Electric Lantern Table Lamps

Take you home decor back to the frontier with an electric lantern table lamp. These are what they used to light homes in the old west, and in coal mines during the early times of our country. Now they can be yours, minus the need for fuel. Electric lanterns are simple but classic, and they give off a steady light that actually feels like real flickering fire from an oil lamp.

Best Products

Electric hurricane lantern lamp flat

Electric hurricane lantern lamp flat
Adorable electric hurricane lantern table is a perfect combination of the beautiful workmanship and functionality. The whole is kept in impressive styling and has a solid handle for hanging. Ideal for outdoor.

Electric lantern table lamp large size

Electric lantern table lamp large size
Lanterns work great in the role of ceiling or table lamps like this. Classic shape, made of metal, dark color, brightly lit light bulb. Electric lantern table lamp, once dungeons with a candle were roamed, today it is electric and stands on our table.

New Primitive Rustic Brown Barn Livery Lantern With Shade Electric Oil Lamp

New Primitive Rustic Brown Barn Livery Lantern With Shade Electric Oil Lamp
A cool modern electric table lamp converted from an old rustic barn oil lamp of metal with a brown finish. It has a round cistern-base with a handle and a classic cone shade. A bulb is also protected by a classic oil lamp chimney of clear glass.

Rustic Electric Lantern Lamp

Rustic Electric Lantern Lamp
Providing a romantic glow to the space, this rustic electric table lamp will remind you of the beautiful times of the Victorian age. Heavy metal cast provides quality and style.

Edison lamp vintage lantern table lamp

Edison lamp vintage lantern table lamp
A pretty vintage industrial style lantern-type table lamp with an oval frame of metal with a coppery finish. It has a round foot, 4 bowed rods joined by a double ring with clamps, a turret-like finial with a ring grip. A lampshade is of clear glass.

Electric Lantern Table Lamp Large Size

Electric Lantern Table Lamp Large Size
This electric lamp will light up your room with delicate light. The vintage lantern design makes it perfect addition to the rustic decorated room. You used indoor and outdoor as addition to your patio decor.

Spool 31" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Spool 31" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
31 inch high table lamp with cream drum shade and featuring wood grain finish. Additionally, the lamp has three-way socket switch and one light. It's modern design is a perfect addition to all interiors furnished in contemporary style.

Our advice Buying Guide

Electric lantern table lamps are an incredibly attractive addition to any living space or table. The beauty of this specific type of light source is it's versatile. It can act as a table lamp or lantern. You can also hang it or let it stand on the table. Also, it's an interestingly pleasing piece of decor.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of varieties of electric lantern table lamps. It's easy to get lost and confused with all of the choices available. To help you find the perfect one for you, this article is going to be an electric lantern table lamp buying guide.

What are electric lantern table lamps typically crafted from?

While it is true that electric lantern table lamps may come in plastic or wood, the most common material is metal. Hence, this section of the article is going to focus on the different metal types used to make such kind of lamp.

  • Stainless Steel - It's the most popular form of metal used for lantern table lamps. Stainless steel comes in varying grades, but most are resistant to corrosion. This means that this type of lamp can last for a very long time. On the downside, stainless steel is expensive when compared to other metal types.
  • Iron - It's a metal that has dwindled in popularity in the last few decades. One reason for this is because iron is susceptible to rust. On the upside, it's a relatively economical material, which means that an iron-constructed lantern table lamp is an excellent choice if your primary goal is to save money.
  • Brass - It's a material that is not as popular compared to iron and stainless steel. Brass has a unique kind of beauty. It looks naturally desirable for a metal and only grows more beautiful as it ages. Brass may be rust-resistant but it does corrode, which is the biggest downside of the material.

What type of bulbs can be used in electric lantern table lamps?

Since you are shopping for a lantern table lamp, you already know that it will come with a light bulb. These days, light bulbs are either incandescent, CFL or LED. Knowing the difference between the different types brings you closer to finding the right lantern table lamp for you.

