Lotus Flower Lamp

The name says it all. These are lamps that look like lotus flowers, and they are lovely. In a single flower, or a few on a curving, steel rod jutting up from a sturdy matching base, you will look upon these lamps and smile, knowing you are probably the only person you know that has one of these gorgeous and exotic lamps. See all the lotus flower lamps in the collection.

Best Products

Enchanted lily lamp

Enchanted lily lamp
A functional and decorative enchanted lily lamp. Its floral design is based on durable and attractive materials like silk, wire and metal (base). This handmade item is decorative and original in any decor.

Pink standard lotus luminaire lamp by

Pink standard lotus luminaire lamp by
Handmade lotus lamp for those who recognize the full worth of unique lighting fixtures. Gradient fuchsia pink shade recreates lily petals. Decorous elements have been made of paper, acrylics and ribbon.

Hanging blooming white lotus lamp vietnam

Hanging blooming white lotus lamp vietnam
Lovely lotus flower lamp is a perfect combination of attractive design and beautiful details. The whole perfectly fits into any interior design. Subtle colors and beautiful frame create a nice and very stylish pendant lamp.

Custom lotus lamp

Custom lotus lamp
A breathtaking set of colorful lamps that will transform your room into a magical fairyland. Each lamp is designed in shape of a blooming lotus flower, crafted of stained glass and creating truly intimate atmosphere.

Autumn Birds and Flowers Vase 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Autumn Birds and Flowers Vase 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
This unique and stylish table lamp would be a perfect and practical decoration for every kind of living room or bedroom. It's gonna bring you not only an amazing design, but also an unusual functionality.

Capiz shell art deco lotus pendant chandelier

Capiz shell art deco lotus pendant chandelier
This lampshade became a flower bomb. Made of luxe textural allure and capiz shell and trimmed in gold. For any modern but romantic interior lotus flower lamp will be a perfect hanging pendant beauty.

Brass and pink glass lotus flower floor lamp by rudolph130a

... Brass and Pink Glass Lotus Flower Floor Lamp by rudolph130a, $120.00

Our advice Buying Guide

If you're looking for a modern, beautiful lamp to brighten up your home, a lotus flower might be an option for you to consider. This style of lamp has been around for years, which means there are several different types to choose from depending on what you like. Here are some of the things you'll need to consider before finally making a decision on what you're going to spend your hard-earned cash on.

What are the sizes of lotus flower lamps?

They come in many different sizes, from small decorative lamps operated by batteries, to larger lamps which can brighten up the whole room when plugged into a power source. The huge variety of sizes means that it's easy to get the ideal one for your home, and you can even buy different sizes to create a beautiful modern look, particularly if your home is themed around floral designs and objects. Always take measurements if you are considering buying a large lamp or you're worried about it not fitting into the desired area of your home.

How to select the ideal shape of a lotus flower lamp?

Many lotus flower lamps are tall and elegant, ideal for placing in the room of the living room and switching on after dusk. Others fit perfectly in the corner of your desk and act as a table lamp for the hours of hard work. Smaller individual lamps will fit on your bedside table or cabinet and switch on and off as you need that extra light throughout the night. As you shop around for lotus lamps, you will see many different shapes, and it will come done to your personal preference in the end. Some of the lamps have longer petals, while others have the petals fully surrounding the light bulb to create an even warmer atmosphere.

Are lotus flower lamps energy saving?

When buying lamps and other electrical items, it's good to think about the amount of energy that they will use and how you could reduce this now and in the future. A good way to do this is to look at modern lamps which are compatible with energy saving light bulbs. Older lamps are often compatible too, but this can't always be guaranteed. If in doubt, ask the supplier for the specification of the item.

What interiors will benefit from a lotus flower lamp?

Many people buy lotus flower lamps for personal use around the home, while other people buy them as they have a business or shop in which they would be well suited. Beauty salons and therapists, for example, often pride themselves on creating a relaxing atmosphere, and lotus flower lamps are a good way to help create this atmosphere. You can even buy lamps which can change color, and as long as the colors are warm pastels, this can be very calming. Think about this before buying the lamps if you have clients and you are hoping to create a soothing and calm vibe.


Lotus flower lamp 1

The generic name Nelumbo comes from the Sinhala language. For us, commonly known as a lotus flower, associated with harmony - in this case, used as an inspection and a form for several glass lampshades, from a metal bent lotus flower lamp.

Lotus flower lamp 1

Lotus flower table lamp. For zen-oriented décor lovers. White lotus flower with light rays coming from its core brings serenity and soothing atmosphere to its surroundings. Serves perfectly as nighttime lamp.

Three Way Switch Blossom Lotus Desk Floor Lamp Glass With Gold Metal Color Plated Base 38"H

Flower retro floor lamp 4 lotus flowers excellent


Lotus flower lamp 9

Mesmerising lotus flower lamps. If you like natural motifs and want to add an interesting, stimulating source of decoration in your house, then such lamps will be perfect. Three colours, to ensure interesting and lively appeal.

Tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades table lamps

tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades table lamps

Lotus Blossom Table Touch Lamp

Graceful lotus blossom lamp looks antique, but it is really a very modern lamp that will turn on at a touch. Perfect as illumination for a nature-themed bedroom or water-themed bathroom. The soft cream “petals” impart a warm glow.

