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One of our loveliest additions to the Foder collection of products, Lenox table lamps are quite a wonderful find and will go with literally any home decor style. They are often with the additional shade that complements the hand-crafted base, and they are sturdy, never needing you to worry about them toppling. See collection for all Lenox Lamps

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Our Picks

Lenox Quoizel Table Lamp

Lenox Quoizel Table Lamp

A great, stimulating and interesting table lamp. The combination of white and gold colour is what makes this lamp feel luxurious and rich. The highly-detailed pattern is stimulating for the brain.

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Lenox lamps by quoizel lenox bailey lamp

Lenox lamps by quoizel lenox bailey lamp

A beautiful traditional table lamp having a base of brass-finished metal and quality white porcelain. It features a round foot, a sleek stem with collars, widenings and a finial. Its bell shade is of quality creamy fabric and has decorative edging.

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Lenox table lamp 25

This ceramic art lamp delights with brasstone elements and cloth period shade. Maintained in a pretty good condition, will provide a shabby chic character to your place. Measures 30" tall and 7" at the base. Shade is 12" x 9.5" tall.

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Your favorite brands fantastic variety of lenox lamps

Your Favorite Brands – Fantastic Variety of Lenox Lamps

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Lenox lamp

The slim base of brass and white porcelain and phenomenal abrasion make this inconspicuous table lamp delight. Bright finishes make it bring lightness and fresh air into the interior. Perfect accent for the living room.

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Pair Mid Century Stiffel Lenox Porcelain Brass Table Lamps Hollywood Regency

Pair Mid Century Stiffel Lenox Porcelain Brass Table Lamps Hollywood Regency

Table lamp in traditional form. Pedestal base is made of high quality porcelain and brass. Elegant design for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Lenox 17.7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Lenox 17.7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

This beautiful and modernist table lamp with metal shade gives dim light and the unique atmosphere of the interior at the same time. The robust design is perfectly suited for the living room or bedroom.

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Lot 136a lenox iris table lamp slight wear to metal

Lot 136A: Lenox iris table lamp. Slight wear to metal bas

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Lenox candle lamp 1

Lightness and finesse are the characteristics of the lenox table lamp.Gold base is just a begining. Long lamp holder-has a white finish - reminiscent of a woolen elegant sweater. Returning through gold, to white-the cover is made of gently scratched material.

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Lenox table lamp 5

Elegant lamp with gold finish. Base is decorated with openwork ornament and fitted with fabric lampshade. Suitable as nightlamp or additional source of light in any room.

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Lenox Table Lamp

Buying Guide

While the table lamps don’t need to be identical throughout your living room, there needs to be a common element that ties them together. This can be color or style, so if you choose to use only Lenox table lamps in your living room, you have the freedom to vary the color of the lampshades because they share a similar aesthetic.

To create a cohesive look that plays on a Lenox table lamp’s traditional aesthetic, use matching pieces. You can place a pair of matching table lamps on either end of a credenza or living room console for a grand statement. However, if you have a rustic farmhouse or boho living space, consider placing two different yet coordinated Lenox table lamps on side tables at either end of your sofa to create a dynamic interior.

The beauty of Lenox lamps is that they come in classic and contemporary varieties, so you can choose a style of lamp shade that complements the style of your home.

You can leave a Lenox table lamp on overnight if the light bulb remains cool to the touch during long-term use. Low-wattage LED bulbs are best for this purpose, but other styles, such as CFlLs, also have low heat emissions. Bring your hand close to the bulb to check for heat after several consecutive hours of use before assessing whether it is safe to use all night.

Keep in mind that the lampshade that comes with the lamp must be designed for safety and fire resistance. Replacing this lampshade with a cheap paper or fabric lampshade from an untrusted source can increase the fire risk. For even greater safety, consider using a glass lampshade.

The best decor style for a Lenox table lamp partly depends on the amount of detail on the lamp, but generally, they work best with a traditional decor style and light colors. This is because they are often ivory in color with detailing inspired by lace, crown molding, and other elements of French Country or English Country decor styles.

The flowing silhouette and floral iconography of Lenox table lamps add softness to contemporary rooms as well. However, this only works well for simple Lenox table lamps with minimal coloring or detailing. You will also need to ensure the lamp is closer to white than ivory; otherwise, it will look outdated and out of place in a modern home.

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