  • Incandescent - This is the oldest form of light bulb. By definition, incandescent means emitting light through heating. This kind of light bulb typically provides a yellowish glow, which is excellent for setting a relaxing mood. It's also the cheapest form of light bulb. The downside with an incandescent lamp is it's not very energy efficient.
  • CFL - This type of light bulb is a generation above the incandescent. It's also cheaper compared to LED lights. It provides a brighter light compared to incandescent, but not as harsh compared to LED. However, a CFL bulb is not as energy efficient compared to LED.
  • LED - It's one of the newest forms of lighting technology. It provides a very bright light, which can be harsh at times. It's recommended that LED lamps should come with a diffuser or opaque shade as a way of diffusing light. While LED light bulbs are costly, they are very energy efficient. This means lower electricity bills. In the long run, they are the more economical option.


Lantern 11" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Lantern 11" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This is a very exciting and interesting lantern, which is perfect for a wide variety of circumstances. It has an openwork top, which makes light of it very interesting spreads and dissipates. Check it out.

Victorian Lamp Shabby Chic Vintage Style Lamp French Table Light Lace 104

Victorian Lamp Shabby Chic Vintage Style Lamp French Table Light Lace 104
Table lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is mounted on pedestal base. Lampshade is covered with fabric and decorated with floral theme. Sophisticated accent in Victorian style for each place.

Anthropologie inspired ornate indian

Anthropologie inspired ornate indian
A gorgeous, antique table lamp with an ornate design and an exotic, oriental look. The table lamp, made to resemble an old lantern, comes with a unique layer of stained glass which gives the light a subtle, blue tint.

25.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

25.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
With its bulky translucent glass base and brown drum shaped shade, this table lamp is a stunner matching many decor types. Use it to effortlessly enhance and complete both vintage and contemporary settings.

Electric lantern table lamps 2

A cool contemporary electric table lamp modelled on an antique portable kerosene lantern. Its round metal frame has an antiqued bronze finish. It has a round base, a lattice protective casing, a handle. A shade for 1 up to 40W bulb is of clear glass.

Electric lantern table lamps 17

Antique lantern lamp? Not exactly; itsstyle is vintage without the slightest doubt, but this black table lamp is in fact electric, so not genuinely 'old' in fact. Still, its stylish look brings a vintage twist with it successfully.

Lantern table lamp

This little electric lantern table lamp will enchant everyone who enjoys rustic, vintage design. Create a warm, cozy ambiance, adding rustic to almost any decor. It presents amazing, both indoors and outdoors.

Electric lantern table lamps

Shining with its old-fashioned craftsmanship and vintage appearance, this electric lantern can be used for creating romantic atmosphere outdoors as well as indoors. The frame is crafted of a weathered metal, holding a hand-blown clear glass hurricane.

Electric table lamp

Vintage electric table lamps constructed from metal and finished in a glossed brass coating. The lamps are small in stature too but they provide impeccable ambient lighting that will add beautiful cozy appeal into any space. They also come with a strong handle for carrying or hanging.

Oil lantern table lamp

The electric table lamp, which perfectly imitating the traditional kerosene lamp from the beginning of twenty century. Covered with the intensive red lacquered, could be a perfect decoration element for the nautical style interior.

Cdts top ten design elements 5 lighting lanterns could be

CDT's Top Ten Design Elements #5: Lighting. Lanterns-could be candle lit or electric. Using lanterns is also a trend.

Electric Lantern Antique Brass Table - 19" - Electric Oil Lamp

Electric lantern table lamps 11

Dietz Blizzard 'Vintage Style' Electric Lantern Table Lamp - Black

Electric lantern table lamps 9

Stylish electric lantern. Does great as a Victorian era inspired tabletop lamp. Crisp bronze case envelops the clear glass center. Top ring hints at original retro lantern style and helps hang the thing up.

Lantern table lamps

These electric lanterns are beautiful handcrafted examples in heavy metal cast hardware. Show up in three different sizes, but similars forms. Matte metal color - it is arranged in a construction, with a small hat upon the heart of the lamp and its flame.

