attractiveness. Round base provides good level of stability. This lamp also includes an attractive glass shade in red color.

Antique aladdin lamps for sale

Attractive Aladdin electric lamp for table use. It features a solid frame finished in white color that is neutral, so it perfectly blends with any decor. Attractive floral pattern of this frame provides additional aesthetic value.

Aladdin antique lamps

Aladdin Alacite Glass Tall Lincoln Drape Mantle Lamp B75 Converted Electric Lamp Milk Glass Lamp

Aladdin electric lamps antiques

Vintage electric Aladdin lamp...Awesome!!

Aladdin table lamps

A fashionable pair of electric Aladin lamps that feature a cylindrical body with a flaming design, a slightly widened round base, and a matching finial on top. The drum shades are designed of quality fabric reinforced with stylish piping.

Beautiful aladdin alacite glass electric table lamp with colonial scene

Beautiful ALADDIN ALACITE GLASS Electric Table Lamp with 'Colonial' Scene, Circa 1948

Electric lamps for sale

Will magical creature also emerge from this Aladdin's electric lamp? Aladdin Nickel Plate Electric Burner have incredible shades of shades of currant, dark fuchsia and pastel white with hand-painted patterns of delicate flowers on the ceramic top.

Vintage aladdin electric light rose and leaf motif with alacite

VINTAGE Aladdin Electric Light Rose and Leaf Motif, with Alacite and ...

Aladdin electric lamp 8

Vintage Aladdin Oil Lamp Green Moonstone & White Hobnail Shade - Electric

Aladdin electric table lamp alacite i antique online

Aladdin Electric table lamp Alacite - I Antique Online

Sold price aladdin electric lamp g332 green alacite and

Sold Price: Aladdin Electric Lamp G332, Green, Alacite and ...

Items similar to vintage aladdin brass electric hurricane

Items similar to VINTAGE Aladdin Brass Electric Hurricane ...

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Aladdin alacite precision electric lamp finial from

Aladdin Alacite Precision Electric Lamp Finial from ...