Purple Bedside Lamps

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Furthering your purple motif, if this wonderful color is your decorative palette, then you'll appreciate a purple bedside lamp or two. They are a wonderful and useful item and will accent your purple space in brilliance and light. We have plenty of them available and they are all very well made and completely functional. Take a look at our extensive collection and pick your next purple bedside lamp. We guarantee we have at least one.

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Purple bedside lamps

Gorgeous and unique design for a decorative bedside table lamp, made with a wrought iron frame to resemble a bloomed flower. The lamp has a shade made out of purple stained glass, which gives the light a unique tint.

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Indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps 2

indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps

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Purple bedside lamp

In ancient Egypt, all precious ointments, oils, medicaments, and food were stored in violet glass-in this case it was used as the decorative base of the bedside lamp, with a classic white lampshade. Violet color of glass refers to the mysterious alchemy.

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Purple bedside lamps 1

Love Gone with the Wind and other retro movies? Vintage accessories like this bedside lamp always make me think of my fav old movies scenes... The 19th century stylized lamp presents a lovable pattern of purple roses.

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Purple bedside lamps 2

Gloss Ruby Table Lamp | Dunelm Mill - for spare room

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Purple bedside lamps 7

LAMPS - my mother had these in the 70s . she was soooo ultra mod for her times

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Purple bedroom lamps

Woopsy Desk Lamp, how fun & unique! Comes in purple, blue, hot pink & yellow at Lamps Plus.

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Table lamps floor lightings bedside flower table lamp purple

| Table Lamps | Floor Lightings › Bedside Flower Table Lamp Purple ...

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Victorian Style Tulip Beaded Table Lamp 22"h

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Chandelier 23" H  Table Lamp

Chandelier 23" H Table Lamp

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Purple lamp shades 1

Violet comes from a combination of two colors - cold blue and hot red. In this edition - it was used on both: the glossy satin lampshades and the crystalline base of this purple lamp. Its base seems to be composed of cracked violet glass, on a silver ground.

Purple lamp shades 2

Truly a unique, very elegant look for something as simple as a table lamp. A beautiful pair of modern, metal coated lamps with a polished bronze finish. Perfect for a study room or a library, bound to spice up your home.

Purple table lamp shade

A lavish table lamp in a vintage style, which will turn heads. It features a metal, decorative base with a matte finish and a tufted lamp shade in a magnetic lavender color and beautiful crystals at the edge.

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