Lantern style table lamps

Unique White Electric Lantern Table Lamp With Intricate Detailing 2 Lot Lg & Sm #Versatile

Electric lantern table lamps 18

Cabela's Grand River Lodge™ Electric Lantern Table Lamp – Small at Cabela's

Electric lantern table lamp

An electric lamp table that looks like a lantern. It gives delicate and romantic light due to matte glass. The case is simple and black. Such lanterns might be a nice decoration of the wedding or other celebrations.

Electric table lanterns

Introducing the Montana Electric Table (or wall) Lamp by Big Rock Lanterns

Lighting ceiling fans outdoor lighting tabletop lighting table lamps

... lighting ceiling fans outdoor lighting tabletop lighting table lamps

Oil lamps electric oil lamp home and garden in western

oil lamps | Electric Oil Lamp, Home and Garden in Western Home and Gifts by Cattle ...

Style milk house lantern reproduction electric table lamp ebay

... Style Milk House Lantern Reproduction Electric Table Lamp | eBay

Nautical Lamps Antique Brass Nelson 10.5"- Electric Lanterns

Oil Lantern 26.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Oil Lantern 26.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

We recently converted this rusted looking gas lantern into an

We recently converted this rusted looking gas lantern into an electric plug in lamp. Looks great on a table or hanging from the ceiling! An 60 watt antique victorian style light bulb is used, it is the same process to change the light bulb as if you wer

Electric lantern lamp

Electric Lantern Lamp

Lantern style table lamps 5

With the modern twist on a retro design this oil burning lantern sports a perfect structure to keep your interior utmost beautiful and immensely stylish and ensure that extra needed boost of light for your home.

Lantern style table lamps 1

Unique lamp in Gothic style. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Lampshade is covered with clear glass and gives warm tone of light. Elegant design for any interior according to taste.

Electric lantern table lamps


Electric lantern table lamps 19

Table Lamp #HomeDecorators (One on nightstand w/ poppies and puppy)

Fabulous this would be even fun in a powder room

fabulous~this would be even fun in a powder room~

Kichler table lamps 1

The unique table lamp with the base imitating the tree trunk. If you are the nature lover and you like to spend your time in the forest, you can organize the small one in your living room. Add the green carpet, a voila!

I think im going to change out my bedside lamp

I think I'm going to change out my bedside lamp for an oil lamp. So beautiful! Vintage Copper Miniature Oil Lamp

Check out the deal on 20l junior electric table lamp

Check out the deal on #20L Junior Electric Table Lamp at W.T. Kirkman Oil and Electric Lanterns

Shabby chic vintage table lamp 28

A pretty rustic vintage table lamp having a tall candlestick-type base of white glazed ceramic. It has a round stepped foot and a stem adorned with bulges, grooves and collars. A wide conical lampshade of white fabric has embroidered floral motifs.

Shabby chic lamp 2

Vintage lamp for tables and other small surfaces. It provides some light and it also decorates indoors with its solid, decorative base finished in pink color. It includes a nice floral pattern and an attractive shade.

Shabby chic vintage table lamp 1

This sublime table lamp offers a design just packed with style that will shine through in your shabby chic decor thanks to its plentiful ruffles and pink finish, allowing you to actually create a beautiful surroundings for you or your little girl.

Shabby chic bedside table lamps

Original table lamp in vintage style. Richly decorated base is made of glass and ceramic. Lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Electric lantern table lamps 3

Beautiful bird cage lights. Husband must find out how to do this because I'm scared of electricity.

Electric lantern table lamps 14

Kichler table lamps 3

Small table lamp that provides good illumination of indoors. Its glass base not only provides support, but also plays decorative role. Standard drum shade is finished in neutral white color that matches any home design.

Vintage Copper LED Lantern

Electric lantern table lamp flat black electric

Electric Lantern Table Lamp, FLAT BLACK, Electric ...