Purple Tiffany Table Lamp

Tiffany lamps draw the eye in a way no other lamp can. There is something ethereal about Tiffany stained glass that gives it an elegance and style that is unmistakable. And if you are looking for a beautiful Tiffany lamp for your home, we have a collection of purple Tiffany table lamps you will definitely want to see. take a look at this collection to witness the beauty.

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Antique Tiffany Lamp

Antique Tiffany Lamp
This wonderful Tiffany lamp shall be a real bargain for the fans of the style, as well as for all enthusiasts of vintage design. This beautiful pink and purple composition is 19" high.

Tiffany connection

Tiffany connection
A sublime choice for your household decor, this Tiffany lamp offers extremely breathtaking style and will keep your home looking top-notch and bursting with warmth and style thanks to the purple color of the glass shade.

Cleopatra purple crystal table lamp

Cleopatra purple crystal table lamp
Shine like star in your room, by turning this lamp on. Wonderful designed table lamp with a lot of crystals on the shade will give you a million of little lights in your room, creating magical atmosphere.

Tiffany Roosevelt Victorian 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany Roosevelt Victorian 26" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This 26-Inch Height Table Lamp offers captivating appearance with a beautiful bowl shade designed of Tiffany style glass. The lamp consists of 478 glass pieces and 30 cabochons, and includes 3 lights, and a pull chain (on/off switch).

Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
This wonderfully made openwork like a stained glass lamp on the table is a wonderful result for your interior. Beautifully decorated, gives interesting klory of light, making the whole interior looks stunning.

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
And now we are going back to the retro period, where such gadgets like this Classic 14.5-Inch Height Lava Table Lamp were decorating pubs, bars, game rooms, and bachelor pads. The lamp provides soothing light, and is resistant to rust.

Purple tiffany table lamp

Add a dash of colorful elegance into your home with this beautifully crafted table lamp. Featuring a sturdy rounded base, the piece also comes in a multi-color lampshade at the top, dominated by pink and touched with little accents of blue, white, and yellow for stunning class.

Purple tiffany table lamp

Colorful table lamp featuring a superb mix of bold colors for you. The piece is dominated by pink and touched with light yellow and green for incredible accent. It’s supported by a recessed metal base as well that features beautiful detailing for excellent class.

Purple tiffany table lamp

purple tiffany table lamp

Purple tiffany lamp

Purple table lamp with solid metal base in antique style will be a classical accent into your room decor. With stained glass shade will be perfect decoration into the office, living room and home library.

Purple tiffany table lamp 6

Stunning dragonfly table lamp with an art deco base. The piece sits on four legs too for extra stability and comes with a stained glass lampshade for outstanding color balance. Its multicolor design also makes it a great attention grabber in any space.

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Purple and Lavender Iris Tiffany Style Table Lamp

Purple tiffany table lamp 7

Beautiful table lamp featuring a sturdy metal base finished in glossed industrial black for impeccable elegance. The table lamp is topped with a half-globe pink colored fabric lampshade for that cozy radiant light. It’s a great option for the children’s room.

Purple tiffany table lamp 26

Compact table lamp designed with metal and featuring a stable rounded base. The lamp also comes with recessed finishing but with a slight gloss. It’s then topped with a multicolor lampshade that looks exactly like stained glass. It should be a great choice for ambient and cozy lighting in your home.

Tiffany style wisteria table lamp 3

Tiffany Style Wisteria Table Lamp

Purple tiffany table lamp 10

As is well known light has a great impact on our mood and well being. The lampshade can be an important decorative element - especially if it has taken the form of a stained purple glass from Tiffany. This vintage Tiffany table lamp has also a floral elements.

Purple tiffany table lamp 19

Tiffany Table Lights with 2 Lights with Purple Fringe - Electroplate Finish

Purple tiffany table lamp 1

Glass table lamp that features an artistic design. Its solid round base with some decorative accents perfectly matches its multi-color shade with floral pattern. The whole lamp provides light and decorates indoors very well.

Purple tiffany table lamp 5

Dale Tiffany Lamps Hand Painted Purple Flower 2 Light Table Lamp - TT10796

Purple tiffany table lamp 21

Ulla Darni reverse painted glass lampshade

Purple stained glass lamp

Haunted Mansion Stained Glass Lamp - I need at least one gothy room for fun! Maybe my office?

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Purple tiffany table lamp 24

Ivory and Purple Lily Tiffany Style Accent Table Lamp