Lotus lamp by meow is miao

Lotus Lamp by Meow is Miao

Flower lamp

Create the romantic and chic atmosphere in interior or exterior with this group of Lotus tealight candle holders. I think that they will be perfect on the garden or porch. You will love them!

Home garden lamps lighting ceiling fans lamps 61

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Lotus flower lamp 5

Stylized lotus flower table lamp. Instead of a regular shade, the lamp sports petals like glass elements around its core, reliably mimicking original lotus flower shape. Dim light for meditation space, perhaps?

Lotus lamps

This is a great testimony that a lamp doesn't need to have a standard base and a lens. It can have the form of a beautiful spreading lotus flower. It glows from inside, works as a decorative tabletop home accent, and includes an electrical adapter.

Lotus flower table lamp by kirsty shaw notonthehighstreet 2

lotus flower table lamp by kirsty shaw | notonthehighstreet

Blooming lotus lamp with stand

Blooming Lotus Lamp with Stand

Lotus flower light fixture

A bunch of colorful lamps that are made is slightest details, forming a set of lovely shades in shape of blooming lotus flowers. Each shade is made of small pieces of stained glass, sending out beams of warm light across the entire room.

Light white lotus flower table lamp missi missi

Light White Lotus Flower Table Lamp - Missi Missi

Lotus Blossom Table and DesK Lamp

Lotus lamp 1

A truly captivating form of this fine ceiling lamp is easily noticeable even when the light is turned off. Designed in shape of a blooming lotus flower, the lamp features numerous metal petals, flooding your living room with warm light and romantic mood.

Lotus flower lamp 2

Lotus Flower Table Lamp Design

Product description glass lotus flower floor lamps

Product Description: glass lotus flower floor Lamps

Lotus flower lamp shade

A gorgeous creation, this flowering lotus silk hanging lamp typifies the convergence of Asian culture and Western panache. This 1-light fixture combines a modern and Deco feel with a traditional Asian

Custom made hand made italian orange lotus flower floor lamp

Custom Made/Hand Made Italian Orange Lotus Flower Floor Lamp

Lotus flower lamp 4

A truly astonishing design of this lovely ceiling lamp presents a carefully created floral shade in shape of a blooming lotus with highly-polished petals. The whole structure is suspended from a strong chain, and easy to clean using dry cloth.

Lotus flower lamp 8

WHITE Standard Lotus Luminaire Lamp By Renae by renaeleataylor, $125.00

Lotus flower lamp 14

Jamie Young "Flowering Lotus" Pendant Lights - Horchow

Lotus flower pendant light

Made of brass five-piece lotus flower lamp is a spectacular and very stylish design element. Beautiful floral motifs and golden finishes are a modern addition to the living room, bedroom, and other interiors.

Lotus flower lamp 25

The gorgeous handmade lamp.The base was made of wrought iron. The elegant lampshade finishing this little masterpiece is a composition of stained glass-work. The whole looks like the blossoming lotus flower.

Lotus flower lamp 3

Attractive and functional lamp that provides good level of light indoors. Its lotus flower stylization is able to decorate any room at day and night. Interesting colors of this lamp match any interior design.

Lamp flower

Cost Plus World Market Gold Lotus Hanging Pendant Lamp-Would be gorgeous hanging over a desk

Jamie young flowering lotus 20 wide antique gold pendant jamie

Jamie Young Flowering Lotus 20" Wide Antique Gold Pendant Jamie Young Company

Lotus flower lamp 23

Lotus Blossom Mirror Serene and shimmering. The frame is metal with capiz shells and pearlescent paint; the mirror has a beveled edge. 22" diameter

Lotus flower lamp 7

We're replacing the basic builder flush mount with this beautiful pendant light from @LAMPS [email protected]

Lotus flower lamp 20

Custom Lotus Lamp

Bubble origami paper lamp shade white fiberstore by fiberstore 40

BUBBLE Origami Paper Lamp Shade WHITE / FiberStore by FiberStore, $40.00

Hanging lotus lamp

These types of pieces really make a space feel comfortable. Our home is begging for handmade and unique decor. From Etsy user BlueTreeGallery.

Blooming lotus silk table lamp gold

Blooming Lotus Silk Table Lamp, Gold

Lotus flower lamp

Lotus Flower Touch Table Lamp by Winston Brands

Lotus flower lamp 13

Turquoise Tealight Candle Holder | Lotus tea light holder | Capiz shell

Lotus flower lamp 16

Custom glass flower lighting: Shaila.

Lotus flower table lamp

Beautiful lotus flower lamp is a fascinating element of the decor, which allows achieving a spectacular effect. Beautiful decorations perfectly blend in with the whiteness of the kitchen decor, giving it an interesting character.

Lotus flower lights

I love this lamp, and this appears to be the most affordable option out there. It fits in anywhere, I think. But, with its capiz shell material it is perfect for bringing some sea life inside.

Lotus flower lamp 17

Vintage Brass Lotus Chandelier

Leegoal (TM) Color Changing LED Night Light